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Not a Red Wave But at Least a Red Ripple

Not a Red Wave But at Least a Red Ripple

Here in Florida, we had a Red Wave. Counties that have been blue for a long time are suddenly red, the Governor DeSantis won by about 20 points, Senator Rubio won by about 20 points, and we flipped several Congressional seats from Democrat to Republican.

Republicans will certainly control the House of Representatives when all is said and done. But not by as much as we had hoped. This will at least stop the spending carnage.

And it looks like control of the Senate will come down to Walker vs. Warnock in Georgia in a run off election in December. There is a certain confidence there, the Libertarian third party candidate took enough votes away to cause the runoff, and Libertarians are moooostly conservative.

But Florida’s red wave was not shared by the rest of the country. Admittedly Dr. Oz was not the best candidate for Pennsylvania, but based on Biden’s performance, inflation, the economy, the state of the world, we should have flipped some Congressional seats there. And in other places.

The Governors’ races are too close to call at the time of this writing, but no particular red wave there either. I guess New York was always wishful thinking, but Whitmer in Michigan should have bit the dust.

One commentator last night made the comment that perhaps our country has become “calcified” meaning that no matter what, the vast majority will vote for the party. I have to admit, I’m that way, at least for the moment.

But I see what is happening under Biden and it scares me. These people are idiots. The mismanagement, the corruption, the complete lack of understanding of how inflation works, the breathtaking incompetence in managing international affairs to the point where wars have started – I had just assumed that the rest of the country would also see that they are idiots.

It does appear that radical is the new normal, that Republicans as demons has carried forth from the media propaganda of the last decade. In my humble opinion, a large portion of America doesn’t realize how deep the problems go and the threats that are being mismanaged.

So Republicans will have to take a smaller win, and re-strategize for 2024.

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  1. Chipper

    I have said all along this would not be the outcome we were hoping for. There are too many voters on the government tit to make too many changes. 2024 will not be any better. But every Democrat that complains about the price of gas or the prices in the supermarket needs to be bitch slapped.

  2. Darren

    The difference that did not happen is cause of the change in Rowe V Wade.

    • Rick

      You are right about that. liberals do love to kill babies and have others pay for it.

      • `frank stetson

        Really Rick? You say some Democrat say: “and I love to kill babies on the cuff.” Really?

        And how do you get others to pay for an abortion?

        I too tire of having my blue state taxes cover your kids in red states where all the child tax credits go to the double-wide class. I don’t see why others need to cover white trash at the trailer park. Why can’t they get decent jobs and take care of themselves?

        • rick

          That’s one thing we agree on frank. People need to get a job and take care of themselves unless they are truly disabled. Many on disability are not that disabled and could do something. I don’t think you are a democrat. I think you come on here as an entertainment outlet and pretend to be a liberal for fun to see what kind of reactions you can get because even you know liberals are crazy and completely irrational and have no common sense at all, and love the idea of getting something for free. So, you get a kick out of playing a liberal to get some laughs. Ha, Ha, Ha, that’s funny frank, Ha, Ha, Ha.

          • Mitch

            I never really thought that the red wave was going to be as large as some people believe. Too many low life bottom feeders with no moral compass. But how many of us will do like Hillary did after losing to Trump and be part of the resistance, her words. Probably not very many as long as they don’t tread on us. But hey!!! We still will have Congress and probably the senate. Rock on!!!!!! We are still free and the people in both parties are fellow Americans. We really should remind the democrats of that sometimes.

          • frank stetson

            “Many on disability are not that disabled and could do something.” Are you judging or do you just believe many disabled are liars looking to fleece the taxpayer?

            I am a lifelong Democrat. I come here because Joe lets me. I come here to provide some factual corrections and a different perspective. Yes, it is entertaining, in a fashion, however it is also a learning experience and a chance to practice some writing skills, of which I am severely lacking, except in length :>)

            Some liberals, myself included, believe in lending a hand, not a hand out. When it comes to sucking off the government’s tit, sorry, buy your side takes the cake. Yeah, you suck bigger and better than liberals, on average, on a State basis. Red States take more tax freebies than pay taxes. Red Presidents run up more debt, offer more stimulus, than Blue Presidents. Trump was the hugest. It’s just the numbers game, anyone can look it. up. Red states also have more crime, higher poverty levels, higher fatality rates by gun, less educational attainment, lower wages, and a partridge in a pear tree (just to keep it seasonal) You’ll always have Democratic cities to blame. But cities are not states, and your state of the state sucks.

            I trust calling us silly names makes you feel better about your sorry life living in the red.

  3. Frank sTetson

    You are wrong. I am a Democrat. I am liberal on social programs. I am conservative on economic issues. I come here to speak my truth, correct conservative urban legends and decry magarat conspiracy theories because I am ever hopeful we can learn from each other.

    My parents were more liberal yet my Father fought for your freedom, was disabled, and turned down free money saying the other boys need it more. So excuse me , but fuck your stereotyping. They had tons on common sense and you’re just common to say differently.

    I believe in a helping hand, not a hand out. That’s not Democrstic. That’s Christian. Your comments on the disabled are bullshit. You don’t know. My comments on Red states taking more, giving less. are factually accurate. Red States qre also stupider, have higher crime rates, and higher gun deaths. Yeah, than Blue States and even a lot of cities. So don’tspew that dems they must b crazy shit. That’s just your opinion, not factually correct,

    Would rather talk issues with facts than your musings of hate.

    Where’s Ben?

  4. frank stetson

    Joe, you can cry in your beer, blame others, whatever. The fact remains that you blew it. It’s on you. We didn’t win, you lost.

    We gave you inflation, an uneven economy, covid still, fucked-up Afghanistan pullout, Ukrainian war, supply chain problems and more. Much, much more.

    And yet you still found a way to screw the pooch by following Trump and, worse yet, advocating Trumpism.

    Turns out democracy as an issue really does matter……Joe was right!

    Remember these hits from Joe:


    All leading to “NOT A RED WAVE BUT AT LEAST A RED RIPPLE,” he demurs sheepishly. I thought you a premature election-ationer before, amazed you took another short at it before Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia. But there it tis.

    As much as I like to see you cry in your beer, your conclusion of “So Republicans will have to take a smaller win, and re-strategize for 2024” is probably too little too late. Republicans should quickly grasp some of the obvious messages the top one is that Trump sucks, Trumpism sucks worse and people tend to get energized against it now. You need to dump the trash and recast your platform. Hell, you need a positive platform, not one only with a foundation of blame. You need to cast off the deplorables and create ideas that continue to diversify you into other demographics beyond white supremacists, anti-sematic, haters. Today, not 2024.

    On the positive side, you turned Florida Red with a Trump avoider that Trump calls DeSantimonious. We couldn’t even beat the pussy Rubio. That’s on us, we screwed the pooch. Big time on DeSantis. And good for you.

    You lost most, if not all, the big magarat races. Trump sucks and is a loser to your cause. That’s on you. You should listen: Oz had his head handed to him, this Trumplicant got beat by a man disabled by stroke. And he got beat bad. Likewise, how to miss Wisconsin’s 1/6 conspirator Johnson. That’s on us for going liberal extreme. One lesson for us, we have got to throttle back. Liberal extremism, hard left progressivism, blm, antifa, all turn-offs.

    You should act on that tomorrow, not in 2024. You have a lot of work to do. You need to move forward because the past is now a boat anchor dragging you to a muddy bottom. Cut the anchor line, move forward. If you don’t move beyond Trump, and I mean at the grassroots level, 2024 may look exactly like 2022. Good luck on that one. If it wasn’t Trump, I would say fun to watch, but I would rather be totally done with this slippery devil.

    Since Trump sucks, and Walker is a Trumplicant, a mentally challenged one at that, it will be interesting to see if he stays the course or pivots on Trumpism. I choose the later but fear the former although it will assure a Democratic victory at Thanksgiving.

    How could my side lose to DeSantis? Sure, he’s good, but come on — Immigration Kidnap Gate? Fake Felon Fraud Gate? Covid Catastrophe? Disney Dump Gate? Don’t Say Gay Gate? And now the Phantom Voter Harvesting Tapes….. That’s on us. We should have dumped every DNC dollar into that race so we could end it here, not in 2024. The DNS failed to recognize the importance of this race. Then we doubled down on the pooch, when our tough as nails, law and order, Deming couldn’t take little Marco, the Trumpian bend-over pussy who is on record sacrificing his manhood a number of times. How could we screw that up?

    IMO, we need to get bipartisan support in the two factions of the Democratic party; the schism between progressive and moderate is sizeable. And the trend is towards progressive with the younger party members. We need tremendous work on this since the extreme candidates did not fair well, even against the Trumplicant. And our DNC needs to get some new blood if they missed the FL ramifications this time round. That was a catastrophic miss for us not to realize what a DeSantis win portends. I have not a clue on a 2024 candidate for us. Most certainly, it should not be, nor probably will be Biden. And Biden is not mentoring anyone; he has failed the party in this regard. He really sucks in this regard. Come on Man, give it up. You got the Presidency, you’re in the books, you got to punish Kamala and Pete by putting them in their respective closets. How about giving the next Democratic President a helping hand? Power corrupts I guess….. I hope we start this right away and not in 2024, starting with Joe announcing an endorsement for his successor. After his action in this election year, I am not really hopeful about that.

    And now we careen ahead, doing nothing but EO’s for the next two years. Sigh.

    The most important questions: where’s the cheating, where’s Ben, is he coming back or did Joe ban him, and did the midterms cause more global warming with all that hot air :>)

    • Joe Gilbertson

      We didn’t exactly blow it, we will still control the House and the Senate.

      And do you think there was no cheating? I’m starting to hear about statistical impossibilities already.

      And I guess you were celebrating, from the rest of your rant there, its clear you have been drinking again…

      • frank stetson

        Joe, your kindness should be returned ten times. Just amazing how far over the line you will go. Where’s Ben? Joe no able to take a little free speech? Ala Joe. Ben is back is banned? You be ano. Really.

        I celebrate not; we did not win and you think you’re OK. You don’t control the Senate yet unless you are that drunk on your lack of victory. And two to go to take a 100% magarat massive loss.

        We gave you a softball, you screwed the pooch, claim a win all you want, you got nothing except some investigations cancelled, investigations started.

        No rant, just my opinions. HAGD

        I bet you are hearing things about the massive cheating that allowed you to win, given the way you keep your ear to Trump’s ass. You’re just a fart away from genius and you like the smell.

  5. Rat Wrangler

    The main reason why the Red Wave did not happen is because the Republicans as a whole have virtually no plan to make America better. They have complained about the Democrats attacking Mr. Trump’s policies, as well as Mr. Trump and the Republicans in general, and have attacked Democrat policies, but have not proposed any major plans to improve the state of this troubled nation. The Democrats at least had an agenda. It may not have been a great one, and many of the poorer 90% of Americans have suffered because of it, but they had a direction, and that appeals to more people than no agenda does.