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North Korea, South Korea At “Brink of War”

North Korea, South Korea At “Brink of War”

North Korea recently made claims saying the country successfully tested a hydrogen bomb that quickly prompted responses from nations across the world.

South Korea has lashed out against North Korea’s recent nuclear test by asking China to enforce the strongest possible international sanctions against the country. South Korea’s President claims its neighbor to the north flew over and dispersed propaganda leaflets calling South Korea’s government “mad dogs”.

South Korea is not the only force pushing for sanctions. The U.N. Security Council has also expressed a desire in enforcing strict sanctions against North Korea, but understands doing so requires China’s cooperation.

Although China has expressed frustrations with North Korea, it is believed the Chinese government fears a North Korean collapse because it would send thousands of North Koreans across the Chinese borders.

The U.S. has put their 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea on high alert after the nuclear test and is reportedly considering deploying B-2 bombers, F-22 stealth fighters and nuclear submarines.

The two neighboring countries are now in a Cold War-era standoff, with South Korea pledging to continue their loudspeaker campaign that blasts anti-North Korean messages to the North Korean people. An official from North Korea has said that these loudspeakers are pushing the countries to “the brink of war”.

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