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North Carolina Sues the Federal Government Over LGBT Law

North Carolina Sues the Federal Government Over LGBT Law

On Monday the state of North Carolina filed a lawsuit against the federal government in defense of the state’s Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (H.B. 2.)

The House Bill 2 prohibits individuals from using public restrooms that don’t correspond with their biological sex or the sex that is labeled on their driver’s license.

Last week, the Justice Department sent a letter to North Carolina’s Governor, Pat McCrory with a strict warning stating that the H.B. 2 was in violation of the Civil Rights Act. He was given until Monday to respond. The governor responded firmly with a lawsuit citing that the interpretation of the 1964 law is mistaken and that the federal government is bullying the state by using its constitutional power. The federal government reacted with a lawsuit of their own.

“Our nation is one nation, especially when it comes to fighting discrimination,” said McCrory in a news conference on Monday. “It’s time for Congress to bring clarity. Right now, the Obama administration is bypassing Congress in attempting to rewrite the laws, and set basic restroom policies, locker room policies, and even shower room policies.”

The state is being punished further with another threat from the Departments of Education, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development (HUD.) They are claiming to withhold at least $3 billion if the state doesn’t comply with the Obama administrations demands.  

“North Carolina’s bathroom privacy law, HB2, fully complies with federal law,” said Kellie Fiedore, Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel. “Gov. McCrory is to be commended for standing up for the people he represents and refusing to put a price tag on the privacy and safety of women and girls. All Americans should be thankful that we still have strong leaders like Gov. McCrory who don’t surrender to intimidation by politicians and bureaucrats in Washington.”

Meanwhile, federal government officials are likening these bathroom wars to that of the Jim Crow laws.

“This is not the first time we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress to our nation,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “We saw it in the Jim Crow laws that followed the Emancipation Proclamation. We saw it in the fierce arguments against Brown v. the Board of Education” – the 1954 Supreme Court decision that overturned segregation. And we saw it in the state bans on same-sex unions that were intended to spike any hope that one day gays and lesbians might be afforded the right to marry.”

But, this is actually something quite different. Why isn’t the protection of women and young girls not more of a concern? Instead, this is just the next battle the federal government has started in support of its trans-agenda.

Gov. McCrory has made it clear that he will not be giving into the tremendous pressure from the Department of Justice and will continue to defend the NC resident’s restroom privacy.

“The administration’s lawless attack on H.B. 2, and its threat to economically harm the state by withholding millions of federal dollars, is the latest attempt to coerce conformity with the administration’s political agenda,” said Fiedore.

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