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Non-Citizen Appointed to San Francisco’s Elections Commission – Ineligible to Legally Vote

Non-Citizen Appointed to San Francisco’s Elections Commission – Ineligible to Legally Vote

In a flagrant exhibition of anti-Americanism, the liberal administration of San Francisco, California, has appointed the first non-citizen to the blue city’s elections commission.

The Western Journal reported (February 19) that San Francisco’s Department of Elections appointed Kelly Wong, a citizen of Hong Kong, last week to the city’s seven-member Elections Commission. Thus a foreign national who can’t legally vote in America’s elections will be one of the seven people overseeing the elections in San Francisco, thanks to a 2020 measure approved by the city’s residents allowing non-citizens to sit on boards and commissions.

Media outlets did not specify the exact immigration status of Wong in the United States. KQED, which originally broke the story of Wong’s appointment to the election commission, wrote that Wong “immigrated to the U.S. in 2019 from Hong Kong to pursue graduate studies.” However, student visas, or F1 visas, do not fall in the category of immigrant/permanent visas and are valid only till the duration of the studies. At the end of the study program, a student on F1 visa is supposed to leave the country unless they seek an extension or apply for change of status, like seeking asylum, temporary employment approved by the State Department, or by some other justification.

On Twitter/X, filmmaker and comedian Eric Abbenante among others posted a video clip of Wong speaking to media to point out that she speaks Chinese, even in her “victory speech.”

Other conservatives reacted to Wong’s appointment to the elections commission by calling it a senseless measure.

Times Now wrote that Wong’s decision to speak in Chinese after her appointment further angered many Americans who took to social media to bash her.

The Central Square cited Steven Greene, professor of political science at North Carolina State University, question the move to appoint a noncitizen to oversee elections:

“Honestly, there are plenty of naturalized immigrants who are registered voters and could effectively fill this role. It’s not at all clear why SF (or anyone else) would choose an ineligible voter for this type of position.”

Over the years, Democrats have intensified their advocacy for giving foreigners, including illegal aliens, special benefits and rights at the expense of US taxpayers. In Denver, Colorado, the leftist administration is reportedly considering an initiative that would allow non-citizens to serve as police officers and firefighters. The proposal is expected to go on the November ballot as required by Denver law.

While non-citizens legally present in the country are being preferentially recruited by Democrats to fill various positions, the benefits offered to illegal aliens in blue states and cities are even more revealing of Democrats’ Americans-Last agenda. In the latest such move, the Democrat mayor of New York City (NYC) Eric Adams has decided to give away debit cards to migrants in the city. The New York Post reported (February 19) that though the mayor asked for $53 million to distribute among migrants, the debit-card scheme could end up “an open-ended, multi-billion-dollar Bermuda Triangle of disappearing, untraceable cash, used for any purpose.” The story wrote:

It will give migrants up to $10,000 each in taxpayer money with no ID check, no restrictions and no fraud control.

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  1. JPop


    • Dan tyree

      Explains a lot


    And in other news: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead

  3. Richard young

    The DemoncRATS want America to fail and collapse. The DemoncRATS are America’s internal enemy. As long as that evil party exists, America has zero chance of survival.

  4. Darren

    So Frank, you are in favor of this?
    You would like to give Chinese 10K each and let them vote?

  5. Frank stetson

    Hey D-man, I’m more worried about Dick young coming to end my existence.

    I don’t live in San Fran, this is not part of the Democratic platform, seems stupid to me, but will never affect me.

    And everyone calls her Chinese as if she’s a sleeper assassin. She’s from hong kong and pro-active against the Chinese government. Could be a ruse she’s been working a couple decades on.

    But still stupid, any nonUS person. As is Young Dick. Pretty stupid.

  6. JoeyP

    Is this even LEGAL?!? . . .

  7. Darren

    Slippery slope!
    When they displace citizens, and start filling the Illegals in our homes, this will effect EVERYONE.
    Look at New York. It is going to happen.
    You would say NEVER! Just like NO president would be STUPID ENOUGH TO EVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!
    Remember, BUSH would have done this if he could. As QUOTED ” There our Friends ” PERIOD!
    The Elite class will always feel entitled!

  8. Frank stetson

    Sure Darren, their coming to destroy your way of life. The day NYC dictates NJ is the day SF dictates anyone. NYC can’t even dictate NYS.

    You have nothing to fear except yourself and Richard Young.

  9. PJ

    Going back to the early ’50s, each time a left-wing governor laves office in CA, thew right-wing incoming governor inherits a huge deficit (in the red), and when he goes out of office, CA has a large surplus (in the black). Not a coincidence!

  10. Brian

    Everyone who did the appointment to fill a position, everyone who voted to hand out debit cards to illegals or any action similar to these are guilty of treason and sedition. They should be removed from office and appropriate action taken against them, up to and including execution for treason.


    Check her immigration status , do not matter if she is legal , should not be allowed on our elections ….Impeach or fire Newson , send him to China with her . Slowly but sure due to the ignorance of many , Democrat/communist/socialists are taken over , sure you can say I am crazy , will never happen in America (the old good America maybe) , and I will tell you that America will never have a black president or that Trump never be a president either , remember?…Anything that comes via California , starting with Pelosi is rotten …American citizens should wake up and vote , specially minority , and BLM , they been use to put down the country , and they will be the ones to lose more….No money out , no foreigners in our government , no illegal trespassers …close the wall .
    No person from a country that hate us should be allowed in our government and we do not care if they become citizens while here .