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No, Migrant Facilities are not like Concentration Camps, and Suggesting they are is Disgusting

No, Migrant Facilities are not like Concentration Camps, and Suggesting they are is Disgusting

Democrats have seemingly been on a crusade as of late to scourge their party of the Jewish support they have long enjoyed as a crucial facet of their funding and voting bloc. For even in this most recent presidential election Jewish voters have displayed an overwhelming tendency to favor the left. Jewish outlet Haaretz reported,

“The Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton captured an overwhelming 70 percent of the Jewish vote in the election, according to a comprehensive exit poll published Wednesday. It was identical to the percentage of the Jewish vote won by Barack Obama four years ago.

The poll, conducted by GBA Strategies, was commissioned by J Street, a pro-Israel anti-occupation organization. The results show that the Republican candidate and president-elect Donald Trump won only 25 percent of the Jewish vote. Three percent went to Libertarian Gary Johnson and 2 percent to Green Party candidate Jill Stein.  In the last election, 30 percent of American Jews voted for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.”

But that domination of the Jewish vote could very well be changing with the times as the Democrat party becomes increasingly inundated with high profile individuals – an epitomic example being Ilhan Omar – that wield a flippant disregard for Jews bordering on outright anti-Semitism

But beyond such individual antics, a new and incredibly caustic narrative has been arising of late regarding the US migration crisis on the southern border, particularly the facilities used to house illegal migrants/asylum seekers.

The argument – which exhibits a disgusting ignorance and disregard for the Holocaust – is that the overburdened and overcrowded border facilities that the Trump administration is technically overseeing (just like the Obama administration prior one might add) are concentration camps.

A few weeks ago, Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman Democratic New York congresswoman, tweeted “This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying.”

Unsurprisingly this objectively ignorant assertion – that migration facilities countless migrants voluntarily flood to, complete with free medical care, schooling, etc. – are even remotely similar to the industrial death camps where Nazi Germany exterminated 6 million people was met with indignation from Jewish groups across the political spectrum.

It’s not hard to see why Jews would take great offense at the appalling political appropriation of the massed murder of our people, including I’d add most of my ancestors. It’s not only incredibly incorrect and offensive, it’s downright malicious to the history behind the concept of concentration camps.

The ignorance involved in this ludicrous comparison takes every prior jab at Judaism from the left and throws it out the window. And yet leftists haven’t reconsidered the comparison, they’ve doubled down on it.

It’s unequivocally disgusting.


An Exodus to the Right?


More widely, however, it also reinforces the validity of arguments made by Jewish intellectuals like Arthur Milikh, who even prior to this latest next-level escalation of DNC anti-Semitism have been deliberating whether it’s time for a wholesale Jewish shift in their political support. Milikh writes on TheDailySignal,

“Even before the openly anti-Semitic remarks of Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., forced Congress to adopt a vague anti-hate resolution in March, the case for America’s Jews to leave the left and the Democratic Party was building. The rise of identity politics makes their run to the right and the Republicans sooner or later all but inevitable.

The choice is already being put to Jews: Either view yourself as part of the white majority or serve and be governed by other victim groups who are your moral superiors and may well despise you.

Continuing to choose victimhood is a dark, imprudent road. Jews are already being written out of the history of the civil rights movement, despite their key role in this just cause. Israel is no longer viewed as a source of democracy and hope, but as a colonial power—in part because Palestinians have acquired a higher rank in the victimhood hierarchy.

With the rise of identity politics on the left, American Jews will find themselves increasingly used and despised in those quarters. As that happens, President Donald Trump might make them notice that conservatism actually admires human excellence of the kind Jews have achieved, and warn about what awaits them on the left.

With a few exemplary defectors in the lead, this may bring major losses of human capital and money on the left, while the hospitable home of the right grows stronger.”

While anecdotal evidence is, well… anecdotal, I’ve observed growing supporting evidence for this shift taking place even in my own Jewish communities. People who have been left leaning all their life are abandoning the party.

Family members who just 3 years prior found it unconscionable to cast a vote for Donald Trump are now resolved to support him, including lifelong registered Democrats. Not necessarily because they adore him but simply because the alternative are people that think the holocaust had free healthcare and press tours.

I myself didn’t vote for Trump (or his main opponent…) the first time around. But if the alternative is a party that happily appropriates the slaughter of my ancestors to completely desecrate their memory for political soundbites, I’ll proudly be giving them the electoral finger in 2020.

Jews won’t sit idly by while they’re repeatedly insulted and taken for granted. That might end up being a difficult and painful lesson for the party that has so long expected their support.

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  1. rick meek

    Ya’ll are just feeding the ignorant and clueless – stories to get the sympathy. Trying to get a movement started…
    The only ones in OPPOSITION to a citizen question are the socialists that want to continue the LIE….
    The US is neither the worlds police force – world’s employer worlds benefactor…..
    You and others are correct…. The actual numbers are closer to 60 million + as estimated by DHS. I was assigned to INTEL back in my Laredo years … During those years INTERNAL investigations showed higher than estimated numbers…The INTEL was then WIPED from investigation files by the previous admin….

    • Stanley Steamer

      Oh, I’ve been saying this for years.

      The 11 million illegals number is a damn joke.

  2. keith J Mehnert

    only traitors and illegals are complaining , we all have known forever that America and its true , loyal citizens , have been paying for this garbage to get a free ride in this country, now the democrats are pushing really hard so they can get back in total control of this country and make it a 3rd world country.. they have allowed true anti-Americans in strong places to help the garbage a free ride forever , I am 63 and if I knew I could just soak my fellow American for everything , well I still would not , aoc, omar and her little gang , and what has become the dumbest generation ever , wish a free ride for anyone , with out even putting into the system or even being a true citizen of this country ……..well I say it needs to stop now and if I were violent person the issue would be done already GO TRUMP HE IS THE TRUE HOPE FOR AMERICA

  3. Jack Schiht

    Time for The Exodus. The Jews certainly notice that the lefties are support Islam above all other religions. It’s the right wing who support Israel and Judaism. Never could figure out why the Jews supported those who hate them.

    • Connie

      I am with you,Jack. Never could figure out how such a smart group of people supported a side that never did anything for them. The black? For the most part they aren’t bright enough to know anything other than “flow the leader.” But the Jewish people are so intelligent.

  4. Bea

    We are now “WOKE”. We need to fight the evil anti-semitic rethoric in our Great Country. Democrats have gone too far left. “A sure way for evil to prevail is for a good man to do nothing.”

  5. Tony Barreda

    Call them prisons or prisons or concentration camps, either falls in the realm of truth. No one should compare one to the German camps. However, by today’s american moral standards, immigrants imprisoned in these shithole camps are and will have irreparable emotional and mental problems. Children will long suffer by their separation from parents. We treat torrirists and serial killers better with medical, weekly supply of clean clothes, three healthy daily meals and exercise and recreational activities. Bottom line, these prisons and its administrators are a prime example of the moral decline by the temporary residents in the White House.

    • Knobby

      Tony B. – Immigrants in your story are the ILLEGAL types. Do not forget that the first act they committed on US soil was to break the law. They are supposed to fill out forms, then submit these forms, then wait for adjudication. THEN and ONLY THEN should they go to an official CBP portal and request a visa for work or amnesty or other category. Is this an easy thing? – NO. Is this a convenient thing? – NO Is it the legal process? YES
      Who said that dealing with the US Government was easy or convenient? All the rest of us CITIZENS have to suffer in the same way. It is a part of the price of having a large government.
      The German Jews of the 1930s were actually German Citizens. Law abiding, tax paying citizens. There is a BIG difference. They were not criminals, first and foremost.

      Also a point to ponder: These Illegal immigrants that get put into holding facilities are VOLUNTEERS for their experience. No one pushed them into a criminal act and subsequent trip to the holding pens, separation from their children, etc. Most of them paid a high price for “guides” to get them across the border and into the USA to begin with.
      Maybe they got bad information about how the system works, or how they would get treated. One would think the bad news would travel fast, like it always does. Some of these persons are fleeing areas (Honduras, El Salvador) where gang violence is worse than Chicago during Prohibition. Rapes and murder in the streets are rampant. My question is has the US Government thought of treating the problem instead of the symptoms?
      Could it work? Has it ever worked when we send in the military to restore order in someone else’s country? Think Afghanistan.
      At least the people of Central America are a lot more like us, in terms of beliefs and religious ethics, than Afghans, Syrians, Libyans, Iranians, and other nations on the other side of the planet.
      My vote is quit sending our money and young people to the far away lands that pose no strategic threat to the USA and try to help those in our back yard (metaphorically). My bet is that those immigrants would much rather be back home if it was feasible to make a living there.