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NFL Backs ‘Defund Police’ Movement 

NFL Backs ‘Defund Police’ Movement 

The National Football League (NFL) is quietly supporting the ‘defund the police’ movement through its Inspire Change program.

Inspire Change gives money to organizations that openly advocate for the abolishment of police forces, prisons, cash bail, pre-trial detention, and immigration detention. The group works hand-in-hand with the Players Coalition, an independent 501(c)(3) organization that grew from the protests against police brutality inspired by former San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick. 

Groups that receive funding from Inspire Change include the Community Justice Exchange, which according to its website envisions “a world without prisons, policing, prosecution, surveillance, or any form of detention or supervision,” and the Oregon Justice Resource Center, which in 2020 claimed that ‘police brutality and the cruelty of prisons is the result of white supremacy.’ 

Inspire Change “supports player-led efforts to engage with team owners, public officials, law enforcement, academic institutions, community partners, and others to identify meaningful ways to strengthen local communities and the greater society,” reads the program’s official website. Its four areas of focus are “education,” “economic advancement,” “police and community relations,” and “criminal justice reform.”

Since its launch in 2018, Inspire Change has donated more than $160 million to “social justice organizations.” This sum includes grants awarded to individual players for “nonprofits of their choice to help reduce barriers to opportunities.”

Last year, the NFL and Inspire Change pledged $250 million over the next decade to “help advance social justice” and support “the battle against the ongoing and historic injustices faced by African Americans.”

As noted last week by Fox News journalist Peter Hasson, the mainstream media doesn’t seem to be interested in the NFL’s direct support for liberal organizations that are trying to do away with police. Obviously not, because the NFL is a cash cow for the media and they don’t want another Colin Kaepernick scandal to disrupt viewership. 


NFL funding ‘defund the police’ groups through ‘Inspire Change’ 

NFL vows to spend $250 million to address systemic racism, police reforms 

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  1. Ed white

    Of course they want to defund the police. They want their homies back in the hood to be able to do as they please. And their armed security is on board

  2. frank stetson

    Many playa’s are also sporting Black Lives Matter on the back of their helmets. Oh my, the world is coming down on you…..

    Keep those knickers knotted, clench those sphincters, being woke is really in. Oh my: people everywhere being more sensitive to being “alert to injustice in society, especially racism, as in “we need to stay angry, and stay woke”” Oh, the horror of it all.

    Makes you really wonder about cancel culture; like what culture gets cancelled by being woke? Oh yeah, injustice i society, especially racism. I can see the pushback for that. From some. Hi Alice…….

    • Max wallace

      Stay angry and stay woke? What a joke. Brain dead isn’t woke. How to stop the blacks getting shot? Quit being stupid

      • frank stetson

        Sorry, shoulda sourced it, but figured only the brain-dead who couldn’t quit being stupid would not realize the Oxford Language Dictionary definition. My bad. And speaking of stupid, did Max even attempt to smell the coffee and second-source Alice’s BS? Of course not, he be too smart fer dat.

        Alice belongs to the Sheep School of Journalism, one where you copy and paste from Right-Wingnut articles starting with Fox and working your way down. If she is paid, PBP should get a refund. Once again she has pasted unverified allegations and down nothing to elaborate, source, or factually prove.

        Yes, Inspire Change funds those organizations. Yes, many want to Defund the Police, that does not necessarily mean they support abolishing Police. DtP is a really bad branding because it means that, but does not mean abolish. What is means is re-engineer funding so Police do policing and not Social Work which they are sorely ill equipped to do and thus tend to bash heads instead of solving problems.

        Fox, and Alice say: “All three of those groups support defunding or abolishing the police, a review of their public statements shows.” I looked up all there groups and can see NO support for police abolishment, quite the opposite. There is no doubt that they call for Police Reform, why not? UNLESS ALICE can prove it, it seems to be weaponizing the concept of DtP for the Max’s of the world to support Republicans at the polls. That’s not Journalism, that’s propagandism.

        When I searched for groups that want to abolish the police, none of these came to light. Not one.

        PROVE IT ALICE: show us any of these groups advocating for the police to be abolished. FYI — Right wing newsies spewing off don’t count.

        Wanna bet CRICKETS? If so, just another freakin Fox fanatic. Enough of blind Journalism.

    • Clay stroud

      White lives matter. Blacks commit most of the crimes

  3. ian henry alfred fleck

    well max get rid of the police,jails and everything then BLM will run america so the bosses can have 2or 3 1 million dollar houses,they are a lot of con men BLM

  4. Sam

    But SWP’s (stupid white people) still watch the National Thug League.

  5. bob

    We quit watching the LIBERAL NFL years ago !!! Along with the Socialist NBA , and Hockey . Don’t miss it at all !!!

  6. Frank

    68% OF NFL players are known felons.. is why they’re endorsing defund the police… players are criminals.. and belong locked up! Rat bastards!

  7. john fudacz

    the nfl should change their name comunist nationalist bullshit league ,backing that bullshit defund the police , and supporting blm crap!

  8. Rat wrangler

    I watched professional football off and on years ago, because it was the only show where I could watch millionaires beat each other up. When it became too political, it was no longer that interesting.