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New York: Trump Wins, Kasich Places, Cruz No-Show

New York: Trump Wins, Kasich Places, Cruz No-Show

Billionaire Donald Trump has defeated Governor John Kasich and Senator Ted Cruz in the very populous state of New York in the Republican Primary by a wide margin, getting more than 60% of the vote. Kasich took second position with 25% of the vote, and Mr. Cruz took a mere 15%.  

It is likely Mr. Trump will receive all of the 95 delegates from New York, which alots 14 delegates for winning statewide and the remainder divided up for winning Congressional Districts.

This is a huge problem for Mr. Cruz who is hoping for a “brokered” convention if Mr. Trump is not able to get the requisite 1237 delegates. He believes he can claim the nomination in the second round of voting at a brokered convention.  However it will be tough for him to claim legitimacy as a third place contestant in the primaries.  Cruz is behind Governor Kasich in a number of forthcoming primaries.

Cruz maneuvered delegates from Colorado and Wyoming, both caucus states, much to the dismay of the Trump campaign. Many pundits believe he has successfully stacked the deck for that second round of delegate votes at the convention. 

As for Kasich, with a strong second place finish in New York, his (we think) quest for Vice President is right on track.

If Trump wins all 95 delegates as expected, then he will have 832 delegates.  He needs about 55% of the remaining delegates to reach 1237, the number required to clinch the nomination. Ted Cruz would need 93% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination.

We will stand by our earlier prediction that Trump will clinch the nomination and the Republican Convention will not be brokered.


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