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New York Sets First US Vaccine Passport Mandate

New York Sets First US Vaccine Passport Mandate

In a horrible announcement and a hopeful isolated instance of the potential abuse of power over the freedom of the American people, New York has just said that it will be implementing vaccine passport mandates within the city.

Mayor Bill De Blasio declared the decision along with a statement using fancy rhetoric to distract viewers from the harmful nature of the power move made in the name of safety and security. The mayor said, “This is a miraculous place, literally full of wonders. If you’re vaccinated, all that’s gonna open up to you. If you have the key, you can open the door. If you’re unvaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in many things.”

These “many things” include just about everything, mandated by the powers that be, blocking access without “the key”. The new mandate requires a vaccine passport with the silly name literally called  “The Key to NYC Pass”. If you live in New York City, you will need the “key” to go to restaurants, see a movie, go to the gym, attend a public event or pretty much anything else that requires you to leave your home. This effectively makes it to where unless you are consistently vaccinated and can show the proof for it, you are not allowed to go outside or be a part of the public. 

This is the first city in the United States to make this decision, and hopefully it stays that way. Even moreso, hopefully the decision is forced to be reversed. As of now, the vaccine passport will launch on August 16th and is to be enforced beginning September 13th.

Executive Director Andrew Rigie says, “There’s no doubt that this mandate is going to pose significant challenges for local restaurants, bars and workers. But we also recognize that we cannot go back down to reduced occupancy and shutdown orders, which could likely happen if we do nothing now.”

My advice would be to get out of New York City now, if you haven’t already. Unless you just love losing freedom, independence and the ability to conduct commerce by your own will,  don’t expect for them to stop there. This is a power grab over the people and as long as things like this are allowed to happen, the powers that be will continue to take as much as they can away. All in the name of safety and security. I’m sure many do not care and are willing to sacrifice all this nation stands for out of fear, but for anyone else who can see the potential threat this move implies, you should find another place to freely exist until the power structure there changes back to supporting American values and the ideals presented within the Constitution. Until then, New York City is not a safe place to be. At least in my personal opinion.

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