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New York City Mayor Refuses to attend Hillary Clinton's Campaign Event

New York City Mayor Refuses to attend Hillary Clinton's Campaign Event

This week marks the third instance in the past few months in which New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has publically snubbed one-time pal Hillary Clinton. Blasio recently announced that he would not be attending Clinton’s campaign kickoff event this weekend. It seems this liberal mayor won’t budge until Hillary adds the issue of income inequality to her campaign agenda. 

Blasio served faithfully as Hillary’s senate campaign manager in 2000, but he refused to endorse her when she first announced her presidential bid. The NYC Mayor likewise withheld his support from Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland, when he joined the democratic field.  

Although Blasio admits to knowing nearly nothing about O’Malley, his excuse for snubbing Hillary is a little more specific: “What I am waiting to hear about is the fight against income inequality, how we raise wages and benefits, how we create the kind of progressive taxation system we need…”

Blasio is hopeful that Hillary will eventually turn to what is in his mind the most important of topics. While it’s entirely possible that the first democratic candidate to start the fight against income inequality may have New York City’s support, Blasio seems to be holding out for Hillary: “I am looking forward to the day … when Hillary Clinton lays out her specific vision for addressing income inequality. I think what we’ve heard from her so far is very promising.”

Some have made the joke that Hillary isn’t quite socialist enough to fit in with the NYC crowd. Others believe Blasio to be in cahoots with the Clintons and argue that his actions are some sort of trick. And they might be right. After all, Blasio’s wife was one of the first to rush to Hillary’s aid when she found herself caught in a lie regarding the secret email address she used while serving as Secretary of State. 


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