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New Jan 6 Videos Show Suspicious Activity by Capitol Security

New Jan 6 Videos Show Suspicious Activity by Capitol Security

Two new videos extracted from the January 6 footage show suspicious activity by security personnel at the federal capital at the time of the infamous protest against the 2020 presidential election fraud.

Shown by John Solomon of Just The News as he appeared on Real America’s Voice, the videos show scenes on two sides of a door to the capitol building with security personnel moving as they play with a yellow bag. In the first video, three police officers are seen entering the door, one carrying a yellow bag – which Solomon called “that famous yellow bag.” They drop the bag right outside the door and let two sets of plastic handcuffs fall on the ground. Without picking them, the officers enter the building and close the door behind them.

Moments later, a man is seen walking up to the door and picking up the handcuffs, acting as if he knows what to do. He tries one set of the cuffs around the door’s knobs to lock it from outside. It doesn’t work. He picks the other set, ties it around the door to lock it from the outside, thus blocking people in the building from exiting via it.

The video then shows a few police officers fleeing from some protesters inside the building spraying the cops with fire extinguishers. They try to exit the door but fail because of the cuffs locking it from outside. After some effort, the cops are able to break the door open from the cuffs.

In the second video, a continuation from the first, the police are seen bringing the yellow bag again inside the building while a crowd waits outside with no aggression or threatening movement made at the cops. The police then brings a hard-shell case inside the building. Both the bag and the case rest against the walls right next to the door. Without securing the bag or the case, the police go out of view. Then a person carrying a US flag sneaks inside, grabs the yellow bag and the case, and runs outside with them.

“Valuable gear that could potentially be used against law enforcement going right out the door,” commented Solomon as the video continued to play and showed the police closing the door. A protester then brings and drops the yellow bag back at the door. Solomon said he wasn’t sure whether it was a good Samaritan or part of some operation. The case is also brought back by another person and put next to the bag. Moments later, two more men are seen approaching the bag and the case. The stop and start taking stuff out of the bag.

Solomon said that the video was shown to multiple law enforcement instructors who regarded it a major security breach and a failure by the capitol police. He added that the capitol police wouldn’t talk to his team about it. He reminded that the January 6 Committee did not show this footage.

Last month, John Solomon appeared on Steve Bannon’s show to discuss a clip from the January 6 footage that shows the capitol police deactivating the lock of a secured door, through which 300 people then entered the building after the cops left, leaving the door open.

Solomon also told Bannon that the January 6 Committee had doctored some of the videos it selected to show in order to indict people for participating in what the mainstream media and many lawmakers came to call “the insurrection.”

In March, former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson left the media and Democrats fuming after he aired video clips from unseen January 6 footage on his Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” In an op-ed following the show, Carlson questioned the failure of the security and intelligence over the capitol and commented:

The people who fell down on the job, who didn’t do their job, they were not punished. They were rewarded, and you have to ask yourself, why is that?

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  1. frank stetson

    “The people who fell down on the job, who didn’t do their job, they were not punished. They were rewarded, and you have to ask yourself, why is that?”

    Allegations are not adjudications. Worthy on investigation, not insinuation or condemnation without adjudication.

    When you claim the 1.6 committee doctored videos —- how about proof. Solomon telling Bannon telling Dempsey telling us —- guilty?