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New Group Unsilenced Majority to Fight Cancel Culture

New Group Unsilenced Majority to Fight Cancel Culture

A new advocacy group called Unsilenced Majority plans to “end cancel culture by using cancel culture tactics,” explains founder Mike Davis, a former aide to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA). “We want to be able to go after the root of the problem, which is the left is canceling people with whom they disagree.”

GOP heavyweights involved in the organization include Ian Prior (who served in the Department of Justice during the Trump Administration), Will Chamberlain (a lawyer and the editor-in-chief of the conservative magazine Human Events), and Andy Surabian (a former Trump adviser).

“Cancel culture has become so pervasive that many Americans often find themselves self-censoring for fear of what might happen to them if they express an unpopular opinion or even express skepticism of a woke truism,” reads the organization’s website. “If the American citizenry cannot freely express itself without fear of retribution, the premise of our American democratic republic begins to crumble.”

According to recent polls, more than 70% of Americans believe cancel culture has gone too far and has exacerbated idealogical differences.

Davis says he will model Unsilenced Majority on the Article III Project (A3P), which he also leads. A3P was founded to defend constitutionalist judges and the rule of law and to fight progressive assaults on judicial independence including court-packing.

With Unsilenced Majority, Davis envisions a “grassroots army” that can contact elected officials and boycott corporations that appear to be bowing to the political Left. Davis also wants to address Silicon Valley’s censorship of conservative voices, the incorporation of cancel culture in education, and worker firings. Among the firings, the group opposes is that of Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier. He was sacked after describing Critical Race Theory as Marxist.

“These corporations go woke because they have pressure from shareholders, they have pressure from the liberal media, they have pressure internally from within,” explains Davis. “What we want to do at Unsilenced Majority is to provide a counterbalance. And so these corporations understand that if they go woke there’s gonna be consequences from everyday Americans.”


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Republicans form organization called Unsilenced Majority to fight back against cancel culture by getting everyday Americans to boycott the woke corporations that bow to it

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