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New Gingrich Slams Anti-Donald Trump Republicans

New Gingrich Slams Anti-Donald Trump Republicans

We aren’t in the habit of quoting pundits, but former Speaker of the House New Gingrich has a profound point to make when it comes to anti-Donald Trump Republicans: they are supporting Hillary Clinton. 

“I think it’s pretty simple,” said Gingrich to dissatisfied GOP party members seeking to find a way to remove Republican frontrunner Donald Trump from the race. “If you want to help elect Hillary Clinton, and you want to make sure that the unionized bureaucracies are in total control, and you want to have a radical Supreme Court to finish eliminating our liberties, then play games like this. But that’s what they are: they’re games.”

Gingrich told Breitbart’s Stephen K. Bannon that Americans have two choices: ongoing decay and radicalization (Hillary Clinton) or a fresh alternative (Trump or Ted Cruz). “But there’s not a third choice,” warned Gingrich. “These people…who are telling us about this fancy third choice, they make no sense at all.” At least be honest and say you prefer Hillary to Trump, he says. 

“They ought to just form ‘Lost Republicans for Hillary’ and be honest about the effect of what they’re doing.” 

The situation could get even worse if Hillary gets indicted for mishandling government secrets through the use of her secret email server. We could wind up with President Bernie Sanders and empowered radical judges and union bosses. 

“So the choice for America’s future is very straightforward, and I’ve just tried to be clear about that,” Gingrich reiterated. 

As to anti-Trump Beltway Right, Gingrich accuses the faction of not having any real qualms with the billionaire candidate. “They don’t have an ideological argument. They have a comfort zone argument.” Maybe it’s time to take America out of her comfort zone. 

Those who are comfortable with traditional conservative candidates like Ted Cruz are wary and suspicious of the boisterous and aggressive Trump. He isn’t traditional, says Gingrich. He is an “unusual phenomenon of this extraordinarily successful businessman who has thoroughly mastered popular communication.

After realizing that he had everything he could possibly want, Trump woke up one day and thought, ‘maybe I can turn the country around.’

“Does he have contradictions in his past? Of course he does,” says Gingrich. “Trump would be an absolute outlier in the trajectory of American politics [if he didn’t].”



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