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New Florida Laws Fight Communism in America

New Florida Laws Fight Communism in America

Ron Desantis is doing a phenomenal job as the Governor of Florida. As of Monday this week, two new bills were written and signed in the state. The new Florida laws further stand against communism and its influence on our country. 

In a press conference, Ron Desantis spoke out introducing the new bills and why he signed them into law. According to an article in Newsmax, Desantis declared, “All we are doing today is saying enough is enough. We have to start fighting back. Florida is doing that.”

The first of the two new Florida bills bans connection or funding from adversary communist nations into our public institutions. Any direct deals between foreign governments and our school systems or public entities will now be illegal. This would ban the likes of the Confucius Institute and many of the Chinese funded programs that have been slithering through the state and our nation. These programs were designed for cross cultural exchanges in theory. However, they often end up teaching our children why they should hate and stand against the United States. In a massive step forward, this will now be entirely illegal in the state of Florida. 

According to Newsweek, Ron states that “The first bill that I signed today safeguards our public institutions from undue foreign influence and that means prohibiting agreements between public entities and the Communist Party of China or Cuba or any of these malignant forces.”

The second bill sets any trafficking of intellectual property or trade secrets from the United States to any foreign nation as illegal. It also makes it a punishable criminal offense under state law. 

“Anyone who willfully, without authorization, steals or attempts to steal a trade secret and uses it for their own benefit will now face a third degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison,” Desantis said during a press conference in Miami about the new laws.

Even further, anyone who attempts to sell these trade secrets for a profit will face an increased penalty. Typically, only the Federal Government handles this kind of crime. But the new laws give Florida the power to step up on their own and take action against any nation trying to steal or manipulate U.S. property, information, or individuals.

During the press conference, DeSantis went on to clarify his position on why the bills were written into law. 

“If you look right now, there is no single entity that exercises a more pervasive, nefarious influence across a wide range of American industries and institutions than the Communist Party of China.” He continued, “The idea was to try to whitewash the role of the CCP in this virus and it wasn’t just WHO (the World Health Organization), it wasn’t just bureaucracies. You saw the academic community largely circle the wagons and defend the CCP.”

Seems like Florida is continuing to lead the way for a return of common-sense law. Maybe this will help inspire other states and agencies across the nation to stand for the same and help protect our people from those who wish to tear us apart. 

Now the new question seems to be, should Ron Desantis run for President? With or without Trump? Or should he stay here and keep making Florida one of the best states to live in? 

Only time will tell. But for the moment, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else making as much of an impactful stand for the people of America like he is. I’ve written it before and I will write it again as time continues forward, but thanks Ron. The people who are paying attention truly appreciate what you are doing. 

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  1. Ben

    I see “Trump; Take America Back” flags and signs all over.

    I didn’t realize they meant back to the 1950’s and The McCarthy Hearings.

  2. Donald OConnor

    Do the left wing libs have there heads completely buried in the sand? Biden and Harris are complete incompetents and have no business being in charge of this country. The rest of the world is laughing at us. That fool, Biden, can’t even complete a sentence let alone run this huge country. How can so many in this country be so stupid as to elect an incompetent pair of bumbling fools to run us? What did they want to happen to us? I hope we can survive the next 3 years until we can get these clowns out of the White House and get someone competent installed to straighten out this mess. I am scared to death with this situation.

    • Ben

      Cool story. I assure you, we survived (barely) 4 years of Cheeto Mussolini, we will certainly survive 8 years of a career statesmen at the helm.

  3. Robert6391

    Now a lot of jibber jabber and no substance to what Ron Desantis is saying in any way. Now here is supposedly highly regarded Politician who does not even know where the theft of our property actually comes from the same place it has always come from, when the USA were stealing European technology back in the time before WWI and WWII, the latest theft is about car safety which European cars had long before the US and the American car companies actually bought Foreign cars totally disassembled them and reverse technology started taking place, now where do you think the technology for Television, Radar, and ship building and industry, came from, Europe had assembly line vehicles long before Ford started his assembly lines. All this theft of technology does not come from schools it comes from industrial spies who actually get into the industry and find the secrets and sell them, this even happens within the companies and corporations in this USA.
    Ron Desantis is just playing to the poorly educated people who support him, and believe every thing he espouses.

    • Nancy Murphy

      Robert: get a grip of the English language. Stop the rum om sentences.

      • Ben

        I LOVE rum.. it sounds very foreign though. Are you people allowed to drink it?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your comment bloke.

    • Glenn

      Oooh! Oooh! Robert6391 must be more educated than us poorly educated people… Does anyone else smell a Liberal Millennial brought up in the “Hate America” school system?

      • Ben

        Trump loves the poorly educated.

        • jack

          hey there ben,guess Pres. Trump must REALLY like you !

    • Common Sense

      I guess Robert want China to kick our @ss with our own technology like we kicked Europe’s @ss with theirs?

  4. steve

    Did I just hear the idiotic jabbering of another liberal idiot? Yes , yes I did , right Robert?

    • Ben

      Steve desperately need validation for his last comment.
      Quick, he needs to know you approve

  5. Tit Tat

    Ron and the Don have backbones – a rare thing in this political world where fear and greed rule the day and destroy what makes this country great. But having a backbone means taking onto it the malicious, spineless nonsense like we read in the above comments. Ron is fighting against communist influence and money in schools, and the theft of intellectual property – but these idiots are apparently against fighting for that – they think that’s all good. What twisted fools we must endure.

  6. Joe S Bruder

    I see no comments about the millions of dollars that the Russians poured into the NRA, which uses that money to affect public opinion and enrich the gun companies and politicians that support it. Which, in turn, affects education (or lack of it), because those same people use that money to support Q-anon conspiracies, The Big Lie that Trump actually won the election. and lies about COVID and vaccines.

    And a conservative news site pushing anti-Communism laws? Where the hell were you when Trump was receiving campaign help (and money) from dozens of Putin associates, inviting Russian foreign ministers into the White House, divulging secrets to the Russians, pushing for Putin to be on the world stage, handing Syria to the Russians, undercutting support for Ukraine, and trying to turn the US into the next totalitarian Russia and set himself up as “Dear Leader”? Not to mention his support of North Korea and other third-world dictators while working against our known, proven allies. And then this week, Trump publishes a statement supporting Putin and undercutting Biden’s visit? Just… wow…

    Biden is woring hard to cleaning up Trump’s mess… but Putin put Trump in office and Trump’s term was the closest this country ever got to becoming a totalitarian, Communist-style dictatorship.