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New FEMA Policy Forces Acceptance of Global Warming Theory

New FEMA Policy Forces Acceptance of Global Warming Theory
With questionable evidence to support the theory of global warming, it’s truly surprising how popular the belief has become. FEMA is forcing the issue by requiring state governors to recognize manmade global warming as a real threat or face a lack of emergency funding. Individuals with data to disprove global warming are ignored or silenced as global warming activists behave more like religious fanatics than scientists.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released a new policy on March 9 that requires state governors to include global warming in emergency plans, reporting on how their state will deal with the effects of manmade global warming. This may prove problematic for some Republican governors, such as Florida governor Rick Scott, who was recently attacked by environmentalists after he allegedly forbade his environmental regulators from using the words “sustainability,” “climate change,” and “global warming” in official documents. Scott denied the accusations and an official investigation was launched to learn the truth.

State governors aren’t the only ones being pressured to capitulate in favor of the global warming crowd. Steven Goddard, a noteworthy global warming skeptic, was recently shot down by Twitter. The company deleted his account for “non-violent threats” and “abusive behavior,” but would not elaborate. With degrees in both geology and electrical engineering, Goddard has unearthed evidence showing that government climate agencies tampered with data to create a fake warming trend. Goddard’s behavior has made him more than a few enemies, and he believes it may have been one of these individuals who falsely reported him on Twitter.

Just as those lost in the dessert will see water where no water is to be found, global warming activists take scientific facts and through a shimmering mirage see what they want to see. The theory that trapping infrared radiation in the atmosphere causes an increase in temperature was disproved back in 1909. Not to mention there is a significant lack of evidence to show that CO2 – a gas that makes up less than 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere – has the ability to cause an increase in global temperature. Data shows there has been no warming during the past 18 years, a fact that tends to be overlooked. There has been, however, a recent trend in cooling which was evinced by last season’s very harsh, very cold weather. Not to be deterred, these persistent “scientists” continue to preach with very little evidence to support their claims.

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