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New Election Study Finds 255,000 “Excess” Votes for Biden 

New Election Study Finds 255,000 “Excess” Votes for Biden 

President Joe Biden received as many as 255,000 “excess” votes in Democratic-controlled areas of swing states during the 2020 presidential election, claims a peer-reviewed study published in the journal Public Choice. 

Keep in mind Biden won Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by a mere 313,253 votes. 

The study, which sought to determine whether Democrat-backed changes to election procedure during the pandemic allowed new opportunities for fraud, examined voter data at the precinct level in red and blue areas of swing states during the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. The study was conducted by John R. Lott, a political commentator and gun rights advocate who leads the Crime Prevention Research Center. Lott, one of the most-cited economists on the planet, said he waited nearly a year for his research to be fully reviewed before going to the press. 

By comparing data at the precinct level, Lott discovered that voter turnout in GOP areas generally increased while voter turnout in Democratic areas decreased except in places where voter fraud was suspected. Based on Lott’s data, President Biden received 255,000 more votes in 2020 than should be expected. 

“More heavily Democratic counties actually had a slightly lower turnout in 2020, except for counties where vote fraud was alleged,” explains Lott. “And yet you only had huge increases in turnout where vote fraud was alleged.” Lott adds that the 255,000 figure is an underestimate and the true number may be as high as 368,000. 

By comparing blue and red precincts that neighbor each other in areas where fraud is suspected, Lott also discovered a much higher rate of mail-in voting in Democratic-controlled areas. There is no reason for this discrepancy and it was not present during the 2016 election.

“You’re comparing two tiny areas that are very homogenous, very similar to each other, across the street from each other, and the thing that differs from these two, for the absentee ballots, is where the ballots were counted,” explains Lott. In most cases, in-person votes are counted at the local precinct and absentee ballots are counted at a country’s central election office. 

In Fulton County, Georgia, Lott identified an “unusual drop-off” in GOP votes amounting to 11,350 votes (almost equal to the margin by which Biden defeated Trump in GA). Data from Fulton also suggests up to 2,423 unregistered voters and 2,560 felons were allowed to participate in the election. There was also a suspicious situation in Fulton wherein a burst water pipe necessitated the removal of poll watchers.

In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, votes were skewed when Democratic officials went against state law to seek out and offer voters who had submitted incorrect ballots a chance to correct them. This move was not repeated by GOP officials.

If confirmed by other scholars, Lott’s study could breathe new life into GOP claims of voter fraud that have largely been dismissed by courts due to lack of proof. “Time after time, the news media keeps on saying there’s no evidence of vote fraud here,” continues Lott. “I think it’s at least a little bit harder for them to go and claim that.” 

Lott confirmed his study was not designed to overturn or invalidate the 2020 election, but to spur action on voting reform. “We have a real problem that needs to be dealt with. Americans must have confidence in future elections.”


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  1. john

    no matter how many wrongfull votes they find nothing happens ,democraps are law less telling the american people what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong ! and with those crooked useless people in the fbi and doj ,nothing will change ! democraps are for voilence and destruction against america ! we all know what those bullshit democraps are about ! they are power hungry bastards do as i say not as i do! and the dumass people support them , and they have no idea what they have chosen to follow ,leading to the downfall of america!

    • Cat

      You said it all! Everyone knows that they cheated and lied and stole our votes in order to steal the election from the people. There is nothing too low for them to do. They hate America and are doing everything that they can to destroy it. Every day we see new evidence of voter fraud, and yet, nothing is done about it. I will believe in honest and fair elections when this farce of an election is overturned and the ones who were responsible for it are brought to justice. Until then I know that my vote means nothing as long as they are allowed to steal it and get away with it. We are no longer a democracy but a dictatorship that was forced upon the American citizens.

      • ben

        Wait, they stole your votes? I thought they added extra votes?

        Can’t even get your tin foil hat stories straight…….

        Everyone knows. Everyone hates America. Everyone is doing everything they can do to destroy it. (why would they destroy it, I thought they just wanted all the power?). Your votes means nothing (so, why turn up in November?). It’s a dictatorship (so, either change it or leave).

        Fact is you can’t prove shit. So, you whine, you cry, you tell us what you’re gonna do, and then nothing happens except The Big Lie lines Don’s pockets with your gold.

        So, by all means, the 2020 vote was a fraud, donate today. They stole the election, give money today. We need to overturn the 2020 election, we need your charitable support. Don in 2024, give money today. Because it’s about our future, about our country, about being right, and most important, it’s about you throwing your money down a deep, deep, hole called Make Donald Rich Again

        • Theodore Sueck

          And so whines the biggest whiner and loser to spew BS on this site. You sound just like what you were doing the whole time Trump was in office , from election day to the end of his term. All you wussies did was whine and cry, claiming that Killary had been robbed. Now that an actual election theft seems to be coming to light, you claim that the other side is doing what you did for four + years. Get over yourself, you are wrong again, as usual.

          • Ben


    • Kaym

      You are spot on stating the truth no matter what DemoRAT s say

    • diana

      I AGREE WITH JOHN A 100% !!

    • MOJO


  2. Ben

    John Lott, dubious researcher, scammer who created his own positive reviews under assumed names, discredited pro gun researcher, and hired at end of Turnip’s reign to work at DOJ, somehow became an elections expert? Who peer-reviewed? Jesse Smollet? Rudy? Bannin? Heh, heh…

    He’s been shopping this crap since 2020; this is latest attempt. Maybe the NRA and some Trumpists like Alice will believe, but good luck.

    Give it a rest, I got nothing, never had anything, having lost sight of your objective he decided to re-double your efforts…

    • MOJO

      ben you have your head up your butt and all that feces has your eyes and ears covered so you can’t see or hear the truth.
      If you have the decency to check things that have occurred to get biden in the white house check out Glenn Becks “WHO’S RUNNING THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION”, YOU CAN FOLLOW THE MONKEY MONEY THAT FINANCED HIS AND MANY OTHER DEMOCRAT CANDIDACIES.

      • ben

        yawn. Well since you asked so nicely, I think I’ll skip it. Becks website rates about a 20% accuracy, 80% half true to bald faced lie. That’s good enough for me to skip. And please, quit looking at my ****

  3. john furlong

    The freekin liberals would steal the pennies off your eyes

    • Ben

      They would steal the crack out of your ass

  4. Andrew Robinson

    Where is the link to the study itself? Would love to be able to take a look at it as opposed to read about it second hand.

    • Ben

      Just google john lott. Probably have to pay.

      Then google john lott discredited….

  5. John Hewett

    The governor of Pennsylvania, wolf, won’t sign the legislation Republicans passed to tighten up voting ID requirements and eliminate excess mail-in voting. He wants the same corrupt system in place for the midterm elections which also in a Senate seat and new governor. It won’t surprise me one bit to see the kinds of discrepancies described in the study to rear their ugly head again in November in Pennsylvania.

    • Ben

      And John Lott will be discredited here as well. Fired from DOJ after a couple months. No one knew why he was there.

      What’s next; Bernie Maddox to run Trump’s campaign finances? The Pillow Guy for Secretary of State? Ivanka for Welfare Czar.

      • Florida Phil

        Or Sir Ben Dover to handle cleanups in aisle 13?

        • Ben

          That’s so gay.

          Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          • Jacob

            Why don’t you admit that you’re a faggot? There’s plenty wrong with being queer.

          • ben

            OK Jacob, I will do what you want and admit: “you’re a fagot.” feel better now

  6. Ben

    Jacob the homophobe hath spoken. He feels better niw.

    He’s worried about someone else’s gayness while what he really wants is to be ruled by an orange-haired orangutan autocrat who lies to him on every other word as part of the new American NAZI white supremacist Republicrap party.

  7. Ac

    The democracy haters have spoken ad nauseum on Democrat failures while adopting wholesale all falsehood based conspiracy theories that have long been debunked. The so called conservative right cling relentlessly to the untruths claimed as fact. Then call for a revolution and with the next breath want a civil war believed to sort out this countries differences. Past aggressors paid dearly. Present remarks on same know not of what they speak and, do, should rethink that wish. Non acceptance of the
    obvious truth in fact does not prove a conspiracy detail is true or real. The one untruth developed over centuries and
    paraded about as real is the Santa Claus conspiracy myth. It is a tradition for children’s benefit this lie. Intelligent beings take no stock in perpetuating Ideas patently untrue showing disloyalty for country. Proven unlearned portrayal of the Law ad prescribed in the US Constitution shows a great deal about the writer’s perspective.

    Revolution or war are bold assertions made by a party confident of and outright victory. Their estimation is founded on a quick campaign large bloodless. If it looks like coupe to all but the initiators. then that would be disregarded as Fake News. The right are dreaming a big win, One in which the conservatives come to be in power and so control the reigns that drive government,
    Their premise is that Republicans are more capable of governing this nation. That Biden deserves impeachment.
    For their audacity and arrogant suppositions the right conservatives make clear their inability for leadership positions on this country . Successful leaders realize who put them where they are in government, the common voters. The people who believed the campaign promises, speeches talking big things accomplished, every boldfaced propaganda myth Republicans stand behind.
    Truth and objective real facts most evident since the 2020 November election. The fact is real past evident that the majority of Americans elected Joe Biden President and leader of the free world. The world recognizes President Biden as America’s leader . Whereas the former President embarrassed America on the World Stage with his bravado, narcissistic attention getting behavior, awkward moment producing personality. Leaders true to their title need not self promote, demand acclaim from others, nor cut down and bully perceived adversaries.
    Founding a revolution with expectations of Mitch McConnell’s active support, and any of the Republican Senators’ pitching is not a counting on a pack of dogs who can’t and won’t hunt.
    Starting a war by shouting 2nd Amendment rights again with unfounded expectations and false hopes. A complete ignorance in the hard facts an active civil conflict inflicts on the initiator in greater degree than affordable. Not figuring the losses incurred as defensive retaliatory pushback will be an inevitable objective fact.
    Failure at reading the perceived opposition is strategic weakness.
    Saber rattling among the least honorable, lowest ranking person identifying as a true Republican, big talk no walk anonymous PBP followers means zip. as it amounts to lees than 0 on a scale of 1-10.
    Obviously, there is no willingness here for a study of history and discovery comparison relative to Putin’s ambitions today and Hitler’s goals for invade to conquer. It did not go according to Hitler’s plan in Europe. Putin’s ideal plan is not working out as he determined his war with Ukraine would play out.
    So it is in dreamer’s thinking revolution solves mere disagreements between parties that mature adult diplomacy has achieved in such cases in the past
    Among valid states persons who produce as they speak and work to accomplish progress for the nation of all the people. The elected officials who value the big picture more than their own personal ambitions are likely to win the coming election. If any
    are not re-elected, then it is democracy working. The
    former elected official did not convince the people as one closing the deal fit their vote
    The better part of one ‘s character develops wisdom when they are students taking in all sides’ information for the tough work sorting fact from fiction. When comment about other comments employ bullying and disinformation as valid judgement. Value of opportunity for appropriate idea exchange immediately devolves into ridiculousness without merit. Participants in rant and harangue throwing behavior do prove an obvious point and it is not a commendation.