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New CA Law to Deny Conservative Parents Custody of Their Children

New CA Law to Deny Conservative Parents Custody of Their Children

California is leading the war on conservative parents with yet another law that will take away children from the conservative parent and given to the custody of the liberal parent or next of kin in legal cases of child custody battle.

Introduced by Democrat lawmaker Lori Wilson, the Bill AB 957 passed the California State Senate on September 6 and the State House – the California State Assembly – on September 8. The bill amended a section of the existing state family law to add “a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity or gender expression” – which translates into transgenderism – as one of the “the best interests of the child.”

Conservatives opposing the bill see it as a direct assault on parental rights for those parents who oppose transgenderism in their children, especially in legal battles over child custody cases. By adding gender transition as a factor that defines the best interests of children, the new law would deprive conservative parents of their children’s custody in the court of law since transgenderism in children is a liberal construct.

Under the new law, the state can also take away parental custody and make them ward of the state in case no close relative can take in the kids. In cases where both parents are conservatives, the state could use this law to take children under their custody, says Nicole Pearson, a mother and the member of the Protect Kids California group.

National Review reported that parental rights groups have protested the bill throughout its legislative process. One mother told how she was harassed by the Child Protective Services (CPS) and later the police because she would not call her daughter by male name or male pronouns.

Robby Starbuck, Tennessee-based Director/Producer, commented that this bill is California’s war on parents and offered his advice to parents: “If you don’t want your kids transitioned and/or stolen by the state then it’s time to move.”

Elon Musk joined conservatives in condemning the bill and called it “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” in a Tweet the day it was passed. He went on to call it “Utter madness.”

Transgendersim has disastrous potential consequences for children. Earlier this month, The New York Post published the alarming story of a Virginia high school girl, Sage Blair, who was encouraged by her school to identify as a boy and use the male bathroom. The transitioning ended in horrific consequences for Sage as she was repeatedly raped and trafficked before being eventually rescued. Sage’s mother told the girl’s story in her testimony before the Pre-K-12 Subcommittee of the Virginia House of Delegates.

AB 957 is now up for Governor Gavin Newsom to be signed into California’s state law.



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  1. Dan tyree

    I would instruct the kids to give their so called foster pure hell. Make them pay dearly. And my name would become a household word. Don’t doubt me

  2. Lisel Sipes

    Conservatives and all good people must leave California. Let the Democraps lose their children to the State. This is nothing but the same Nazi ploy that Hitler used against German parents. Get your children out before they are sexually abused by the State and that Horror Newsom.

  3. LMS

    What is it going to take for people to open their eyes that the true dictators and fascists are the former democrats now socialists, communists, and marxists? They are going to whittle away little by little every right until they control everything including your children, weapons to defend yourself and your money! Now that the illegals are now in New York’s face they are upset!
    I can’t believe the stupidity either of this nation especially the youth indoctrination in colleges believing the very garbage our men and women fought against to keep this country free. It’s very clear Biden and this administration are taking things right from China’s and Hitler’s playbooks!

    Move? That’s not the answer! You fight and defend like the forefathers did. No place is safe with this crap now infecting the government. Time to pick a side. I’ll fight to the death if I have to. My ancestors, great grandfather, grandfather, father, and sister all fought for this country and so will I!

  4. frank stetson

    “California is leading the war on conservative parents with yet another law that will take away children from the conservative parent and given to the custody of the liberal parent or next of kin in legal cases of child custody battle” is a lie in that no where does the bill specify politics.

    This is a good bill, well written, that basically says the judge can take gender identity, and parents actions towards their child,, into account like many other aspects of child custody and support.

    It’s States Rights, so if it bothers you, pick a State you like better. Like liberals do if they care about a woman’s right to control their own bodies, their own lives unlike conservatives who think otherwise.

    • Theodore

      You are one sick puppy if you think that this is a good bill. But then, we already knew that about you.

  5. frank stetson

    Oh Teddy, you and your deluded friends are only too fine with the STATE forcing little kids to have babies, even rape babies, even incest babies, they don’t want and now in have kids live with abusive parents over their personal gender identification. You are one sick puppy to want the STATE to control lives like this.

    In one case, you want evil parents to rule against kids, in the other you want the evil STATE to rule against kids. In one case, you say parents know best, in the other you say the STATE knows best.

    Fact is you seem to enjoy unwanted kids and are determined to increase the numbers.

    • Theodore

      As per usual, you have everything bass-ackwards. Your team is the evil state that wants to control everybody from cradle to grave, while my team wants liberty and freedom for the masses. Since you don’t see your own illness, you may be psychotic as well as a self-centered idiot. But hey, you be you no matter how sick that may be if that’s what makes your little heart happy. I’ll be me and proud of it.

  6. Frank stetson

    I see. So when you have the State force an 14 year old to have a rape baby, that’s your team support for that 14 years old freedom. You will even lock her up if she doesn’t follow your false sense of freedom.

    I think that’s you having the State control her body against her and her parents will.

    And since you seem to enjoy the demeaning denigrating name calling, that would make you a sad sanctimonious sack of shit.

    I just wish more states had these child protection laws and less abortion bans. Especially for rape and incest for minor girls.

    • Rick

      Hey frank, I am kind of surprised to see that you have not transitioned to francesca yet. Is there something you are hiding from us?

      • frank stetson

        Is that the best you got Rick? Feel like a real man now? Now you can tell your buddies you picked on a liberal today, and that virtual sob was shedding virtual tears.

    • Dan tyree

      So don’t knock up your kids

      • frank stetson

        Danno, words to live by and I am sure you do. whatta guy. Problem solved. Except that in places like Florida, there’s over 425 unwanted rape babies born every year now. Forced to carry slaves to the Republican State there women are. Florida is proud to have the third most rapes in the country, appropriate since they are third in population, but unfortunately, governed by an autocrat. California has the largest population in the country but falls to second in rape as the second most populous State, Texas has the top number of rapes at close to 15,000 every year with over 750 unwanted rape babies born to unwilling, forced, abortion ban mothers by slave-master Abbot.

        NJ is 11 in population but only 75 rape babies would be born here if we were as autocratic as Red States. Instead, NJ has the lowest rape rate in the country. The top 10 rape rate states are mostly Red.

        Sorry, Dan, but think it’s your ilk that has the most rapes, and most certainly, Red States have by far the greatest number of rape babies in the United States. Starting with Alaska.

        • Dan tyree

          So murder the baby because sick bastards

          . So Frank if you rape anyone wear a condom. You can always reuse them. Just sling the fuck out of them.

  7. Watcher

    Dear Kids: When someone comes to you and tell you “this is our secret” it is bad, they are creeps and do not have your good will in it another adult or the f**king government.

  8. JPop

    Gotta give Govenor Newscum credit….he’s committed to turning his state into a total sh*thole…just like his buddy the president who wants the same thing for america.