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Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste – Obama's Despicable Tactic

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste – Obama's Despicable Tactic

In the wake of a major terrorist attack in San Bernadino, California, while the American people mourn the deaths of 14 people, the opportunistic Obama administration is scrambling to push forth a liberal agenda. 

First, citing “work place violence” in what was clearly and obviously a terrorist attack, Obama used the first 24 hours to push a gun control agenda. This was echoed throughout the press, and by Congressmen and Presidential candidates. The investigators refused to release the information that the attackers were Muslim, using weapons and ISIS style remotely controlled explosives until the next news cycle.

This is reminiscent of the Benghazi attacks which were initially blamed on a Youtube video. After more than a week, and several news cycles, it was “discovered” it was a planned terrorist attack, not a spontaneous protest.  This was designed to deflect the blame from President Obama who had claimed victory over terrorism and who was running for re-election.

Second, a major change was made in the military allowing women in all combat roles. The timing of the announcement is suspect, since the effect was to bury this landmark change under the coverage of the terrorist incident. The decades-old debate and concern for American daughters were ignored and the action a fait accompli.  A liberal victory.

This just shows Obama will do anything to push his agenda, resorting to slight of hand, and ignoring the legitimate concerns of millions of America. This is not leadership. Its cowardice.


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