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Nashville Shooting and Consequences of Accepting Gender Dysphoria

Nashville Shooting and Consequences of Accepting Gender Dysphoria

The Nashville shooting is shedding light on the dangers of accepting “transgenderism” as “normal” instead of treating it as the emotional disorder “gender dysphoria” that it was once known as.

The subject of transgenderism has been at the forefront of public and political discourse lately in America.

There is a major focus on what is essentially a quite minor segment of the U.S. population, approximately only one and a half million people. The subject matter is deeply personal.

Because it involves identity, many hesitate to address it in an upfront, honest manner. But that is exactly what we should do.

Affirming feelings instead of treating root causes may seem like a solution, but it only masks the true reason for the discomfort, confusion, and often self-loathing that could have motivated Audrey Hale to kill, according to her manifesto.

The surging rate at which children in the United States are struggling with and seeking help for gender and identity problems is extremely alarming. In 2017, new gender dysphoria diagnosed for children ages 6-17 numbered 15,172. In 2021, that number was 42,167.

Today, rather than trying to treat gender dysphoria as we would other emotional problems, care takes the form of social recognition of a preferred name and pronouns” to medical interventions such as hormone therapy and, sometimes, surgical mutilation. A small but increasing number of U.S. children diagnosed with gender dysphoria are choosing medical interventions to express their identity and help alleviate their distress.

The skyrocketing rate of transgenderism among minors grows as a fad, aided by peer pressure, social media, and adults who would prefer to calm the waters and appease them through hormonal or surgical “solutions.” But these solutions are anything but harmless.

That medical and mental health professionals would prescribe or suggest surgery to treat what is essentially a mental health condition, not connected to reality, is a gross injustice. It is as barbaric as the way lobotomies – where portions of a patient’s brain were removed – were once the standard of care for schizophrenia!

The soaring rate of minors being diagnosed with and treated for gender dysphoria is climbing because these professionals are reinforcing the entire dynamic. They offer unbridled support that gives young people what they want instead of prescribing what they need.

If medical and mental health professionals want to meet the needs of their gender dysphoric patients, they should approach each with an unbreakable combination of facts and kindness.

Otherwise, they are not truly working to improve physical or mental health. If the rage present in society is any indication, ignoring the truth will only make things worse for everyone.

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  1. frank stetson

    Bill Sheridan: you have crossed the line. Transgender, gays, and the rest are all people. They are as human as you or I. Even though most here will not agree, I try to stick to facts and issues, but on this one I will say you are a rat bastard pygmy pricked, needle necked, pencil dick.

    “The Nashville shooting is shedding light on the dangers of accepting “transgenderism” as “normal” instead of treating it as the emotional disorder “gender dysphoria” that it was once known as” is your conclusion based on the act of one person, perhaps the first transgender to ever commit a mass murder and school shooting.

    It is well known who the shooters are so let’s correct your POS lying, bogus, bullshit of a statement.

    The Nashville shooting is shedding light on the dangers of accepting being white as “normal” instead of treating it as the emotional disorder “race dysphoria” that it was once known as.

    The Nashville shooting is shedding light on the dangers of accepting men normal instead of treating it as the emotional disorder “race dysphoria” that it was once known as.

    The Nashville shooting is shedding light on the dangers of accepting “gun ownership” as “normal” instead of treating it as the emotional disorder “penis envy dysphoria” that it was once known as.

    That’s right, your argument has one person as evidence. I have demographics from 1966.

    You should be ashamed and retract this one ASAP. It borders on hate speak.

    • JerryDV

      Well Frank, that was a civil response. Unfortunately. while your language indicates your IQ, you fail to cite one fact to support your tirade toward the writer. The following hopefully will enlighten you, if you can understand it.
      A diagnosis for gender dysphoria is included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association. The diagnosis was created to help people with gender dysphoria get access to necessary health care and effective treatment.
      The mental health team focuses on both discomfort and identity as the problem. The mental help team can provide integrated medical, psychosocial and surgical intervention to individuals with gender dysphoria/incongruence and to those with differences of sexual development. The team includes providers from various specialties including endocrinology, pediatric endocrinology, social work, psychiatry, psychology, voice therapy, gynecology and plastic surgery.

  2. frank stetson


    One guy, one act, and it’s the first time it ever happened that a trans, if this was even a trans, did something like this. This borders on hate speak, and you piling on just indicates my tirade is correct, proper, and aimed at YOU too.

    I am sorry for my failure of decorum, but this is over the line. These are people, they are not mass murderers by gender announcement.

    Your thought that all trans suffer from gender dysphoria is also dangerous bullshit. The American Psychiatric Association says: “Not all transgender people suffer from gender dysphoria and that distinction is important to keep in mind. Gender dysphoria and/or coming out as transgender can occur at any age. the DSM-5-TR* distinguishes between Gender Dysphoria in Childhood for those who experience Gender Dysphoria before puberty. The diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Adults can occur at any age. For those who experience gender dysphoria later in life, they often report having secretly hidden their gender dysphoric feelings from others when they were younger.”

    People are people. You, and Bill need to recognize that, support it, and quit being assholes. Hopefully, the same source you source can enlighten you. And you will quit insinuating that all trans have gender dysphoria and will become mass murderers of small children in schools. None of which is valid, true, or historically accurate.

    BUSTED for being subhuman.

    • Theodore

      Sorry (not sorry) Frank (big hat, no cattle) Stetson, but once again you are wrong. It would appear that the last four mass shootings were performed by these mentally impaired people that you so lovingly call normal. There are only TWO genders. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, or bi-sexual, that is a fact that cannot be erased. Anything else is just a mental disease that should be handled by mental health professionals’, not butchers.

  3. Frank stetson

    While the claim of mental health issues can be made for a literally any murder, especially mass murder, this has nothing to do with non-heterosexual people.

    If you feel that non-heterosexual, people are mentally unbalanced, it is your right to have that opinion.

    However, no one has the right to make up facts that because one guy, perhaps a transsexual, committed a mass murder in Nashville, in a school, that all transgender’s have issues like this.

    They don’t, and factually, they don’t.