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Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Invests Heavily in Semiconductor Industry Ahead of Key Senate Vote 

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Invests Heavily in Semiconductor Industry Ahead of Key Senate Vote 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul conveniently purchased between $1 and $5 million in semiconductor stock options days before Senate lawmakers voted on a bill designed to boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing.

The bill, which cleared the House in February, seeks to increase competitiveness with China in the semiconductor industry though $52 billion in chip subsidies, $45 billion to support supply chains, and tax credits for production.

“It certainly raises the specter that Paul Pelosi could have access to some insider legislative information,” notes Craig Holman, a Capitol Hill lobbyist for Public Citizen. “This is the reason why there is a stock trading app that exclusively monitors Paul’s trading activity and then its followers do likewise.”

Paul, who could soon face jail time for a drunk driving accident that occurred over Memorial Day weekend, also sold 10,000 shares of Visa (worth up to $5 million) and 50 call options in Apple (worth up to $250,000). Click here to read more on Paul’s DUI.

Paul’s most recent purchase was 20,000 shares of Nvidia, a California-based multinational technology company that designs graphics processing units, application programming interface for data science, and high-performance computing. Nvidia, a global leader in AI, also develops system on a chip units for the automotive and mobile computing market.

Paul’s suspicious trading activities were exposed through a financial disclosure report filed by his wife, who not surprisingly has defended lawmakers’ (and their spouses’) rights to participate the stock market as part of America’s “free market economy.” Other lawmakers – including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) – believe there should be restrictions.


Pelosi’s husband buys computer-chip stock ahead of $52B Senate vote this week 

Nancy Pelosi’s husband buys millions in computer-chip stocks before big subsidy vote 

Nancy Pelosi’s husband buys over $1 million of computer chip stock weeks before vote on industry subsidies 

Pelosi’s husband buys $5 million in chip stocks before Senate vote on chip subsidy bill 

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  1. Austin

    He found a way to inside trade. But democrats are allowed to do whatever they want

  2. Ben

    This has nothing to do with the Democratic Party unless all Republicans are like Trump.

    See Joe’s same story for comments.

    • Larry kuhn

      Uhoh. Trump again. Mental illness brings obsession and you’re damned sure obsessed Maybe when they get Hunter Biden they will get his stupid daddy too

      • Denny

        Don’t worry about Hunter. In Joe’s last days in office , whenever that might be, he will pardon his idiot son. Would I do that? Hell no!!! Not if my son was proven guilty.

  3. Ac

    Alice, you’re point is?
    This is an old story which as been analyzed previously and duly noted. Especially the morsel about the value in dollars the couple has in investments. The amount is pocket change compared to certain Republican legislators also benefiting from their in the know positions and stock portfolios
    If you want to demonize Democrats, their spouses, and particularly The Speaker are there not more pertinent and timely facts meeting your disapproval.
    As a matter of things disgusting Republican members of the house have transgressions that merit bringing to light. Use your journalistic digging time to greater effect on worse infractions. Ethical and moral lines are crossed daily by Republican representatives violating their oaths with unseemly impunity.
    Democrats are not perfect but before complaining about the spec of dirt you may think is in their eye stop and consider the log jam sized sight block in your Republican eyes.
    Commentary from a one sided opinion’s perspective is valueless except to the already convinced.
    For this, your telling of a story, amounts to reporting selected information and not journalism which informs as it posits challenging questions on important and pressing issues.
    What is your writing’s function, thermometer or thermostat. Are you contributing to the massive disunity problem in our country or are you out there initiating solutions for our country’s democratic good? Since, you do have a public pulpit and a responsibility to use it ethically to do good.
    There are many given a pulpit who pursue fame and profits from muck raking in politics. They already have banked their rewards, but history will be unkind to those led people in wrong belief.