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Nancy Pelosi: Steve Jobs Didn't Create the IPhone, the Government did!

Nancy Pelosi: Steve Jobs Didn't Create the IPhone, the Government did!

Former Speaker of the House and Democratic Congressman Nancy Pelosi spoke up and claimed that Steve Jobs did not invest the IPhone, that all of the research was done by the U.S. Government. This complete foolishness appears to be a play on President Obama’s famous “you didn’t build that” speech.

This speech denigrates the spirit of free enterprise and entrepreneurship that built America to be the greatest country on earth. It wasn’t politicians like Nancy Pelosi who built America, and for her to take credit, even on behalf of the U.S. government is abhorrent.

The have it backwards, the government is NOT responsible for America’s free enterprise accomplishments. The spirit of entrepreneurship, free enterprise, hard work, creativity in America created our government.

If you can stand to listen to Nancy Pelosi, see the video below. 



In this writer’s opinion, Nancy Pelosi is senile and should retire.

Additional note:  If you think about it, you’ll realize that the concepts for most modern technology was first conceived of in science fiction.  We are still trying to catch up to the tech in the 1960’s Star Trek series. Shouldn’t we give science fiction authors credit our wonderful socieity.

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  1. Norma Roberts

    You got to give Nancy credit. She follows in Hillary’s footsteps and they both are great friends with Obama. They are all certifiably crazy and not in contact with reality