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Muslims Standing Up Against the Left’s LGBTQ Agenda

Muslims Standing Up Against the Left’s LGBTQ Agenda

Bringing Muslim immigrants to the West for demographic change has been working in the favor of liberals in elections for decades. But in some places, Muslims are now voicing their opposition to the left’s LGBTQ agenda fed to the children via the education system.

On Friday, June 9, the Canadian daily The Star reported “dueling protests” by three west-end Ottawa schools over gender identity taught in the schools. The protesters opposed teaching LGBTQ material to children, while the counter-protesters supported it.

Ottawa Centre Member of Provincial Parliament Joel Harden, a liberal lawmaker of the New Democratic Party, claimed that he was punched in the face by a woman during the protest for supporting “queer and trans youth.” His claim was challenged by other reports claiming that he accidentally cut himself with a megaphone. 

However, the overlooked part of the media story, both in images and narrative, is the presence of Muslims on the protesting side of the crowd. Independent journalist Andy Ngo tweeted a video clip from the footage of the protest. The video shows Muslim men and women voicing opposition to LGBTQ material in schools, with one woman encouraging her young son to stomp on pride (LGBTQ) flags.

Liberal governments in the West and Muslim immigrants from around the world have long enjoyed mutual benefits of a political alliance, with the liberals helping Muslims mass-immigrate and settle in the West and Muslims voting for liberals in elections to help them get or stay in power. But participation in anti-LGBTQ agenda protests may create a political rift between the two allies. A glimpse of this possibility was seen immediately after the Friday protest in Ottawa.

Canadian journalist Élie Cantin-Nantel shared a tweet by a liberal educator, who didn’t like seeing Muslims protesting with conservatives against the LGBTQ movement targeting children and wrote that she’d like to see a new screening process put in place for immigrants to make sure they would “respect Canada’s Human Rights Code.”

In a separate incident, a liberal teacher at a junior-high school Edmonton, Alberta, angrily reprimanded Muslim students in her class for not attending pride (LGBTQ) activities at the school. The teacher’s audio was shared on Rumble by Rebel News.

The audio came as evidence that many Muslim immigrants in the West don’t share or support the LGBTQ agenda of the left and are teaching their children to skip pride events and activities.

Last week, Muslim parents in Maryland joined a protest against the Montgomery County public school district’s headquarters to oppose promoting homosexuality and transgenderism in schools. The Muslim protesters chanted “religious freedom now” and “protect our children” – two well-known conservative demands in the United States. 

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  1. Tom

    Wow! I guess this one will get our liberal respondents upset.

    PROOF OF GROOMING FROM THIS ARTICLE: The article says, “In a separate incident, a liberal teacher at a junior-high school Edmonton, Alberta, angrily reprimanded Muslim students in her class for not attending pride (LGBTQ) activities at the school.” If this is not forced grooming, then what is???

    But Muslims are not the only ones against grooming! So are the homosexuals, see this website at ** and notice this evidence from the LGBTQ community members!

    It’s nice to see Muslims getting radical for the right reason. I wonder if we will see trannys protesting their mosques like they do Christian churches?!!! I wonder if the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a radical tranny group, will come up with some anti-Muslim skits like they did against the Catholic nuns???!!!

    • frank stetson

      “Bringing Muslim immigrants to the West for demographic change has been working in the favor of liberals in elections for decades.” Got proof?

      This is a story about Canada. Slow news day in the dumpster? And it’s anecdotal, not statistical. Hey, I got a white redneck Independent in New Mexico who raped his own daughter proving all North Carolina Indy’s are rapists.

      Tom, you have been told. This is a PAC set up a year or two ago by a hate-grooming business person who is not even gay, as is the case of most of their members. They are funded by right-wing advocacy groups. You are spreading some pretty obvious propaganda and dis-information by people looking to profit from your emotions.

      • Tom

        Frank, I would like to believe you. Where is your PROOF??? :>) What the website says is, “Gays Against Groomers is a 501 (c)4 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to end the sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization of children under the guise of “LGBTQIA+”” The website, under Home, also says, “We are a 100% independent, self-funded nonprofit organization.
        Your generous donation helps us end the war on children.”

        It seems that you may have gotten your PAC idea from Gay News, The Advocate which is not a credible source since they have many homosexual liberals on their staff. Do you have a copy or link to their registration as a PAC? And you like using Wikipedia as a source but even they do not say it is a PAC. They say Jaimee Michell is a right wing activist lesbian who is against trans grooming and wants to do something about it.

        So do you have a link to their PAC registration? Or even a link to a known established right wing organization like The Heritage Foundation? PROOF MAN, PROOF!!!! I could only find the following, all pro-LGBTQ:

        Equality PAC – Washington, D.C.
        Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund – Washington, D.C.
        Human Rights Campaign PAC – Washington, D.C.
        LPAC – Washington, D.C.
        Pride PAC – San Francisco, CA

        I did find a new PAC called “Agenda PAC” which has been formed to fight anti-LGBTQ organizations.

        But unless you can find registration proof, you cannot reject this group GAG as evidence that grooming is occurring. By the way, this group GAG also seems to have some international registry in Japan and Canada. This would seem to me to be evidence that GAG is not a PAC.

        I do agree with you that the article is about Canada. In general, with regard to the USA, the more immigrants, the more Democrats seems to be the trajectory. But I do not see the USA targeting Muslims for any specific purpose ideological or otherwise..

        • frank stetson

          nope, you are right, they are all, or mostly, gay, and thank you for making me look up their crotches, so to speak.

          and they still have no statistical evidence and a whole lot of hate for anything trans, way beyond grooming (always bad, no issues), transitioning for younger set (not their call), and more.

          but they are gay, and trying to become trans as a market expansion move.

          because, in the end, they are an advocacy group, very good chance they are being funded by far-right advocacy group(s), Heritage being the prime suspect, and in the end, it’s all about the money.

          Not an unbiased source, clearly not a scientific or statistical analysis group — just another set of mouths, this time gay ones, you are right.

          • Tom

            Yes I agree, they are another set of mouths. And as you say about GAG, “transitioning for younger set (not their call), and more. ” Then it is only fair if it is not their call, then it should not be the call of the other side either. It should be the call of tax payers and parents as to what schools teach children younger than 18. But I would back off to 16 with an optional course in high school for those souls investigating the options to their sexuality.

            Yes I mentioned Heritage because they have funded similar conservative groups. I do not think this is a problem but if they are funded by a bigger deeper set of pockets, they should say so. They said on their website they are self funded. But to me that seems a bit nefarious. Another article I read stated that their donations do not match the money in their coffers. I prefer more transparency. Thank you for taking the time to verify my assertions. I appreciate it.

    • cmw

      Seriously, have you ever heard or watched a Pride Event that did NOT include, nudity, sex or attempts to influence children?

      • Tom

        No because I do not watch Pride events. Nor am I the type that would exhibit Pride in being a pervert.

        Do you watch Pride events?

  2. Tom

    More proof America is against Trannys and grooming, see below”

    BUD LIGHT LOSES 20-YEAR STINT AS TOP US BEER Bud Light is no longer the king of beers. Modelo dethroned Bud Light as the top-selling beer brand after a month of backlash against Bud Light for partnering with a “trans” social media star. Modelo Especial experienced a 12.2% gain in sales compared to the week ending June 3 last year, while Bud Light saw a 24.4% reduction in sales. This is the first time in two decades that Bud Light has not been the top-performing beer in America. READ at **

    Now the only problem is that Anhauser-Busch owns Modelo rights everywhere but the USA. Time to support Pabst or Miller.

    • frank stetson

      Bud Lite transgressed by showing a tran on the can. Showing how Bud drinkers love piss, they tossed over 150 years of loyalty for one ad. Then the piss drinkers picked up Modelo, a beer that they called piss only months ago proving that one piss tastes like another. Now Bud will produce less beer from St Louis; Newark, New Jersey; Los Angeles; Houston; Columbus, Ohio; Jacksonville, Florida; Merrimack, New Hampshire; Williamsburg, Virginia; Fairfield, California; Baldwinsville, New York; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Cartersville, Georgia.

      Modelo is made in Mexico City with Mexican water by Mexican workers.

      InBev, Belgium, owns Bud.

      InBev, Belgium, owns Modelo.

      Good job assholes. Wonder if any of the US brewers were trans? You know a lot of the Mexicans are; have you seen the parades?

      • Tom

        More reason to drink Pabst. I agree. Bud Lite tastes like piss water. Yes loyalty is a fragile thing. No hetero is going to want to be caught holding a beer can with a tranny on it because it is like saying you agree by beer drinking association with tranny. Again, tranny on the can is another way of institutionalizing tranny. I really do not care what they do in their personal lives. If grown adult men want to dress up as women and think they are women, that is their right to practice gender dysphoria. But keep it away from kids and institutions. This is what happens when companies buy into perverted ideologies and practices without first doing a marketing survey to see how many heteros would openly drink a can of beer with a tranny showing prominently on the can. Seems like AB marketing department are the true assholes. :>)