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Muslims murder 12 Christian Refugees During Escape to Italy

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Last Tuesday a
group of Christians fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea from war-ravaged Libya
to Italy found that exposure, unsafe boats, and dehydration were the least of
their worries when they were shoved overboard by fellow passengers.

With a death toll
approaching 1,000, the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean is the worst the
area has ever faced. Conflict in Syria, Iraq, and Libya has pushed nearly 170,000
individuals to abandon their homes and flee by boat to Europe.

The close to
700-mile journey from Libya to Italy is incredibly dangerous, but even more so
for an unlucky group of 109 refugees that set sail last Tuesday on a rubber
boat. During their voyage north, a group of Muslims from Senegal and Mali threw
12 Christian passengers into the Mediterranean Sea during a religious dispute. Three
Christians survived to tell the story and 15 Muslims were arrested after the
group was rescued by a navy ship.

Although the
chance of death is intimidatingly high, some predict that as many as 500,000
individuals will try to cross the Mediterranean in 2015. But Italy’s migrant
centers are already full to bursting and close to collapse with nearly 70,000
refugees to care for. Despite pleas to the EU for help, Italy has yet to
receive search-and-rescue resources.  

As they wait for
aid, the Italian navy continues to vigilantly patrol the coast, searching for

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