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Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan Get Welfare Payments for up to Four Wives

Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan Get Welfare Payments for up to Four Wives
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They call it “Dearbornistan” and “Little Baghdad.” Dearborn, Michigan – a city of 100,000 – has fully embraced its Arab-American and Muslim inhabitants (which make up about 44% of the city’s population) as well as some of the dangerous ideas of Sharia law. 

Polygamy is illegal here in the US, but what about immigrants who already have more than one wife? According to American Freedom Fighters (AFF), these men are listing wives 2, 3, and 4 (yes, they are allowed 4 wives each) as “extended family” when qualifying for welfare and other government programs. 

This means that instead of assimilating into American culture, Muslim men in Michigan are continuing to adhere to Sharia law (which by the way allows men to beat their wives AKA their “property”) while at the same time taking advantage of taxpayer dollars. 

The Arabic language has become so common in Michigan that the Michigan Department of Human Services, which residents must call when applying for food stamps, prompts callers to press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, and 3 for Arabic (I tried it myself). 

These large welfare “families” are an unnecessary and illegal drain on the nation’s struggling economy, but liberal news sources like The Huffington Post have been quick to applaud Dearborn for making peace with its unusually high Muslim population. 

The Huff Post article linked below praises Michigan schools for “beating the odds” and “sending Dearborn’s poorest students off to Yale, Harvard, and top schools nationwide in disproportionate numbers.” The article describes Dearborn’s Arab and Muslim populations as “Democrats, through-and-through,” so you can bet these college educations are fully funded by taxpayer dollars. 

While The Huff Post paints an idealistic version of “Dearbornistan,” other sources expose the violence that stems from Sharia law. For example, the Clarion Project reports that Christians waving signs about Christianity were attacked in June 2012 at the Dearborn, Michigan Arab Festival. 

Perpetrators assaulted the Christians verbally and physically and threw stones at them. The local police force was criticized (but not punished) for simply asking the Christians to leave and taking no action against the violent mob.

“This cannot be tolerated,” reports AFF. “Muslims who partake of America’s generous public assistance programs should be held to the same standards as every other American. That means multiple wives can’t be claimed, nor should food banks be required to provide special “halal” food for Muslims, as Muslims in Minnesota are demanding.”

From his suspicious nuclear deal with Iran to his acceptance of the Muslim Brotherhood into all levels of government, President Obama has made it painfully clear that his sympathies do not lie with the American people; and, despite increased terror attacks at home and abroad, he is still planning to resettle thousands of Muslim refugees in the United States. 

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  1. Velma Patterson

    So our government Continues to Break The Backs Of The Working people So Muslim can break the law. Isn’t that nice. I Believe since the Democrats who want the illegal immigrants here then they should have to foot the bill to pay for their welfare checks. Those advocating for them to be here including Sanders, Soros ect. Should be paying there way NOT THE AMERICAN WORKERS.

    • Seb

      Nothing will change unless you rise up against them ! An army of citizens armed must invade them and force them out over into Canada where they’ll be welcomed !

    • Paula rodriguez

      Muslims do not assimilate, they infiltrate. Period

      • cryswat

        What are you talking about? If you can’t speak clearly don’t waste everyone’s time.
        Social programs were designed with monogamy in mind and should be restricted to the 1st spouse and proven by birth certificates and marriage license and anyone who can’t be proven from that union DOES NOT GET BENEFITS because it is fraud and theift of benefits.
        They came to the USA knowing the rules of the land and should abide by the rules or go where their lifestyle is accepted NOT FORCE another cound=try to change to their customs. The social programs are being abused and it has to stop as it has caused MAJOR FINANCIAL problems for decades and the government is already stealing/seizing private accounts/assets to pay for their programs and this kind of abuse is a contributor to the problem. The only way to fix the program is to enforce the rules as they were intended. The Mormons are not allowed to have multiple wives and neither should the Muslims. It goes against the principles the USA was founded on.

    • Mark Torres

      Where do you people get this bullshit from? You are definitely the deplorables

  2. Robert L. Kahlcke

    The Islamic CULT, most of whom were WHELPED from SWINE, have a disease which turns them into a nest of Cockroaches, which of course is when Americans call an exterminator.

  3. Glen E Gray

    Polygamy Is Illegal You Can Not Claim Multiple Wives, But You Can Claim All Adults In The Household Just Like Anyone Else Can When Getting Welfare…
    BIG DEAL – Bitching About A Few Thousand Dollars To Keep People From Killing And Stealing To Feed Themselves When The RICH Get Millions In Welfare Either From The Tax Payers Or By Getting Big Tax Breaks!!! Welfare For The Poor, Old & Children In NO WAY Equals Corporate Welfare For The RICH

    • Jerry

      A few thousand? How about hundreds of thousands, all while our vets go without? What about them? Many don’t even have a place to sleep, but the left thinks everybody else is more important, just for the votes, their alliance is not with the USA so I feel they should never be able to hold office, I don’t think they even should be here along with the illegals from Southern countries, they come here to leech off of the generosity of the USA

    • Chip

      Shit 4 brains god u r stupid

    • Shelly

      This is no fake news!!! It’s all to sad that it’s very much TRUE!!!! See people like you are exactly why they get away with their crap, because you would rather stay deaf, blind and ignorant to what the Muslims are doing in our country and big time in Dearborn Michigan!!! When you drive into Dearborn you can’t even tell you’re in the USA the Muslims have ran out the American business owners and opened their Muslim businesses at the cost of the American taxpayers!!! They do have their 4 wives but they call them extended family and get welfare for all of them and all the kids!!!! It all has to stop they are practicing Sharia law!!! Muslims do not come here with any other plan than to take over our country as they do in every country they go into!!!! People keep their eyes closed and ignor the facts of what they are doing!!!! Oh and by the way Muslims have what is called a Orphe marriage it’s totally a legal marriage in Muslim law it’s like a marriage contract but it’s not a legal marriage by anyone else’s law and if they decide they don’t want to be married anymore they just rip up the contract and they are divorced!! Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about I have a friend that is now legally married to a Muslim but they did the Orphe marriage at first so they could live together until all the paper work was done in Egypt!! I know what I’m talking about!!! I am married to a Egyptian Christian and have lived in Egypt twice once for 7 months and the second time for 9 months I lived among them. I have seen things I don’t ever want to see again!!!!!

    • Lisa

      IA few thousand dollars! No way! This s rediculous! That also makes them eligible for Social Security you dimwit! My ex worked at a company where these people didn’t even pay taxes out of their paychecks and no income tax!
      I am seriously sick of freeloaders coming ito America and getting a better deal than AMERICAN BORN CITIZENS!
      The left wing libtard socialism “House of Representatives “ needs to stop chasing down President Trump and change Laws that are stupid!

    • Frankieboy

      Hey Glen ! Try to pry your head out of you’re butt ! It’s pinching the blood supply to your brain !!! We don’t want them here !!! Put them back on a boat & send them all back !!! MAGA !!!!!!!!!

    • you are a moronic idiot

      you are a moronic idiot

  4. K Naftzger

    I am tired of taking care of illegals and letting our vets and poor Americans live on the street and being hungry. I agree all democrats shud be supporting the illegals since they want them here. We as Americans go to work every day and taxes take half our pay and when we are ready to retire the Democrats and congress have used the money that we put into SS and want to take more. Meanwhile all illegals get housing clothing food medical and free school and even college.

  5. S A

    I am sickened about all this! My son is a VET and he suffers with waiting a very long time to his limited appointments. My home town was next door to Dearborn. I was born in Southfield, Michigan. That area was s nice peaceful place to grow up! Now with Sharia law it’s a very scary place! I think this whole problem is caused by the Democrats and they are responsible for the money being spent!

  6. Philip Simon

    There is a saying You hater the Jew, but you love their money, You hate the pig, swine , then why except money offers.

    • Frankieboy

      Philip: You sound like a rag head !!!

  7. Art Madeya

    Supporting this type of dysfunctional lifestyle with tax dollars is like pouring gasoline on a fire !

  8. Cryswat Waters

    One way to help with the problem is to follow the rules – only allow help for one spouse and their children (birth certificates necessary to get benefits) and disqualify the rest of the family. They know how to work the system and abuse it, so either follow the intended rules or fix the system so it can’t be abused
    If they can’t get free handouts maybe we’ll get lucky and they will go back where they came from. Especially When you move to another country, you should be willing to go by their rules or move somewhere you can abide by the rules or go back where you came from.

    • stephen leonhard

      The democrats encourage these illegal activities to buy votes regardless of the consequences.
      The democrats represent the socialist/communist doctrine as being good for America. Wherever it has been tried this bankrupt philosophy has utterly failed. Take a good long look at venazuela!
      If that looks good to you you are free to move there anytime, at your own expense.

  9. Cathy Bisbee

    This is so wrong,how can our government let this continue.You can tell Dearborn is over run by Muslims,and Democrats.

  10. mommakat

    if anyone still thinks obama was the greatest president this country has ever had, GTFO of this country. he was the trojan horse set up to bring down this government, diffuse the military, defund this country, open the borders, (CLOWARD-PIVEN) look it up! had he known ‘SHE’ would lose the election, he would have done more damage, appointed more liberal judges, changed more laws, given more money away. she was set up to take over and finish what he started. it was ‘in their plan’. he has you all fooled. why the hell do you think they hate Trump so much? and now Barr? it ain’t over. you idiots who believe in him and the democrat party and the paid off media that promotes the bullshit lies. you are all a part of their plan. hang on folks. it’s coming to an end. HANGMAN IS COMIN DOWN FROM THE GALLOWS.

  11. Rhoda Vicari

    I said when President Obama was President we would have a Muslim Flag on the White House. It’s coming you wait and see.

  12. Carol

    They may if come here with four wives, which is illegal here, but the government should only acknowledge one. Easy math Washington. Get with it !!!!!!!!!

  13. Yadja

    Yes and they are owning Dearborn. They own Minnesota and they are huge in Maine. Obama brought so many hundreds of thousands of them, from the worst countries into America for 8 years, they are now rearing ugly heads. Just look to congress and the two filthy Muslim women. They hold no Allegiance to America, they don’t mesh and they are not here for our good.
    If Americans do not wake up then we will go down the path of Europe. That is the problem, Americans don’t understand Islam and they don’t know what has happened in Europe. The countries that said NO to Muslims are doing great,they have no terrorism, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt what the problem is. Muslims.

  14. nash

    Number one, get rid rid of every single representative in Congress and senate by recall in every state.
    Nominate some older people a with tried and true wisdom, (we certainly lack that there now is obvious, as actions speak louder than words. These people are secular humanists subscribing to the ten planks of humanism.typical air heads, plus the trilateral bunch which can be checked out. Old Hillary,(jesibelle) and Bill belong along with many, many others in high ranking and powerful positions in finance, political positions, in government etc. check them out do you seriously believe old 79yrs old pelosi been in congress since 1987 with a salary of now 193 thousand a year and worth 120milion and dosen’t have enough brains to pour urine out a boot with the directions on the heel has intelligence enough to be in congress or any where else than home surounded by HER WALL SHE HAS AT HER HOME ,REAGAN best.said it best, ” tear down that wall,
    and it applies to Pelosi also!

  15. Jenny

    What BS? the story about Christians being attacked at a Muslim festival. Obviously you havent seen the video footage of it. Live footage at that. I did see it. It was horrible. One guy got a large rock right between his eyes
    He had blood steaming down his face. Even young children were throwing rocks at them spitting on them throwing filled water bottles at them. Cursing them And not once did the Christian men raise a hand or a hateful word to any of them… then the police came in and instead of arresting those who attacked innocent christian men and had proof of who the perps were because the videos should their faces, they told the Christians to leave or they would be arrested. Shut my mouth are u kidding me. This is America where we are suppose to have the freedom to walk down the street in peace and safety and to carry a sign that says Jesus loves you if we want without being attacked. Never have i been more ashamed of my men in blue then at that very moment. Shame on them for allowing such barbaric actions to be perpetrated on our American citizens. These people are not American if they were they would assimulate to our culture, our constitution, our freedons, not their sharia laws that do not belong here ever. God help us.

  16. elgavilansegoviano

    END their Welfare Racket NOW!!,…President Trump should personally look into this issue and cut them off, as well all illegal aliens, cut off the Welfare!!,…

  17. Timothy John Hall

    They are the ones making the laws favoring every one else but true Americans. I am fed up with this BS. This country is being taken over and i don’t think half the American citizens have a clue as to what really is going on here. They need to get to the real criminal hearings. Screw Nadler and his little man syndrome. Ignore him but the President needs to address the loss of freedom of speech and not receiving the true news. Arrest the CEO’s of all these bias platforms that are suppose to be for info exchange. It’s going the other way. Also shut the border down. Enough of this craziness with people invading our country. Call the Army or Marines to help with border protection. That’s why we have an Army, to protect the citizens of this country. Please use it now.

  18. Cryswat

    AMEN – You are a breath of fresh air. There are far too many sheeple who refuse to see what is going on and it is destroying the country. ALL ILLEGALS, regardless of where they are from, SHOULD BE SENT BACK WHERE THEY ARE FROM. STOP ANCHOR BABIES as it is abused like so many things are in the USA. The governments can not support themselves despite the constantly growing taxation that is forcing so many into poverty. Legitimate claimants (USA citizens) can’t get benefits they need while the illegal invaders can get MAJOR HANDOUTS and don’t even have to have an SSI number to get them. Make everyone provide birth/marriage certificates to get benefits AND CHECK THEM before giving them a penny. If they aren’t legal. they don’t vote either – have proof of citizenship/residence at the time of voting. It is easy not to show prejudice by making everyone provide proof. That is the major reason the Dumbocrats want all theilllegal invaders in the first place.



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