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Muslim Doctor in Michigan Faces Charges for Genital Mutilation

Muslim Doctor in Michigan Faces Charges for Genital Mutilation
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 A Muslim doctor in Michigan has been arrested for performing female genital mutilation on multiple little girls as part of a “religious practice.”

Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, who is a part of a small Indian-Muslin sect, was denied bond on Monday after being accused of cutting the genitals of two Minnesota girls at the Livonia medical clinic where she worked.

Apparently, these are not her only victims either. Federal prosecutors called her a “flight risk” and a danger to the community and said she should remain locked up.  

Nagarwala also ignored a 2016 directive from her religious community to cease the mutilation practices because its illegal in the U.S.

But, the outcome may have been different if it wasn’t for the physician’s own lawyer admitting what her client did to the girls.

“U.S. Magistrate Judge Mona Majzoub questioned why the two girls were at the clinic after hours, and, why the doctor kept no records of the visits and never billed for them, “writes Detroit Free Press. “With her hand trembling as she clutched some documents in the standing-room-only courtroom, defense attorney Shannon Smith disclosed that Nagarwala did perform a procedure on the girls’ genitals, but stressed that it wasn’t cutting. Rather, she said, the doctor removed a membrane from the girls’ genitals, using a “scraper,” wrapped it in gauze and gave it to the girls’ parents so that they could bury it as part of a religious custom practiced by an Indian-Muslim community known as the Dawoodi Bohra.”

Smith attempted to defend her client further by saying that “all of the acts that my client performed on children” did not involve genital mutation and no cutting was performed. 

“It seems that you are admitting that this defendant did see young girls in a clinic, after it was closed on Fridays,” said the judge.  

However, the medical doctors that examined both the Minnesota girls determined that their vaginal parts had been cut.  

Smith then blamed the victims for scratching their genitals causing them to be altered.  

But the judge also pointed out that Nagarwala gave the girls pads to wear for bleeding and Smith said this was instead for the iodine used in the procedure.

“It was completely a religious practice,” said Smith.

But the court was not persuaded by Smith’s arguments. Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward called the crimes “heinous” and said “the conduct of the defendant spans years.” 

“She knew that this was illegal but did it anyway,” said Woodward. “As a medical doctor, she is aware that female genital mutilation has no medical purpose.”

“The doctor, however, could get 10 years to life in prison for another crime she was charged with: Transportation of an individual with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. She also is charged with lying to a federal agent,” writes the Detroit Free Press. “According to the government, Nagarwala’s arrest came after the FBI received tips that she had performed genital mutilation on two Minnesota girls at the Livonia clinic in February.”

Prosecutors found a text message exchange between Nagarwala and one of the victims’ mothers setting up an afterhours appointment on February 3. 

“It was on Feb. 3, prosecutors allege, that Nagarwala performed genital mutilation on the two 7-year-olds. Hotel and surveillance records backed up this allegation, placing the girls and their mothers at a hotel in Farmington Hills that same day,and then at the Livonia clinic, prosecutors said. Pursuant to a search warrant, a doctor in Minnesota later performed an exam on the girls and concluded that their genitals had been altered or cut, prosecutors said,” writes the Detroit Free Press. 

The judge ended the hearing by saying Nagarwala provided no documents, statements or witnesses to back up that no cutting was performed on her young patients.  

“We have multiple victims, and that gives the court great pause,” said Judge Majzoub. “There is clear and convincing evidence that (Nagarwala) poses a danger to the community.”

Female Genital Mutilation is sadly a global epidemic. 

“The practice of FGM, defined by the World Health Organization as, “procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons,” is a harmful practice carried out on an estimated 125 million girls and women around the world. Despite being banned in the U.S. since 1996, about 513,000 women and girls in the U.S. have either been, or remain at risk of being, subjected to FGM,” writes The Hill.

The impact of FGM on victims often includes chronic pain, childbirth complications and sometimes even death. Not to mention, there are severe psychological effects.    

“I’m very glad to see this law that we really worked hard for 20 years ago finally being used. I think there’s a lot more practice of FGM in this country and it’s just underground,” said Jessica Neuwirth, founder of Donor Direct Action, a global women’s rights group. “Cases like this really send a strong message to communities to make them more aware that the law exists, that the law can be used, it is an effective deterrent.”

Author’s note: This is sick and needs to be dealt with. The scary thing is that the liberal media is failing to point out which cultures encourage FGM. Islam endorses and promotes this barbaric practice. The MRC President Brent Bozell and Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT for America pointed out this injustice perfectly when they said “The networks have an ethical responsibility to report that it’s happening here at home. If they don’t, they are guilty of aiding and abetting violence against women out of a politically correct fueled fear of offending Muslims,” in a joint statement in response to the way the liberal media covered this story. The focus should be on protecting victims.

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