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Muslim Crime Forces Germany to Increase Sexual Assault Laws

Muslim Crime Forces Germany to Increase Sexual Assault Laws

Things are bound to change when a vast number of foreigners resettle in another nation. When that population is mostly Muslim, the changes tend to be negative. 

Nowhere is this effect better exemplified than Germany, a welcoming nation that opened its arms when the civil war in Syrian displaced millions upon millions of people. Since the beginning of 2015, Germany has accepted more than 1.8 million refugees. The majority of these refugees are Muslim.

It wasn’t long before Germany saw a sharp increase in crime, rape, and sexual assault. New Year’s Eve 2015 was particularly bad, with local police reporting hundreds of sexual assaults against German women.  

According to a leaked document published recently by German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, those numbers were grossly under-exaggerated. The report suggests that over 1,000 German women were assaulted that night – including 400 in Hamburg and 600 in Cologne.

So why did it take over half a year for the facts to surface? 

More likely than not, Germany’s police officers were so afraid of being called “racist” or “xenophobic” that they turned a blind eye to the assaults. This disgusting habit, which we are seeing more and more frequently, serves only to coddle immigrant populations at the expense of a nation’s own citizens. 

The report estimates that 2,000 men participated in the mass attack. So far, only 120 suspects have been identified and only 4 have been convicted. 

Many of the New Year’s Eve suspects came to Germany from North Africa, and officials now agree that the rising number of assaults is linked to the influx of refugees.

“There is a connection between the emergence of this phenomenon and the rapid migration in 2015,” said President Holger Münch of the German Federal Crime Police Office. Germany’s widespread lack of CCTV cameras will make it difficult to follow up on all the assault cases, he added. “We have to presume that many of those crimes will never be fully investigated.”

Germany’s Parliament has since stepped up to address the issue, passing a new law that makes it easier for refugees to be deported if they are convicted in sexual assault cases.

This means that laws for all German citizens have changed because the nation’s Muslim immigrants have no self-control. 

Germany’s decision to change its laws is proof that radical Islam has succeeded in damaging German society. On top of that, rising crime rates will likely lead to increased police presence and increased surveillance of the German people – meaning less privacy for all. 

If that isn’t damage then I don’t know what is.  

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