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Murray Defeats Rionic for his Second Wimbledon

Murray Defeats Rionic for his Second Wimbledon

Andy Murry defeated Canadian Milos Rionic in straights sets to win his second Wimbledon Championship, and his third career Grand Slam title. While a straight set victory may seem like an easy one, the score (6-4,7-6,7-6) belies the toughness of Rionic who beat Roger Federer in the semi-finals to enter his firt Grand Slam finals match. Rionic’s current rank of no. 7 in the world may rise as a result.

Experts noted the continued improvements in Murray’s game as he reaches his career peak. In a recent interview he stated he is a better player now than when he won his first Wimbledon, and added that the birth of his daughter will inspire him to greater deeds.

Murray separated from coach  Amelie Mauresmo last May and reunited with Ivan Lendl last month. Murray said he is playing with much more confidence. Lendl coached Murry from 2011 to 2014.

Since 2008 Murray has reached the finals in 11 Grand Slam tournament, interestingly up until now always against Federer or Novak Djokavic. He defeated Djokavic in the 2012 U.S. Open and Federer in Wimbledon in 2013. This third Grand Slam separates him from the crowd, but does not yet him on the stage with Djokavic (12 grand slams), Nadal(14) and Federer (17).  

Novak Djokavic was nowhere to be found after having lost in a tough 5 set match to American Sam Querry. 

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