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MSNBC Ignores Border Crisis While People Die

MSNBC Ignores Border Crisis While People Die

Among my research activities is watching the major cable news networks several hours a day – ugh!.  It may come as a surprise to readers that even as I get a good sampling of all of them, I watch FOX the least and MSNBC the most.

CNN leans left.  FOX leans right.  But any objective analysis would show that MSNBC is, without doubt, a propaganda vehicle for Democrats and a radical left-wing agenda – to the detriment of an informed public.  They are consumed with anti-Trump … anti-Republicans … anti-conservative stories throughout the day.  And it is not always what they report, but as much what they do NOT report.

Nowhere is their political bias more obvious than in their coverage of the border crisis – or lack thereof.   Even as the border crisis has grown to biblical proportions, MSNBC is yet to report on the growing problem.  I have not found a single segment devoted to the unfolding disaster that is occurring at the border.  Both CNN and FOX cover it almost daily.

People who rely exclusively on MSNBC for their news are woefully ill informed.  Not only are they exposed to only one spin on events, but they are also totally ignorant of the many major news events covered by CNN and FOX.

So, what is going on at the border?  To put it simply, the U.S. border is being overrun by an unprecedented number of illegal crossings.  One border official said it is no longer a crisis, but a catastrophe.  The recent surge has exhausted all available resources – the very ability of the border patrol to manage the crisis … ah … catastrophe.  

Border guards are working to the breaking point — and beyond.  To say facilities are overcrowded is an understatement.  The number of gotaways is growing exponentially.  The amount of drugs crossing the border is constantly increasing – as are criminal activities.  Border communities are under assault.  The number of non-Hispanics is growing.

Let us look at the gross numbers.  In 2019, we had 978,000 border crossers – excluding the gotaways.  Thanks to President Trump’s tighter border policies, the number dropped to 458,000 in 2020.  In 2022 almost 1000 migrants died it the border – including women and children.

Enter Biden.

In the face of denial on the left, most observers predicted a surge as soon as Biden took office.  He and the Democrats had communicated a more welcoming policy – even enticements.  Enforcement would be limited.  And the sanctuary city concept would be re-empowered.

What happened under Biden was even worse than his critics anticipated.  The 2021 number of illegal crossings rose to an astounding 1.7 million – four times the previous year. So far in 2022, the numbers have reached 2.8 million — and that is just “so far.”  

The current number of those arriving at the border is growing exponentially.  At times it is running to more than 1000 per hour.  And according to the experts, the worse is yet to come – when the Trump-era Title 42 Covid policy terminates.

In a recent day, migrants came from more than 20 non-Hispanic nations – just in case you thought all those crossings were impoverished women and children from a few south-of-the-border nations.  The vast majority of migrants are young single males – a class of people least likely to qualify for asylum and most responsible for crime, drug trafficking, human bondage, and sex trafficking.  The number of known criminals caught at the border has risen to thousands – and we should understand that the criminal class is more likely to be in the growing number of get-aways.

Not only are the facilities to process and house the masses overloaded, but the surge is also taking a toll on the Patrol who must deal with the dead migrants – especially the corpses of dead children and those abused, living or dead.

In a recent interview with border patrol wives illuminated the problem – how their husbands are changed, depressed.  As one wife put it, “They cannot get the images out of their minds.” Perhaps that is why a record number of border guards have committed suicide this year.

The tragedy that is happening at the border under Biden and Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas is unconscionable, inhumane, unconstitutional, and morally reprehensible.  And the problem is not only at the border.  It is metastasizing all over the country in crime rates with deadly results from murders, overdoses, and even accidents.  A significant portion of the rising crime rate is due to the Democrats’ open border policies. 

And yet, the left-wing media – such as MSNBC — ignores it all to spare the political reputations of Biden and Mayorkas.  They do not want the public to know who is responsible for the surge that is occurring at the border and impacting millions of innocent citizens all across the country.

Make no mistake. 

In this issue, Biden is clearly ignoring his constitutional responsibility to protect and defend America.  Whether that is a “high crime or misdemeanor” can be debated, but there is no question that Mayorkas must be replaced immediately – and not with a fungible toady. 

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. The Redhawk

    Bsnbc is a collection of pimping pro communist sociopaths with no love for our Country

  2. John J

    Mr. Trump cut illegal crossings in half during his presidency, the asshole we have now opened every way possible in order to flood us with illegal invaders

    • Sam

      Stolen elections have consequences

    • The Redhawk

      Bs nbc must be the pro panda arm of the China-Cartels alliance to eliminate American lives via drugs

  3. frank stetson

    “In 2019, we had 978,000 border crossers – excluding the gotaways. Thanks to President Trump’s tighter border policies, the number dropped to 458,000 in 2020.” Eh, not quite that crystal clear……

    “Mr. Trump cut illegal crossings in half during his presidency” Bullshit.

    I agree with Larry that it’s a catastrophe at the border, and immigration in general. And MSNBC is very weak on this. But Larry says Biden bad, Trump good, and I say it’s a political football that Congress would rather fumble and fume at the other guy versus working a solution. Larry offers none for himself or his party except to say Trump policies good, Biden bad. Democrats have a plethora of bills each targeting a piece of the problem and no overarching plan or solution. Chances are none will be voted on soon. Easy to pick apart, one plan at a time without a overarching plan. And so it goes.

    But on the numbers, no Trump did not cut crossings by 50%, and some of his policies made things worse, if you look at the numbers over his entire tenure. Larry uses SW border crossings only, so I will stick with that as much as I can. All numbers, like Larry’s are from USBP; he did not include OFO stats.

    In 2016, before Trump — 415,000 apprehensions
    2017 304,000, good job! think’s it’s his “all immigrants are criminals” fear tactic, it works!
    2018 397,000 oh shit but not for long…..
    2019 978,000 damn, it’s a tsunami of policy failures
    2020 458,000 thank you covid…..
    2021 1,735,000 and merry christmas JOE
    2022 2,379,000

    And looking farther back, 2006 1M. over 1m from her back to 1990. At 1.5M for five of those years. After you account for recidivism, we are not in that unfamiliar of territory. Not that it diminishes the catastrophe, not one bit.

    OK, so Trump lowers by about 25% in his first year, probably on bluster alone. It’s easy to bully immigrants… The next year, 2018, Trump policies cause a 30% increase, the next year 100% increase. And then, in 2020, with Title 42 finally in place, he cuts immigration by 50%. Or was it the pandemic that did it. You know, sickness, lockdowns, no jobs, death, all can have a cooling affect on moving. And Trump’s major policy: Title 42 is a health restriction based on the pandemic.

    And there’s one other number, the Trumpian timebomb. Title 42 increased recidivism from less than 7% to close to 30% a year and some border agents, probably the same one’s Larry references, say it’s over 90% Think about it, Title 42 is immediate expulsion meaning you be put just across the border into Mexico. Your choice —- walk south or north. There is no more danger going north than last time, no increase to the pain. South is much more dangerous. What would you do? Title 42 begins 2q2020, probably does not ramp until mid 2nd half and FY for this tracking is September. IOW, Trump created a HUGE policy problem for the next guy.

    The numbers are off for all of us until you account for Title 42 recidivism. IOW, the 2021 is not 1.7 illegals, it’s 1.2M people .5M of whom try multiple times. IOW, the current rate is similar to the early 2000’s. I think Title 42 is a good idea implemented very poorly by two Presidents. I am all for immediate expulsion, but not without punishment for repeat offenders. At least deposit them farther South than just over the line.

    OK, that’s the numbers and it does not diminish that this is a catastrophe, but Trump policies fixing it? He is Title 42 and that really was good news (kept covid out), bad news (created today’s catastrophic numbers due in large part to recidivism).

    This is not an easy problem. It’s made worse by politicians soap boxing instead of solving. Every President has owned it and, IMO, not one of them has anywhere close to a comprehensive solution. We got the dreamer problem, illegals problem, green card problem, work-visa issues, asylum problems, chain immigration problems, and then just plain-ole-immigration policy problems.

    But right now it’s the border that’s burning, title 42 broken and expiring, and another wave is coming. We need solutions, not finger wagging.

    • Tom

      Well Frank, if I use your numbers, in 4 Trump years he allowed about 2.3 million while in 2 Biden years he has allowed 4.1 Million. Seems to me like Trump did 8 times better? As an Independent, non-partisan, I really do not care if Trump’s policy was bully or whatever. The fact is IMO that people coming in waves under the thought that the US cannot get rid of so many people that they will have to (being forced) to let them in is already a form of bullying, isn’t it? All I really care about is that he keeps them out and makes them apply properly! And if bully works, LET THE DOGS OUT BABY!!!

      Now on Title 42, it was not a policy problem for the next guy. The next guy and his control of congress made it a problem because they did not convert it from a health concern policy to a formal immigration policy, which they had two years to do! But you fail to point this out. I want both sides to work together to pass a sane and compassionate yet firm immigration policy. And if we have to send the US Army to the border for a while, I am fine with that! You also failed to mention in your discussion of recidivism that a few of those countries do not allow their citizens back once they choose to leave – which was a big part of that recidivism. My feeling on that, put them on boats and drop them off on the friggen beach! What ever it takes to get it under control! These waves of bullies coming north are making it very hard to control the border and in so doing are stopping solid immigration policy from being developed because everyone is busy putting out immigration fires! I agree with your statement, “I think Title 42 is a good idea implemented very poorly by two Presidents. I am all for immediate expulsion, but not without punishment for repeat offenders. At least deposit them farther South than just over the line. ” You show great wisdom and potential!!!

      I agree with your last paragraph that we have a hell of a problem, nobody has a solution, and finger wagging will not solve it!

      Now on CBS Face the Nation today, the Dem congressman said that there was a solution that the Senate passed, and it had to go back and be passed by the Legislature, and that it would solve much of the problem but the Legislature never gave it a final vote. And this congressman went on to say that it did promote border security. The problem seems to be that neither side wants the other side to get the credit for it, again, according to the congressman. He went on to say that the current bill provides for food, clothing, shelter, and processing to other states but does not contain money for border security. So Frank, why did the Dems not include money for border security in the current bill?

      One last question Frank, I do see your heart is very soft and bleeding for these illegal immigrant bullies, and I am fine with that. But you never say whether your heart bleeds for the border agents and their families whom are the ones suffering most from the bullying? Can you feel for that?

      I say send the army down, lots of rubber bullets and plenty of pup tents that they can erect on Mexico’s side of the border!

      I say the 2009 version of the DREAMER ACT was just about passed had it not been for the chain immigration issues which I think the GOP is overblowing. Lets solve that. No chain immigration for ten years – period. And then only those who achieve green cards can sponsor, and only sponsor their parents. And nobody sponsored by a green card sponsor can sponsor anyone – period. Would this be ok with you?

      • Tom

        By the way Frank, that congressman on Face the Nation indicated that the border policy that was approved and included border security was approved by the Senate under Trump. It appears that the Legislature that was under Dem rule at the time did not approve it. Why? Seems like they did not want border security, now its all blowing up in their faces!

        I think You, Me, and Larry should go to Congress and give a speech. With Larry’s great negotiating skills (since we are basically dealing with 512 men and women with school kid mentalities), your soft wonderful heart to plead the migrant case, and my centrist approach to life, maybe we can be just the influencers they need to get something done!!! Whaddaya say buddy???

        • larry Horist

          Tom … I spent several years lobbying Congress — and testifying before committee. Minor point .. there are 535 members (100 senators and 435 representatives.) The problem is some 500 of those members have very little influence on legislation. Congress is run by a few dozen leaders — and most of that power is in the hands of four people. When you did your assignments, you forgot about representing the victims of the current border policies — or lack thereof. In view of my bleeding heart conservatism, I will naturally cover that too often forgotten aspect.

          • Tom

            Gee that’s not good. Sort of sounds like we really do not have a representative government if four people have most of the power. Yes there are many victims of the current border crisis. I hope you will cover this more.

          • larry Horist

            Tom … Yes, I just finished a more comprehensive commentary on the border. I think it is a good case for fixing blame on Biden. It probably be published in a few days.

          • Frank stetson

            I think that’s so cool, that you testified at committee in congress. I testified before committing at the international trade commission, and it was both frightening and funny at the same time. During our case, my team had to perform a number of computations, thousands actually, by hand. Here we had college educated, green eyeshade, sort of people And they came up with a 20% error rate. I was terrified to testify and spent much overtime trying to figure out how bad the problem was and what to say. So I conclusion was to be a spin about. Yes there are errors, but there is as many on the upside is, there is on the downside. I figured at that point the downside would be made.

            Get to committee, and it turns out they are mostly youngsters, looking like they’re working through their MBAs, so they can get out of government. They never asked me a pertinent question that would’ve taken us to errors in the data. Within 10 minutes I knew that the next five hours would be a breeze. I’d probably lost 10 pounds during the two weeks before the meeting and suddenly I was very hungry.

            But the big meeting was like the current select committee, big dais, 12 judges, enemy on the right side of the room, allies on the left side of the room, and a fleet of staff line in both walls.

            The meeting ended in a tie vote, and the tie went to the runner so we won. That night, emerging from our hotel rooms, we were joined by the top lawyer on our team, a real nerd who got us food snd hired real lawyers like from Tagliabue’s firm. That was cool . . Our guy was basically bouncing up and down in delight at being able to go out on the town with the boys, and he kept asking where we going, where we going? Our only response: Bob, you probably won’t need the tie. Now, you probably know that in DC, 20th, and M is where the city people hang out, or at least used to. It was a really cool strip club in one of the town houses there that was our destination. wouldn’t you know it, the nerd lawyer goes off the hook, kept wanting to tip, and by the time we were ready to go, we had to drag them out by his hair physically. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

            I bet you had some really wild times working in that town too. Sounds like your life was quite exciting, congratulations on your accomplishments. Too bad you work for the wrong team. Just kidding, I’ve always said we need real Republicans, real conservatives. Wish I could find some. Just kidding again. I myself am I Clintonian Democrat, a term most people can’t even understand and definitely a dying breed. Here comes AOC…wish i was kidding this time.

            So, Larry, tell us a Georgetown anecdote. Did you ever throw up down the exorcist stairs? Did you ever lose your car in Georgetown? Did you ever fall asleep on top of a bar at 3 AM?

          • Frank stetson

            I forgot due to my reminisces, Larry, you mentioned, rightfully so, that the current catastrophe on the border is resulting in the needless injury and deaths of a number of people. And you say, again, rightfully, so, that you’ll continue to write about it because it is the right thing to do.

            Can you share with us your archive stories about all the pain and suffering happening at the border during the trump years due to Trump policies. Surely they must be in the archives.

            FYI: I agree that MSNBC does not follow the story which is a catastrophe on top of a catastrophe. Especially since they’re all over title 42.

      • larry Horist

        Frank Stetson …. To find solutions, you need to find who is responsible AND who is in charge. That buck stops on Biden’s desk. Yes, Congress has failed to pass an immigration reform package. The impasse is largely due to the issue of amnesty. Democrats want to keep the borders open and give amnesty to those who are in the United States illegally. Biden has been in office for two years — so the CURRENT situation rests largely on Biden’s and the Democrats’ shoulder — and they do not even seem to be trying to solve the problem.

  4. Frank stetson

    Yes, the buck stops on Biden’s desk and it is a catastrophe worthy of attention 24 x 7. Title 42 deletion will make it worse. And yes, he has taken many actions and is in the mist of taking more. But none of these actions are long-term fixes, they are more like putting fingers in the Dike.

    I disagree that Biden owns the legislative reigns. Only Trump tried to be the one and only. Biden hasthe bully pulpit, Congress owns the development and passage of laws. And then Biden has the final say, obviously via the signature or veto. But, at minimum, it’s a team effort, and from my standpoint, Congress develops and passes law.

    I agree that four people exert great power in the Congress. However, I see this as good because without these people you would’ve had AOC at top volume for 24*7*365 and no Infrastructure Act. One of the main purposes of this power is the herding of cats. Given the Republican tendency lately, to vote in people with zero experience, cat herding is critical to the success of Congress. Three of them are very good. I think we will find come January that one of them, the new one, is extremely poor, and there will be pandemonium throughout the house. Hopefully he can rise to the occasion, but I am betting no.

    Like I said, there are many democratic immigration plans on the table in various states of disarray. As far as I know, there are no Republican plans except walls. But for both parties, there is no comprehensive plan or vision. I believe that’s where we need to start. Asylum, amnesty, work, visas, chain-immigration, dreamers, long-term illegals, and then the very fabric of basic immigration and asylum, all need to be fixed. This has been true since the time of Bush and before. Because a losing party desires this as political fodder, and the winning party sees this is the lowest priority. We the people need to change that and make it the top priority.

    And for Tom, the end result needs to be one that’s humane, not the mean-spirited and inhumane solutions you suggest. That is not who we are. These people are looking for a better life and fleeing from a life that’s intolerable. As Christians, we should be duty-bound to help. As Americans, ditto that sentiment. I trust when you really look in the mirror he will come around to that.

    • Tom

      Frank, I trust that when you look in the mirror you will see these people not only as fleeing victims, but that you will see their gang mentality of bullying a sovereign country into accepting them. Many of these fleeing victims are single males that end up doing illegal things here. I hope you will see the overloaded systems that cannot handle all of these people and the incredible burden they present on those that live near the southern border. I hope you will be able to see the pain and suffering of border agents and their family as acutely as you see the pain and suffering of the migrants. I hope you will see the lawlessness of the Democratic Party in not securing our Southern border. Christianity does not advocate lawlessness and bullying your way into gaining entry and acceptance in another country. Christ advocated to help the “least of your brothers” he was talking about those that are “believers, other Jews in the temple”, not just anyone – you are perverting scripture. Paul writes the same thing that we should always be willing to help other believers, not just anyone. Paul helped other believers by sending money to Jerusalem (see Book of Acts) not bringing Jerusalem Christians to Tarsus in mass and forcing the government to accept them or society at large to support them! Jesus said that we should clean the inside of the cup so that the outside will be clean. Right now we have a broken system and should be fixing the inside of our cup (laws) so that we can handle believers who need help – in this area it is equal to getting your own house in order before attempting to help other houses.