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'Mommy, there is a creepy man in the ladies room'

'Mommy, there is a creepy man in the ladies room'

This is a story done as a parody in our recent response to a Boston Globe attack on Donald Trump. But this is the future if we don’t figure out our bathroom laws.  

The transgender image described is one that I have seen personally in men’s rooms. It was disturbing to me, and I can only imagine the effect it might have on a child.

Mommy, there is a creepy man in the ladies room

January 19, 2017

“PARENTING GROUPS have begun to express concerns over transgender bathroom laws passed recently in Maryland, New York and Oregon. These laws permit transgendered and cross dressing individuals to choose which bathroom suits them the best.

While men seem to be less alarmed when confronted with a lesbian/female transgender presence in the men’s room, concerned mother’s have begun to rebel against male access to the women’s room.

“Marley Cussler of Albany, New York experienced this first hand when her 8-year-old daughter Loren ran toward her saying “Mommy, there’s a creepy man in the ladies room!” A security investigation discovered an unshaven 6’4” “pre-op” transgender female (i.e. a man who believes he is a woman) was applying makeup in a state of undress.

“Mrs. Cussler has revealed her daughter is now having nightmares and has since refused to enter a public restroom.”


If you don’t believe this to be a problem, just wait. And wait until pedophiles figure out they can hang out in the ladies room by dressing up. 

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