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Mitch McConnell Furious After Dems Block COVID-19 Relief Package

Mitch McConnell Furious After Dems Block COVID-19 Relief Package

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered a scathing speech Monday after Democrats rejected a massive relief package designed to keep the US economy afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The measure needed 60 votes to move forward. Lawmakers voted 47-47 on Sunday and then 49-46 on Monday. Five members of the Senate have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in quarantine.

“The notion that we have time to play games here with the American economy and the American people is utterly absurd,” said McConnell, noting the recent stock market crashes.

In a heated speech on the Senate floor, McConnell chastised Democrats for attempting to insert such things as “tighter fuel emissions standards for the airline industry”, “union bargaining powers,” “solar tax credits,” essentially an ideological wish list into the bill.  One Democrat was quoted as saying, “how many times are we going to get a shot at a Trillion dollar program?”

“Our good friends on the other side,” he said, referring to the Democrats, “would not have been disadvantaged one bit if this vote had succeeded because it would have required potentially 30 more hours of discussion, during which these seemingly endless negotiations could go on as long as they would like.”

Democrats said the bill didn’t go far enough to help working class Americans, hospitals, state governments, and the unemployed. But they also tried to add unrelated items to the deal – including measures favoring renewable energy and unions.

The main sticking point is a $500 billion sum to be used to help distressed companies (such as cruise lines) and a $75 billion sum for industry-specific loans.

“We had a high level of bipartisanship in five different working groups over the last 48 hours, where members who were participating were reaching agreement,” noted McConnell. “And then all of a sudden the Democratic leader and the Speaker of the House shows up and we are back to square one.”

According to McConnell, one House Democrat said, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

The bill Democrats voted against included $350 billion for small business loans that would be forgiven if companies use the loans to keep workers on payroll, $75 billion for hospitals, a one-time payment of $1,200 per person, and $500 billion to help distressed businesses including airlines and medical equipment suppliers.

We are “fiddling” with the emotions of the American people, continued McConnell, with the markets, and with our healthcare.

“The American people expect us to act tomorrow and I want everyone to fully understand if we aren’t able to act tomorrow it will be because of our colleagues on the other side continuing to dicker when the country expects us to come together and address this problem.”

“[Democrats’] obstruction achieves nothing…other than prevent us from getting into a position where there are literally 30 more hours that they could use to continue to dicker,” he said, describing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s intervention as “outrageous nonsense.”

“We have an obligation to the American people to deal with this emergency and to deal with it tomorrow,” said McConnell. “We will have this vote again at some point of my choosing and hopefully some adults will show up on the other side of the room and understand the gravity of the situation and the need to act.”

Presidential candidate Joe Biden, who described the relief package as a “slush fund” for corporations “with almost no conditions,” urged McConnell to hold a vote on “aggressive measures to help small businesses, workers, [and] communities so they reflect what they need and so they can get moving.”

In the meantime, Speaker Pelosi is working on a $2.5 trillion stimulus plan which includes one-time cash payments of $1,500 per individual and $7,500 for families of five.

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  1. Michael Mack

    I’m not sure what Mitch McConnell’s being furious over the Dems actions will do. Until the American voter is willing to vote the obstructionists out of office, they will continue to hold hostage any legislation that is needed by the American public until their far left agenda is satisfied in the legislation.

  2. Dave Barron

    This should show the American Public that the Democrats do not represent all the people, only a select few and they must always gets something for their efforts. In this case we are at war with a virus and must win. There is no other choice. Either we win or we die. The sooner we attack the problem and yet continue to be a nation the better we are off. The Democratic refusal to pass this single relief package, with no riders, is in the minds of the Democratic Leadership too good of an opportunity to pass up as they add their PORK Riders, or they refuse to pass it. They could care less about the American Public, all they care about is lining their own pockets with graft and corruption. I am 73 and have learned long ago that PORK is a Democrats middle name.

    • l2a3

      I am 71 and Agree 100%

  3. Neal

    The DEMONcraps didn’t block ANYTHING!!! They PUT all their CRAZY crap in there trying to sneak MORE economy crushing PSYCHO LIBTARD wishes into it making the bill UNBEARABLE to vote for!!!

  4. Bob Dannheim

    Pelosi has clearly lost her grip on reality. Rather than get behind a plan to funnel money to small business owners, and many others who have lost their jobs, Pelosi invents her own plan with a dozen failed ideas from the past, all on the premise the other side will give up and pass her stupid ideas. Pelosi needs to go sit in her mansion, located in San Fran’s most expensive enclave, and say tsk tsk I see a lot of people sleeping on the streets. she doesn’t even fathom they have no alternative

  5. Craig Michael Vandertie

    Mitch cease being such a bitch, although I support Trump, his administration, and the GOP in most of their actions this relief for those effected by the results of the Covid-19 Pandemic in most part absolution/exoneration of those who are 50% responsible for this tragic event in this planet’s history and that is the wealthy.

    Through the common practice by the wealthy of figuring out evil new and innovative ways to lower production costs hence driving up profit they have sinned against/guilty of crimes against humanity yet expect to be rewarded for their sins rather than punished, sorry! but if it was my decision the wealthy would not get one red cent.

  6. mark cnudde

    Make sure any monetary amount be sent directly to the ccp (Chinese communist party) they are responsible for this deadly outbreak……


    GOP has proven time and time again they are corrupt and can never be trusted. There must be strict guide lines, to companies getting the $ equally and fairly. Not just the republicans. This bail out should be about workers, and their protection and rights. Don’t worry so much about the billionaires.


    The Trump administration took this as a joke. fake news. Disassembled our Drs. and scientists there to track virus and disease. Dr. Fauci missing from tv update. Fired? Trump willing to kill millions of Americans to win his 2nd term. Going against all Dr.’s and scientists. Matt Gaetz, funny gas mask, jerk! Thousands dead is a joke to the gop jerks!

  9. Knobby

    Astounding amount of twisted responses here, as opposed to a comment about the article above.

    If the Feds write checks directly to citizens, this has to be temporary and immediate. 3.3 MM people have been sent home with no or reduced payroll (for the most part). Immediate because otherwise the landlords, mortgage holders, and other creditors will foreclose or go bust. This is a must. We cannot endure a massive explosion of homeless families and a simultaneous glut of vacant housing. We cannot afford a crushing explosion of late fees, interest rate doubling, reposessed vehicles, etc. either.

    On the other hand, what about your local hardware store, bakery, tire store, hair salon, etc.? Can we just let these entities evaporate into thin air? More mid-town boarded up store fronts replacing small business operations that collectively employ more than all the big companies combined? No – the support with interest free or forgivable loans for SMALL business is a must. Lots of small welding and machining shops MUST retain their employees – ie: pay them while they are staying home – because they are impossible to replace. The owner/operators are in a very tight spot due to this nation-wide decree.

    Big business is important too. Can you imagine what would happen if the US airline industry was cut in half? All those big, government owned airports have thousands of employees. If there are only half the takeoffs and landings the fees to the airlines would triple. Forget a $400 round trip flight from Columbus to Orlando, think $800. That will make a lot of people give up that family vacation or skiing trip. Yet more people out of work – for good.

    We need the stimulus.