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Mike Pence – In the Final Running as VP Choice for Donald Trump

Mike Pence – In the Final Running as VP Choice for Donald Trump

Rumors were flying last week about Newt Gingrich as Donald Trump’s choice for Vice President. Now, the headlines proclaim he is “95% likely” to pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence.   

The Trump campaign team announced this weekend that it would be holding a rally in Indianapolis on Tuesday, lending credence to the rumor that Pence will soon be announced as the billionaire’s choice for VP. 

In addition to Gingrich, Trump has considered Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the position of Vice President. If chosen, Pence is expected to step down from his position on July 15th in order to focus his energies on the election. 

Pence has been declared a “safe” and “logical” choice for Trump, who had admitted he is looking for a politician with Washington experience. 

“I do think, when you look at Governor Pence, he’s the type of person who can help unite the party,” says former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. “He has a number of years of Washington, DC experience. He was part of the leadership there. He’s gone back now and served as the chief executive of a very important state, a state that Donald Trump is going to need to win in order to be successful in this election.” 

Others believe Pence will decline the offer to remain focused on his reelection campaign in Indiana. If he accepts the nod, however, the Indian State Republican Committee will be forced to choose a new gubernatorial candidate. Likely picks are House Speaker Brian Bosma and Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb. 

Mike Pence served in the House of Representative from 2001-2013, sitting as Chairman of the House Republican Conference from 2009-2011. His conservative views led him to cosponsor a Spending Limit Amendment that would have dropped federal spending to a historical average not seen since WWII. 

Pence was a supporter of earmark reform and in 2006 designed a “no amnesty immigration reform” plan that focused on strict enforcement of laws against hiring illegal immigrants and increased border security. He is firmly opposed to same-sex marriage and has called to ban homosexuals from the military. 

Many (myself included) worry that Pence doesn’t have what it takes to defend Donald Trump and do damage control when the billionaire inevitably speaks before he thinks. “Trump’s running mate will have to be extremely deft at explaining away and deflecting Trump controversies. There is no reason to believe that Pence will be good at this,” writes Powerline Blog’s Rich Lowry.

It is concerns like these that have me hoping for a Trump-Gingrich ticket.

Editor’s note: I’m also rooting for Gingrich. Fox just fired him from his spot (as we understand it, a friendly firing because of the VP consideration) so it must be a close decision at this point. Go Newt!

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