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Mike Lindell: This is a ‘Miracle From God’

Mike Lindell: This is a ‘Miracle From God’

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell released a two-hour documentary this Friday. It allegedly proves Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump was the result of a Chinese cyber-attack.

It shows “100% the theft by China and these different international locations, this cyber-attack on our nation right here, that took, that flipped votes,” says Lindell. 

The film, titled “Absolute Proof” was thrown together in just five days. Lindell prayed for and received what he described as a miracle from God. He also added that the film crew worked under the protection of former Navy SEALs.

“[It’s] 100 times better than I could have imagined…[It’s] the most important documentary you ever [will] watch in history.” 

Lindell says he hopes to show Donald Trump the film before he attends impeachment hearings. “When he walks into those hearings, they’re gonna give him an apology,” promised Lindell.

“Everyone needs to share it with everyone you know, because anyone that sees this, even if it’s nine Supreme Court justices, every one of them would say, ‘Wow, this is an attack on our country,’” said Lindell during an interview with Revival Channel, adding that it would be ‘the end of times’ if people ignored the film.

Like Trump, Twitter has banned Lindell and his company My Pillow from the platform. Also, several major stores have dropped the My Pillow brand. Lindell faces a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems. 

It is unclear if Lindell’s film will make an impact on the situation. However, it could gain traction if enough people watch it. As it stands, law enforcement and cybersecurity agencies – including Trump officials such as Attorney General Bill Barr – have discovered no evidence to support the claim that the election was hacked.

You can watch “Absolute Proof” on Lindell’s YouTube channel and on One America News Network.


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