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Michigan Professor Openly Calls for Murdering Conservatives

Michigan Professor Openly Calls for Murdering Conservatives

The radical left’s display of intolerance played out fully in a liberal professor’s open call for murdering conservatives. The university has suspended the professor. Nearly all of the leftist media sources have ignored the story.

“Although I do not advocate violating federal and state criminal codes, I think it is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down.” These are the words of a Wayne State University professor that multiple conservative reporters identified as Professor Steven Shaviro. The liberal professor, who teaches English and Film Studies at Michigan’s Wayne State University, made this call for bloodshed in a Facebook post against “such speakers invited by right-wing groups.” 

The New York Post included a screenshot of Shaviro’s Facebook post that has since been deleted. See here.

Townhall reported that Shaviro was also referred to the police.

Seeing instant backlash on social media and in conservative news, the university quickly announced sending the professor on paid leave without revealing his identity or any details of his verbal attack.

Meanwhile, the leftist media outlets have assumed a deafening silence on the story to protect the violent rhetoric of the radical liberal professor. Very few left-leaning news sources posted the story, and those that did, made sure to make their headlines vague and apolitical. Words giving away the professor’s political identity and target, like “liberal” and “conservative,” were not included in the titles of their stories:

– “Wayne State University suspends professor over social media post allegedly advocating violence.” – USA Today

– “Wayne State Suspends Professor After Threatening Social Media Post.” –

– “Wayne State professor suspended after making threatening social media post” – CBS

In the leftist media stories, the identity of the professor was not revealed and CBS did not even report on the original incident. It just posted a brief statement from the Wayne State President M. Roy Wilson announcing the professor’s suspension without giving away his identity or the political sides of his and the targets of his call for violence.

Conservatives on social media blasted the leftist mainstream media for not reporting the story. One post on Twitter, mistakenly believing that the professor was sent on leave with pay, pointed to media’s silence. Another reminded that Jane Fonda called for the murder of her political opponents on The View “without a peep.”

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  1. Dennis McLain

    This “professor” should be fired and put on trial for promoting death to a group of people that are US citizens. People like him are the problem!

    • Richard Young

      This professor looks mentally ill and belongs in a mental institution.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Not a peep when Republicans call for shooting immigrants… or the RW nationalists and even typical Trump supporters yelled “string her up” about Clinton, “hang Mike Pence”, or advocate shooting Black Lives Matter protesters. Or Trump calling for violence from his supporters because he’s being indicted for his many crimes (seems like they may have learned something from the Jan 6th’ers getting thrown under the bus, since only a handful showed up).

      But let one obscure professor from a backwater college state that only violence will work against right wing extremists, and the right wing gets fainting spells from their knickers being so twisted.

      Ding Dong the witch is dead! I’m looking forward to Trump’s perp-walk on Tuesday! I’m going to find the best picture I can of Trump in handcuffs, blow it up and make a poster out of it.

      • frank stetson

        When it comes to lone wolfs, loons, one-offs not being part of a bigger whole, the real one we all missed is connecting the dots for the radical right wing Republican path of violence at State Capitols, Summer of Floyd protests, and white supremacist violent protests occurring in 2020 and leading down that violent path right to the Capitol on 1.6.2021, a day of insurrection infamy.

        There are multiple “training sessions” at State Capitols culminating in the arrest if Michigan Governor kidnappers. You seem many of the tactics, weapons, and defenses deployed that we saw on 1.6.2021. The radical right learned many police aspects here that served them well at the Capitol. As well as experiencing “help” garnered on the inside like the Representative that let them in the doors at one Statehouse. They also learned that they had hours before any real actions were taken against them, plenty of time. We saw them as backwater-one-offs in silly states rather than threads in the larger fabric of frustration that tried to take our Capitol and steal the vote.

  2. oldclimber

    It never ceases to amaze me that these liberals could be so stupid as to suggest “action” of this type. They are so stupid as to consider themselves immune to their own “final solultions”.

  3. frank stetson

    More news from the Dumpster. He’s back and there’s gonna be garbage; he’s a cutting and a pastin and adding enough mental manure and inuendo that his trash bin runneth over. He whines about lack of national coverage for a local story of a guy going off the deep end on facebook with some violent hate speak. Makes me wonder about our past leader of the free world, the most powerful man in the world, and the Dumpster’s choice for President, who does the very same thing which apparently has not place in this Dumpster. “Death and Destruction” from the self-proclaimed Master of Retribution against the “animal backed by Soros,” the Manhattan DA, apparently has no place in this local story. It’s national after all.

    First, while a Yale Phd, this loon is at Wayne State, a mediocre State School establishment at best, a nobody on the national stage, who took a dive off the deep end in Facebook, posted some hate speak horseshit that clearly crosses the line, and was immediately suspended by the school, although with pay. Pretty sure he’s looking at a new career, one that does not require his degree, but time will tell. That’s the story here, so far. I doubt it will go farther unless his being seen by mental health professionals is Dumpster news.

    But the Dumpster, ever in need of an emergency, blows this sucker right out of the water and into the stratosphere starting with his pitiful whine about a lack of MSM coverage. Heck, this one barely hit the radical right blogosphere. Whatever. Keep on whining.
    The actual story is bad enough, but the Dumpster has to embellish the insanity with his own. He claims: “The radical left’s display of intolerance played out fully in a liberal professor’s open call for murdering conservatives.” It was one guy, a nobody at a mediocre State School. It was not the “radical left,” just one loon. While he is probably a liberal, the Dumpster does not say “allegedly” or offer any proof as to the guy’s political bent. I am guessing the Dumpster got it right, but still — why leap to facts not in evidence Dumpster’s a journalist? Then he piles on, “the open call for murdering conservatives” where the Dumpster is not only 100% wrong but just as incendiary as the loon. The loon said, and you can read it all in the Dumpster, “ I think it is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down.” Unlike Dumpster the Conflator, I am doubtful that all conservatives are racists, homophobes, or transphobes, no matter what’s in the Dumpster. Not to mention that the loon did note he is against breaking the law.

    In the realm of free speech, it’s hard to reconcile this guy’s statement on obeying the law with his statement on killing. It’s looney. However, like the master of all this: Mr. Trump, I doubt it crosses the legal line of inciting violence since it clearly notes his advocacy for not breaking the law. Nonetheless, the school made the best choice. Hope they follow up and can the guy. But winning in court, pretty doubtful. Over a thousand arrests after Trump’s speech and he will not be arrested for inciting that violent day.

    In term’s of Dumpster’s whine about the press, he cites lack of coverage, not revealing the professor, the politics, the targets, etc. to the point of the media acting “to protect the violent rhetoric of the radical liberal professor.”

    Yahoo News reported on it verbatim listing all targets. Actually, it seems to add some posting about the Professor mentioning murderers of deplorables being acquitted that the Dumpster missed completely by not catching main stream coverage.
    Daily Beast covered it mostly by the President’s email but did add it called for violence against bigoted speakers.

    CBS, NBC, and ABC covered locally, not sure if anyone beyond CBS took it national. As far as I can tell, they covered it high level as the Dumpster noted.

    AP News also covered it like the Dumpster said, very high level. But covered.

    And DailyMail UK added a lot more to the story, I guess this one also didn’t hit the Dumpster. Too bad, it made it worse:

    I am not sure that every loon who posts something loony needs to be national news. This was one guy, an old guy who got his Phd half a century ago, working at a mediocre school, going off the deep end and being suspended immediately. Only the Dumpster with his right wing manifesto of a story could blow this into a radical left manifesto against all conservatives while demanding national coverage for bullshit from one loon. The day we start living by closely following loony posts on Facebook is probably the day we actually aren’t really living anymore. Ask the Magarats. The Dumpster should move beyond the virtual world and into the actual world.

  4. H.D.

    Idiots like this don’t seem to realize that what they say can easily be turned around, and what he is saying is that the people who he disagrees with should kill him. Of course this is false, but logic dictates this understanding of what he said. Why is it the better educated a liberal is, the less he uses his brain? We need to start teaching “the Golden Rule” again, both in school and at home. Do you remember that one???

    It went “Do on to others, the way you would have them do unto you.”



  6. Darren

    Did the Proud Boy ever say anything like that about Democrats?
    They have been locked up for how long?
    Oh yea, Bidens people are in charge.

  7. frank stetson

    I’m struggling with Darren being brain-dead or delightfully devious baiting others to repeat the Proud Boys hate speak against people that don’t look like Darren. Which is it Darren, stupid or conniving?

    Yes, Darren, the Proud Boys have said far worse than that about a lot of people, many of whom are Democrats. Look it up as it really just does not bear repeating. However, these schmucks revere Hitler and all that he did. Is that why you ask the question basically trolling to have it repeated here?

    As far as anyone from 1/6 being locked up, get over it, you are the party of law and order and this is law and order.

    All arrested and adjudicated as guilty are criminals. Arrested equals over 1,000, still adding 10 a day to the list, but it is slowing. Maximum possible count is 3,000 Republicans representing most, if not all, of our 50 States. The count of how many of the 1,000 are convicted criminals stands close to 500 as of March. That’s batting 500 ball. The vast majority voted Republican. Their leader likes to hold bats to threaten perceived enemies. Most 1/6-ers are white men. BUT most are not extreme either. Most may be misdemeanors, but today, close to 60% are getting jail time. That’s better than 500 ball. GOOD. There has only been 1trial acquittal but 13 cases have been dismissed. That’s a lot of guilty, guilty, guilties.

    If they are in jail still, pending trial, and there are not many of them, then they have been deemed a danger to society based on their actions as determined by a judge. GOOD again, these folks are most likely, based on experience thus far, criminals. I know, innocent until guilty, And this many years in jail versus 100 days until trial is extreme. But probably guilty, just based on the results so far, I would not bet against them spending a lot more time in jail, based on their actions, as determined by a judge and jury. Most of this shit has been video’d. There are excludable delays, it’s a somewhat grey area but court congestion, based on these criminals acting together to clog the court system, covid, and the acts themselves probably gave prosecutors the wiggle room they needed, legally. Otherwise, quit your crying and take it to court.

  8. Kathy Davies

    Wow, just when you thought the radical left couldn’t sink any lower, a liberal professor openly advocates for murdering conservatives. And yet, unsurprisingly, the leftist media remains silent on the issue. It’s sickening to see such intolerance and hatred being promoted in an academic setting.

    • frank stetson

      I really doubt this guy’s rhetoric is being promoted Kathy. Nor does it represent the radical left. It’s one guy, a loon by all accounts.

      Not sure what the “leftist media” even is, but it was covered locally by MSM outlets and nationally by a number, and even picked up in UK. It’s one guy. One guy that has not been associated with any larger, formal group. He said it in one post, he is suspended, probably will be fired or at least on job probation for life, and you want what —- 24/7 coverage for what, a couple of months?

      If we covered radical right wing individual loons based on facebook and other social media entries as you want to cover the radical left loons, when they appear, there would be no room for the Trump indictment story anymore :>)

      Honestly, every loon that mouths off on Facebook is really not news even if their posts ruffle your delicate feathers. Stiff up lip, Nancy, soldier on.

  9. THomas

    A comment like that coming from a professor needs to be put down like a mad dog !
    He has no place teaching his trash to any age of student !
    Too bad his parents did not abort him … is it too late to do it now ?

  10. frank stetson

    In my country, we follow the rule of law and do not practice the vigilantism you seem to desire. IOW — we don’t put people down like dogs as you would wish, but instead we adjudicate them in a court of law. All true citizen patriots know this; how about you?

  11. KawikaFiveSix

    Remember the television character “Steve Urkel” on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters?
    The Leftists use FAKE “News” and incitements to mob violence, such as calls to assassinate President Trump, or to murder all the police or for anyone who is against abortion, to egg-on some Left-Wingnuts into doing their ‘dirty work’ for them.
    Then Leftist idiots like this one, and Hitlery, Mad Max, Jane Fonda, and outfits like CNN will pull a Steve Urkel and claim, “Did I do that?”

  12. George

    I think Frank Stetson is mentally ill.

  13. frank stetson

    Nope, George, he’s been tested…..but really George, can you imagine if the left took every example of a bad Republican actor and broadcast each episode as proof-positive of the entire deplorable nature of Republicanism, and then how would you feel? Honored?

    I mean we have 1,000 arrests after 1.6.2021, invited by Trump, sent by Trump, looking to overturn an entire election and we can’t get away with saying it’s Trump’s fault, it’s Republican’s fault. But you get one loon in backwater America popping his cork and it’s your cause celeb for all Democrats, all the time, everywhere in America.

    Yeah, I’m the one with mental illness you paranoid skitzo’s

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Name one single elected Republican in the last 20 years who has openly advocated killing the opposition.

      • frank stetson

        Gee Joe, stack the deck much when you play poker? I can not believe you would ask such a stupid question. Can’t any of you and yours look before they leap? It boggles the mind to see dumb like this. I keep saying: JFGI with emphasis on the F.

        This guy was a single lone wolf Democrat getting loony to which you ascribe fault to the entire Democratic party. But you want to limit the field to elected Republicans only (why, was this loon of a professor an “elected” Democrat? Or even a Democrat?

        Then you say we should limit it just to killing. Must it be killing — not just physical harm? Heck, in the midterms, you Republicans had three or more guys, and not all white either, accused of wife/girlfriend abuse. Can’t we count that as violence by loonies?

        I just can’t believe you are this deaf, dumb, and blind, Kid, cause you sure don’t play a mean pin ball, or with a full deck for that matter :>) But WTF, it’s like taking candy from a baby (which in the Republican world makes you a podophile if you are a Democrat but a Senator if you are a Republican. :>) He goes the hit parade, took five minutes to google JOE. Low hanging fruit, or lynching fruit for you Republicans aficionado’s of violence to solve problems.

        = Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene repeatedly called for executing Democratic politicians for over two years in 2018 and 2019 before being elected. Republicans upon hearing the threats voted to get me some more of that.
        – MTG said: “a bullet to the head would be quicker” to get rid of Pelosi.
        – MTG hit the like button for FBI executions to fix the Deep State.
        – MTG called for hanging Obama and Clinton for the Iran deal

        = Josh Hawley fist pumped demonstrators for their “hang Mike Pence,” and “hang Nancy Pelosi” signs.

        = Representative Paul Gosar, Republican from Arizona posted an anime video portraying him killing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
        – PG also showed himself swinging a sword at Biden.

        = In Oct of 2021, at a Conservative Republican Rally in Idaho, a jerk way asked: “when can we start using guns to kill Democrats.” The Idaho state Republican representative responded to the large crowd: “that’s a fair question.”

        = In March of 2020, Ken Buck, Republican Representative from CO, said: “I have a message for Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke. If you want to take everyone’s AR-15 in America, why don’t you swing by my office in Washington, D.C., and start with this one.” In the video, Buck grabs a stars-and-stripes-decorated rifle mounted on the wall. He points the gun menacingly, smiles what he must have imagined to be a tough-guy smile, and says: “Come and take it.”

        = Republican Senate candidate, Josh Mandel, posed: “When the Gestapo show up at your front door, you know what to do.” This son-of-a-bitch is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor. What is wrong with us? Especially Republicans who rarely even speak out against this unholy shit.

        Mr. McCarthy, who condemned the Jan. 6 attack said “violence is never a legitimate form of protest.” Then he joked about hitting Nancy Pelosi in the head with a gavel when he replaces her as speaker.

        OK Joe, you ignorant rabid right wing wasted warrior, how bout the 300 pound orangutang in the room: TRUMP THE TERRIBLE, TRUMP the top Republican, TRUMP the current candidate leader for 2024 in the Republican Party who said, amongst other vile things:

        Encouraged attendees at rallies to “knock the hell” out of protesters
        Praised a Republican-elected lawmaker that body-slammed a reporter
        Defended rioters clamoring “hang Mike Pence”
        Told police to “please don’t be too nice” while they arrested protestors
        “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” to calm folks during the Summer of Floyd protests

        “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol. You’ll never take back our country with weakness.”

        And FYI: Republicans have also offered to kill, by gun usually, RINOs, their opponents, and even someone dating GA Gov. Kemp’s daughter. Joe, I have dozens of these vile violent threatening statements by Republican wanna-be tough guys who spew just like you. It’s really low hanging fruit and very prevalent in your party you seem to not know very well.

        Remember: Democrats install metal detectors; Republicans install mental defectives.

  14. EMMA


  15. EMMA


  16. Steven Shaviro is teaching mostly (18-24 year olds) people who have recently left childhood, that just graduated from HS.

    Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) professor Steven Shaviro said, “It is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down.”

    This is completely subjective on Steven Shaviro’s part. As at least half of the population feels the left to be equally insane, but does not advocate killing them.

    Bear in mind this is a “college professor”. Steven Shaviro is teaching mostly (18-24 year olds) people who have recently left childhood, that just graduated from HS.

    This “college professor” has no business teaching impressionable “barely adults”.

    Politicians that say bigoted things like Steven Shaviro are just as bad. But no one has to hear a lecture from them 2-3 days a week for 1-3 hours.

    Fascism – Oppressive, dictatorial control.

    Steven Shaviro deserves jail, but parents would settle for expulsion from his position at a college as he is: unfit, unwell and a liberal fascist.

  17. Tony L Bell

    Seems this supposed Professor, Steven Shaviro is extremely afraid of conservative speech. Frankly, that is the case with liars, they cannot tolerate truth.

  18. frank stetson

    WSUniversity professor Shaviro said, “It is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down.”

    Bell’s takeaway: “Seems this supposed Professor, Steven Shaviro is extremely afraid of conservative speech.”

    thus concluding that racist, homophobic, and transphobic speech is conservative speech.

    you must be so proud of your inclusion. you are beyond woke.