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Michelle Obama Pressured Twitter to Ban Trump! 

Michelle Obama Pressured Twitter to Ban Trump! 

Internal documents released by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, suggest that pressure from former First Lady Michelle Obama led to the platform banning Donald Trump. 

One of Musk’s first actions upon acquiring the social media giant was to reinstate the ex-president’s account. Trump was banned from Twitter the day after Mrs. Obama and others demanded the company “permanently” remove him, according to the newest “Twitter Files” installment.

Over the weekend, Musk and journalist Michael Shellenberger released the fourth batch of Twitter documents that show internal communications by the company’s executives between Jan. 6-8, 2021, including and shortly after the riot at the Capitol Building.

Among the files, Shellenberger reported “internal and external pressure,” including from the former first lady, fell onto the company calling for Trump to be banned from using Twitter.

“Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior—and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technologies from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection,” the former first lady wrote in a lengthy statement posted to Twitter on Jan. 7.

Michelle then added, “And if we have any hope of improving this nation, now is the time for swift and serious consequences for the failure of leadership that led to yesterday’s shame.”

In addition to the former first lady, the Anti-Defamation League, among several other prominent people and organizations, called for Trump’s ban.

On the morning of Jan. 7, then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wrote an email to employees instructing them, as Shellenberger revealed, “to remain consistent in its policies, including the right of users to return to Twitter after a temporary suspension.”

Trump was serving a suspension on the platform at the time. 

The files also showed Twitter maintained a policy — called “Public-interest exceptions” — where elected officials were not banned as there was a great public interest in their comments, even if they seemed to violate other policies.

While Trump’s temporary suspension was lifted, this second policy was specifically and intentionally ignored in Trump’s case, Shellenberger reported.

This latest release of internal Twitter documents also revealed that in 2018, 2020, and 2022, 96%, 98%, & 99% of Twitter staff’s political donations went to Democrats.”

After Musk purchased Twitter and took over as its chief executive, Trump’s access to the platform was restored. Trump has yet to resume control of his account, however, and has previously told Fox News Digital that he intends to remain on his social media platform, Truth Social.

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  1. Mike F

    Clearly should have been banned from twitter long before he was due to his divisive, lying tweets. The country suffered for twitters policy of not banning public figures. Hooray that the FFL had the fortitude to demand this long overdue action…

  2. Steve Queipo

    Big mike the trannie POS needs to know only woke idiots give a crap about what he or his husband the kenyan have to say. The both of them are worthless power-hungry anti Americans that should have been hanged or shipped back to kenya. FU to all the obammies

  3. Frank stetson

    Can we ship Drumpf back to Germany?

    I think Muskrat has proved his support for the First Amendment when he offed all those journalists for unfavorable, yet true, stories. Twas a 4th estate sale, a purge, a coup. He even banned a guy for writing about a guy who was banned. That’s a two degrees of separation ban. Bacon will be banned soon no doubt.

    These are bans without validation, bans without a specified term or chance of appeal. There’s no process, no policy, no program, there’s no people even, just King Musk.

    First Amendment my ass. I may not agree with much Joe says, but he runs circles around Musk in defense of the first. He tries hard. Musk just fails and put personality ahead of our top right.from our bill of riots that Musk has aborted.

    • Theodore

      How about we ship you to China instead? You sound like the perfect propaganda minister for the communist Chinese government with the drivel you spew on such a regular basis.

      • Sam

        Just more commie shit from the dumbass party. Michelle looks like an ape in drag

        • frank stetson

          Calling a well-educated, calm, black woman “an ape in drag.” Yupper, civil rights has come a long way and racism is alive and well living in Amerika.

          • Rastus

            I praise God for racism. I pray that the Democratic Party will become more racist every day

          • Lyudmila Loseva

            Do you think it’s okay that a “well-educated, easy-going black woman” and, moreover, a former first lady of America (or a gentleman?) demand that Twitter be banned – the President of America? – “Yes, civil rights have come a long way, and racism is alive and healthy in America”, only this racism has changed its color to black! Turn on your brains!

          • Ted

            Nucking figger

          • Frank stetson

            Calling her the n-word is just you covering your insecurity by saying the prohibited on an anonymous web site. Heck, you can’t even say it, you have to hide it like you hide anonymously here.

            It’s the best you can do. You can’t debate any of us. You haven’t got the chops, education or skills for that. So, you anonymously display bad words you can’t even spell right.

            So sad.

      • Joyce


    • Joyce

      You mean a puppet must be running biden

  4. Darren

    Frank, your comments are very amusing at times, but you are way off on this one.

    I will not go into argument with you on your comment, as my attorney once told me, never argue
    with a crazy person as anyone watching will not be able to tell what person is the crazy one.

    It must get lonely in that cave.

  5. frank stetson

    I have no clue what you mean except you listen to your lawyer……it’s just all so crazy :>)

    I would respond, but you said nothing of interest.

  6. Darren

    Must have hit a nerve did I.

  7. Franks steston

    Yeah yoda, all a quiver i am.

  8. Joseph S. Bruder

    Isn’t Hillary enough of a punching bag? Or Nancy Pelosi? Gonna pick another strong woman to beat up on? Republicans are a bunch of pussies…

    A lot of people called publicly for Trump to be banned. The only power an ex-President and his wife have are the respect they earned during their time in office. Trump earned no respect, only fear, and is finding out that he has nothing left now. Musk is finding that out for himself too.

    • Sam

      Maybe Hillary and Nancy will sit on your face

  9. Leslie Henderson

    trump and musk , both hero’s who are true patriots.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      “True Patriots” is code for the same thing my grandmother used to say, “well, bless their heart”, both of which mean “what a fucking idiot”.

      • frank stetson

        what patriots are not true? kind of redundant, like a free gift…. I guess we should consider the source :>(

  10. Frank stetson

    Yeah, Twitterfree speech for muskrat and muskrat-speech Twitter for everyone else.

    “Morality board, morality board, I don’t need no stinking morality board. Lawyers, lawyers, I don’t need no stinking lawyers. Web designers, when designers, I don’t need no stinking web designers.”

    Thus endth Twitter. Thank God he bought all the stock.

    Look it’s Republican Jeff Bezo’s without the cute vans…..

  11. Fortunate

    Since we Americans don’t know who’s a man or who’s a woman any more , I think all Americans should be allowed to voice their opinions to tell you the truth I did vote for Obama , but it was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made & I wish I could recant my vote for him , he did nothing for the USA , the navy Seal deserves all the accolades for taking Oben down who threatened Barry Soeterro / alias Barack Obama down, They also should have Taken the Koran out of the American people owned White House , & placed the American holy bible in there, Any foreign National who enters the USA must be forced to have a valid American birth Certificate , or a valid Foreign Birth Certificate if they were born in any foreign country upon entering the USA for themselves or for their children they have with them proving these kids they have with them are really their kids , & not some other foreign Nationals kids . they also should be forced to have a valid pass port as Americans do when they travel to any other country if not be allowed in the USA , Nobody is above the Law,