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Mexico Refuses to Attend Biden-Hosted Americas Summit 

Mexico Refuses to Attend Biden-Hosted Americas Summit 

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) on Monday confirmed his decision not to attend a summit of Americas hosted by United States President Joe Biden because not all countries in the Western Hemisphere were invited. 

After much deliberation, the Biden Administration chose to exclude authoritarian leaders from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela based on concerns regarding human rights and democracy. 

We “understand” Mexico’s position, explained State Department spokesman Ned Price, but “one of the key elements of this summit is democratic governance, and these countries are not exemplars, to put it mildly.”

AMLO joins Honduran President Xiomara Castro in sending delegations led by lower government officials rather than themselves. “There cannot be a summit if all countries are not invited,” said AMLO, who plans to meet with Biden in Washington next month. “Or there can be one but that is to continue with all politics of interventionism.”

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canal said he wouldn’t attend the summit even if he was invited and described Biden’s decision to exclude some nations as “discriminatory and unacceptable.” 

Though Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is banned from attending, Biden expects to see some representatives for opposition leader Juan Guaido, who is recognized by the US as Venezuela’s official leader.

President Biden says he wants to improve relations with Latin America, but his exclusion of key players – especially given the fact that regional migration is a key theme of the event – makes his position less than convincing. Biden has put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of addressing the root causes of the surge in migration from Central America to the US at the summit, a difficult task that could be undermined by AMLO’s refusal to attend. 

In addition to regional migration, the summit will touch on climate change, pandemic recovery, countering Chinese aggression, and a swath of economic challenges. The event beings June 8th in Los Angeles, CA. At least 23 heads of state are expected to attend. 


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  1. frank stetson

    So Alice has her knickers knotted because the US refuses to meet with Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua because it’s a meeting of Democratic nations to further Democracy.



    Bet Alice would have written a more turgid tome if Biden invited them……

    Get a real job Alice, you suck at this. IMO.

    • Tom

      Frank, relax, give the kid a break. She is just starting out. Yes her articles are a bit shallow and nothing but she will grow. Remember when you were just starting out and did not understand how the world really works? Don’t worry, with trannies everywhere it won’t be long and she will sport her strap on penis and be just like Larry! Then you can bash her like you do Larry.

      • frank Stetson

        heh, heh, strange but true.

        Come on, she’s a copy/paste pro with zero added-value. She doesn’t validate anything the right-wing blogsphere spews out. I do give her credit for sourcing, and on this one MSM to boot.

        But still, a staunch conservative beating up on someone because they won’t meet with countries that kill democracy, install autocracy, and can be communist to boot. That’s just funny when you think about how far Alice will go to condemn Democrats.

        Fair, no. Balanced, hell no. Journalism, not bloody likely.

        Maybe a career in politics?

        • Michael

          About as fair and balanced as CNN,MSNBC, CBS and ABC.

      • Amanda

        Frank and Tom are being sexist. What say you Alice?

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Alice told me to tell you first, Frank and Tom stop being sexist. And second, that her knickers are knot free.

          • Ben

            I won’t speak for Tom’s sexism, but are you really saying “knickers knotted” is sexist? I doth think thou protest too much, and not as a 1/6 tourist gone amuck.

            But I am happy that you finally woke.

    • Ben

      Democracy? The countries that you named ain’t even close.

      • ben

        Maybe read the story first dumb shit.

  2. Good Luck

    Does Biden have any friends left in the World.? Other than China where Biden and son get their money.

    • Ben

      He could make friends in a rest home. Like Frank stetson does in a men’s bathroom

      • Thomas

        And Ben

  3. Angelika

    Why would they, they all know he was NOT “elected” by the American people……They DON’T like libtards either…..

    • Jason

      Frank and Tom should apologize to Alice. If those remarks were made to liberal women the reaction would be fierce. So they should stop pretending to be about equality. Of course they have nothing to say when conservative women are vilified and insulted. Both of the fools should find a liberal site to post their sexism

      • frank stetson

        Which remarks, Jason? Knickers knotted? Something else?