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Merrick Garland: Louisville Police Dept engaged in a pattern of civil rights violations

Merrick Garland:  Louisville Police Dept engaged in a pattern of civil rights violations

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Department of Justice has entered into a consent decree with the Louisville, Kentucky, police department.  It was the culmination of a DOJ investigation that commenced in April 2021 – a year after the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor, an emergency room technician for the University of Kentucky Health.

Taylor was in an apartment with her boyfriend when police executed a search warrant as part of a drug investigation.  According to reports, police first knocked on the door – although they had a “no knock” warrant — and then entered.  Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, said he did not hear the knock or the police announcing the presence.  He fired what he said was a “warning shot,” thinking the police were intruders.  The shot wounded one of the officers in the leg. Taylor was killed in the return fire.  Walker was unhurt.

It turned out that the warrant was issued on false information provided by the Louisville police.  Detective Kelly Goodlett pleaded guilty to putting false information in the request for the warrant – and for issuing a false report to cover up the false information. 

Following several investigations – including a grand jury hearing – all charges against Walker were dropped.  The Taylor family was provided with a $12 million settlement.  One officer was convicted of “reckless endangerment” for shooting blindly through a wall to a neighboring apartment.  Others either resigned, were fired or were reassigned.

As a result of its investigation, the DOJ found that the Louisville Police Department had engaged in “a pattern” of civil rights violations — especially discriminating against African American residents.  The report accused the police of “routinely” targeting black citizens for stops, searches, and arrests without probable cause.  The DOJ further accused Louisville police of using excessive force and derogatory language in dealing with blacks – treating them as “inherently suspicious or dangerous.”

This is yet another example of the remnants of the ebbing institutional racism that still afflicts many or our major cities.  The problem of urban institutional racism has been an iconic characteristic of American cities with large – and mostly segregated – black populations.  Institutional racism is not as bad or flagrant as it was in the past, but it still can be found in urban America.

It is also an example of a truth that some folks try to deny or ignore – and I do get pushback for pointing to that truth.   The preponderance of institutional racism in America is found where there has been a long established – mostly one-party – rule by a Democrat political machine.

Louisville is just another example.  It has not had a Republican mayor since 1969.  In fact, since the end of the Civil war, only 9 of the 45 mayors have been Republican – and most of those were prior to 1933.  Only two Republicans have served since that time.  For the record, the City Council has also been dominated by  Democrats for generations – with the current division of 16 Democrats and 10 Republicans.

This is all relevant because urban institutional racism is the product of municipal government – that controls the police, housing, education, segregation, job creation, and social mobility.

Louisville will now undergo reforms in policing under the Consent Decree.  An independent monitor will report progress to the Department of Justice.  Reforms involve changes in policies on stops and arrests.  Police will undergo training in dealing with people – including citizen speech rights and handling mental health issues in crisis responses.  The police are required to collect more defined data on enforcement activities.  

Of course, this one Decree does not address other aspects of historical institutional racism.  Hopefully, they will be addressed by future municipal leaders in cities across the nation.  At least the problem of institutional racism is trending in the right direction.  And will continue to do so IF we hold those accountable who are imposing or allowing institutional racism to exist.

So, there ‘tis.

Editor’s note: Having grown up in Louisville and done a deep dive into this particular case, it was clear to me that Breonna Taylor was guilty. They found money in the walls, the evidence was solid according to my sources. And her boyfriend was a scumbag who used her has a human shield.

It was probably wrong for the one officer to shoot through the wall (after being shot at), and it may be true that there have been civil rights violations elsewhere in the Louisville Police Department. But in this case, the police officers (in my opinion) behaved according to the law and police procedures. This was simple racist appeasement from the Biden Administration.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. BWH

    Every case that the ambulance (or morgue) chaser Ben Crump is involved in is suspicious in my opinion. He gets the likes of Al Sharpton and their friends in the media to use racist talking points so that the truth is at a disadvantage when it comes out. Everywhere I see him I know there will be a problem with truth.

  2. bozo

    merrick garland is a idiot…good thing he was not sworn into the supreme court…what a old ass hole !!!

  3. Bubba Love

    Hey Merrick, after you get done with harassing the police and persecuting parents of school kids, how about indicting Hunter and the big guy.

  4. frank stetson

    That’s some editor’s note Larry; seems to run contrary to the facts and certainly does not compliment your thoughtful piece……

    I agree. It’s a Democratic city and this has been going on for some time. You nailed one. Yes, the police are quite white and have a demographic different than the community they serve, but probably well within diversity guidelines. Almost scary how between the lines they are and yet still act as if an all-white-boys-club —– which they are not. Yes, this is a municipal issue. Specifically it is a Louisville issue. Apparently there is no oversight from the mayor’s office or even an ear to what their constituents are saying about abuse.

    But, again, to say systemic racism is the sole purview of cities, and therefore all Democratic, I feel is not correct. IMO, systemic racism is everywhere and condoned or even promoted by all levels of government. I note you seem to be softening your stance, now saying: “This is yet another example of the remnants of the ebbing institutional racism that still afflicts many or our major cities. The problem of urban institutional racism has been an iconic characteristic of American cities with large – and mostly segregated – black populations. Institutional racism is not as bad or flagrant as it was in the past, but it still can be found in urban America.” Good for you, seems improved. Not quite there yet, but I think this is a huge improvement over: all cities democrat, all democrats bad…….

    “many,” “not as bad or flagrant as in the past.” all good softeners, but “iconic characteristic of American cities with large – and mostly segregated – black populations” might be viewed differently in many communities of other minorities as well as a number of Hispanic and even white communities. Plus, as I consistently say, Republican cities have similar issues, counties, states, even federal issues too.

    On this one you nailed it though: Louisville, Democrat, police are a racist state unchecked by the mayor in control. He appoints the top cop. Basically the cops abused folks, people with health disabilities and blacks even more. Including racist names, throwing trash at them, excessive force, illegal warrants, the works….. And no way can I say it’s the old Southern Democrats, they are the new Southern Democrats and if this mayor does not clean this up toot sweet, vote for a government that will serve the people.

    At least I learned Louisville is a big place.

    One thing I always wonder though —- why do Black cops put up with it? Why not say something, or say something when leaving, since why would you work in a place like that, that does those things? Or do you join in? I can put up with a lot of abuse, but not sure I could put up with systemic abuse of others, especially the innocent.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … I was addressing issues of systemic racism, not the the justification for the raid. The Editor provides that facet to the event. To me, the key issues was the falsification of the warrant request. And you draw a distinction without a difference between the “old southern Democrats” and the “new Southern Democrats.”

      • frank stetson

        Are you stealth posting now? Trying to hide your freak flag? Many of your posts seem to sneak in…..

        The editor lies and brings down your fine efforts. There is no confirmation to a number of their factoids. Can I post my comments as part of your story? Personally, I would verbally kick their ass for that unless you agree to the comments?

        I am sorry, but Democrats in the South today are not associated, except by name, with the DixieCrats of a hundred years or more ago. Just like Republicans are not the Party of Reagan anymore. Times change, things change. It’s hard for me to reconcile Blacks being Dixiecrats.

        Or you can continue with: they all be bad and they always have been bad and nothing ever changes for them. But I do not agree with that for Democrats, Republicans, or even Independents.

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson … “stealth posting”? Have you totally lost it. I have no idea what your are talking about in this post –other than your repititious claims about racism, Republican, Democrats. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Frank stetson

            It’s just a simple observation Mr Horist; if you don’t understand, never mind. It’s ok.

            Lost what? Are you reading my mind again making up the fantasy Stetson that only you imagine? What is your obsession with this?

            Good talking issues again. Way to stay on point.


    Hey Garland … shut your pie hole you LIE with every breath you take ! You need to be sent to Prison for life !

  6. Tom

    Good post Larry, good comments Frank! Nice to see you guys agreeing once and a while!

    I am not very up on the Brianna Taylor incident. I remember it and the outrage, but that’s about it. It was a silent warrant deal to go after the boyfriend for drug selling I think, right? The warrant was not for Brianna, right? Cops seemed to have gotten a bit aggressive to me.

    I was not aware that it is illegal to store your hard earned cash in walls. I guess I better remove mine. Does this law apply to mattresses as well? With banks failing, and the markets in a historic slump, where is one supposed to go with their cash these days? I guess T-bills.

    Well it seems like the flower of institutional racism is growing in Louisville, and its Dem soil this time. But from where I sit on the Throne of Independent Voting, it appears that GOP cities and states have just as much guilt and they have just as much “splaining” to do.

    Here are some examples just for “balance sake” of GOP cities with what looks like the same problem, that ole nasty institutional racism bug: read this article at “” . Alabama, Arkansas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, that’s not just a list of states where the GOP has a lock on statewide elected office, it also happens to be a partial list of states with the highest infant mortality rates. AND It’s not just that these “red” states are failing, it’s that they are taking in federal tax dollars much faster than their “blue” counterparts – my ole childhood neighbor from PA, John Barrasso, is a US Senator now from one of the biggest GOP begger states, Wyoming, AND lets not forget that the two lowest ranking state education systems (and we all agree education is a way out of poverty) are the pride and joy of the GOP at: “” Way to go GOP!!!!

    And just for a little more sobriety and balance, lets conclude with a list of states that take the most federal aid dollars. Seems like the top 20 are overpopulated with GOP states on this list at “”. So these GOP states are cutting their taxes and taking federal money that is contributed from all of the other states! Wow, great economic strategy!!!

    Violence from the Dems, infant deaths and beggars from the GOPs. Its enough to make my Independent head explode!!! What Larry and Frank ought to be arguing about is which party is the crappiest!!! Let each man defend his own party and argue why they are the crappiest!!!

    So, from the Throne, I hereby decree that both Dems and GOPs, and their propagandists, are enemies of the people. VOTE INDEPENDENT!!! Reject party affiliation like in the beginning of our great country! Independents are the new party of sobriety and balance!

    In closing, read the Gettysburg Address, read it slowly, and find out what we are ALL supposed to be about in this wonderful country!

    • larry Horist

      Tom … You seem to make the same mistake as Frank. You put urban institutional racism as a problem of STATE governments. Virtually ever aspect of any urban racism that results in segregations, oppression on consequential protest and rioting is the primary responsibility of the MUNICIPAL government. It controls the police, the schools, housing, economic development, infrastructure and all the other basic services that are administered with racial biases. You say that GOP cities are just as guilty. You may find an anecdotal example, but the most severe and deadly institutional racism is overwhelmingly found as iconic in cities with Democrat control. The FACTS of segregation data, police complaints and incidents, the worse schools, the most most dangerous and deadly neighborhoods, the highest unemployment rates among blacks, etc. etc. etc. all point to the characteristics of Democrat urban governance. Any attempts at equivalency is a pathetic partisan defense and distraction.

  7. frank stetson

    If the banks fail, it won’t matter much where you put your money, it will be worth the value of TP anyway. my grandmom hid hers in her lining. after her passing, someone finally found it, and then there were no walls……. my mom’s was in a box, but we figured it out. it was “lunch money” meant to sustain us after her passing whilst we cleaned up. bank accounts shut off, safety deposit box required lawyer access, it was a good idea but I have moved on. I just “gift” the kids while requesting it put into long term investments (cd’s, home down payments) combined with TOD/POD accounts so they can grab some cash on day one and I don’t have to hide it .

    Too bad because my house has a lot of secret stash spots, even a “safe room,” well more like a cubby, but it’s got electric….fits two easy, and you would never know it’s there, secret panel behind a closet. also have a tornado shelter, which is a closet on the slab so no basement, that’s overbuilt so the entire house could fall on it, but it would stand. there are two stacked roofs above the closet so pretty sure they won’t go either. I just can’t hide in a basement from 1860’s, way too creepy. bring on global warming, I am more prepared every day. not a survivalist, just a realist.

    Started when a microburst took down a 100 foot locust eight feet from me. Thank goodness for growing up on Lake Erie since I was outside, could recognize that strange color, and still barely made it to the house on a 100-foot run by seconds where I kept running to the window on the far wall. It had to be moving at 60 mph packing 80 mph or better winds. The tree sailed by, 8 feet from the idiot with his face pressed to the glass, like Wizard of Oz time. By the time I backed up ten feet to stand under a bearing wall arch, it was over. How my great room withstood it I will never know. Huge Maple at end of driveway went, blocking me in, and taking out an entire township’s electric. We were on TV news that night. I have not been the same since, tend to flinch when walls o wind are coming. When this thing dropped, it cracked my foundation with the shock wave and we’re talking 24 inches of stone that has not cracked in over 150 years. That’s was on top of God’s tree, Treebeard, that got hit by lightning and exploded. It was ten feet from back door and lightning hit it, superheated the core, and it exploded. Took out a 60 foot leader 30 feet up and the size of a tree. It exploded and hurled pieces 200 yards away, put a Dracula like stake 8 inches into the earth but exploded so hard it was matchstick splinters everywhere, but only two garbage bags of bigger debris and five minutes with the chain saw. God’s tree because the car beneath lost a mirror only, the back door was not touched, and no harm to house. You could look right at it and still conclude it couldn’t happen that way. Even called the minister to see the beauty and the power of God’s will. Two years later I had to cut God’s tree because I left the room every time it thundered.

    But God giveth and….. and insurance even covered the tree removal, odd since not in the policy. Might have been the TV coverage that they received…..Like I said, God provides if you listen and then paste and send…..hey, they asked for proof, got to be careful what you ask for :>) And now I have few trees in tree-distance to the house, and really great sunlight’s with really cool solar shades. No wires!

    Think we have been hit by lightning four times in 30 years, probably on top of copper, and we had two microbursts. One strike hit a tree, jumped to the house drilling a pin-sized hold through my antennae controls on the roof killing the TV. That’s when I got cable! The other microburst came from the wrong direction, so surprise, but stopped ten feet from the house. Just stopped. That’s the cool thing about microbursts, very self-contained, usually short lived, that one had only a 200 foot by 50 foot path. But on the second one, with the close call tree, happened in the year of Sandy and I still have ten full sized pines all laying down together, facing the exact same way, like they got pushed over, which they did. Scary.

    The country is no place for old men :>)

    • Tom

      Frank, you are very correct that if ALL the banks fail, then its just paper with little value. But until then, before we get to the failure, it seems like many places are unsafe to park money these days. But it seems like some of your relations did the same thing with their money, just did not use a wall. Maybe a box instead. My point was that walls are legal money storage devices, not sure what Brianna Taylor did wrong other than pick the wrong boyfriend and die because of it.

      You are an amazing person. I am wondering, you say, ” I have not been the same since, tend to flinch when walls o wind are coming. “. So it seems that you were what we call “shock reprogrammed”. Is this when you became more liberal? Did a lightening bolt glance you? I have seen testimonies where people get hit by lightning and when they come to (often times in the hospital) they are very different, like their brain cells were re-arranged by the jolt. Did you have one of these kind of experiences?

      My point is that as I read you and Larry exchanging verbal mortars, it seems to me that there is plenty of room for improvement in both parties and right now, both parties have dismal statistics, and both are actually acting as enemies of the people. Great time to be an Independent! :>)

      • frank stetson

        I am not sure there was even money in the walls….the editor has dubious, unsupported, claims.

        Breonna, correct spelling, Taylor and her roomie have zero offenses for drugs. Walker has no offenses either and did not live there. The search warrant specified Taylor and her address, even a picture of her soon-to-be busted front door. Here’s where it gets muddy. The warrant does mention Taylor’s old boyfriend Jamarcus Glover, and Adrian Walker. Kenneth Walker and Adrian Walker are not related and no addresses are listed on the warrant for these chaps.

        From USA Today: “In January, Glover, who had past drug trafficking convictions in Mississippi, was among three men charged with trafficking and weapons offenses after police received a tip from a confidential informant that they were hiding drugs and firearms in abandoned homes adjacent to a “trap house” they allegedly operated at an Elliott Avenue address in Louisville. Police seized five handguns and three rifles, according to evidence filed in the case.

        Glover, who was out on bail from earlier charges, was arrested at the house in a simultaneous raid the night of the Taylor killing on March 13.

        According to, Sam Aguiar, an attorney for Taylor’s estate, Glover and Taylor had dated two years earlier and maintained a “passive” relationship. Records and recorded jail calls since January show they had remained in contact. Glover said in a March 13 call, however, that he didn’t have “nothing going on with Bre no more.” In an email to The Courier Journal, Aguiar apologized to “the public and to Breonna’s family” for mischaracterizing the relationship, saying it was based on an erroneous conclusion he drew without the benefit of the jail recording.

        According to the affidavit Louisville Metro Police Detective Joshua Jaynes wrote for the search warrant, Glover used Taylor’s apartment as his home address. Jaynes also wrote that he “verified through a U.S. postal inspector that Glover has been receiving packages” at Taylor’s apartment.

        The Courier Journal reported May 12 that a sworn affidavit from Jaynes said Glover was seen walking into Taylor’s apartment one January afternoon and left with a “suspected USPS package in his right hand” then drove to a “known drug house” on Muhammad Ali Boulevard.

        But Louisville’s U.S. postal inspector, Tony Gooden, told WDRB News in May that a different agency (which he did not identify) had asked in January to look into whether Taylor’s home was receiving suspicious mail. The office had concluded that it wasn’t, Gooden said.

        Glover has since told the Courier Journal and USA TODAY that Taylor had no involvement in drug trafficking. Glover said he only had clothes and shoes sent to Taylor’s apartment because he was afraid they would be stolen if they were left at his home.”

        The editor needs to be edited. “30”

      • frank stetson

        TOM: FYI: being an independent does not absolve you of systemic racism. Good try but we all are responsible for those we elect and I have to think you picked a winner at least once in your life :>) We are all in this together. Libertarians, Socialists, and even American Communists, if you can find one :>)

        Shock whatever? Just takes awhile to not flinch in similar situations. Since trees keep a falling, not a bad reaction either. I have spent over $20K in last year just to remove the blighted ones so other people have a nicer view….yeah sure. Can’t even give the wood away either.

        I was born a liberal. Mom called me her little Republican (fiscal conservative, remember) and took me to LWV functions, freaking polling places, whatever from 6 years old on.

        Lightning struck, but not me. I was out of town at the time basically blaming my wife for not telling the truth about the damage which no way could I conceive to be so small.

        I “parked” most of my assets into muni’s (not a great idea), cd’s and brokered cd’s at the end of 2021, beginning of 2022. Not to say I don’t have some equities (like the famed Disney), but mostly value stocks turning huge dividends, like VZ’s at about 7% now, although I get far less since I paid more that it fetches at present. I used to think about it all ending, but once I figured out that if it ends, even gold will be useless, it makes it easier. My only goal is to stay ahead of inflation which is pretty impossible right now without inordinate risk (for me). If it all crashes, no matter what you did, we will all be in the same boat, up shit’s crick without a paddle. Good for Larry though, he can pick through the shit looking for kernels of truth :>)

        • Tom

          Frank, I agree when you say, “TOM: FYI: being an independent does not absolve you of systemic racism. Good try but we all are responsible for those we elect and I have to think you picked a winner at least once in your life :>) ” NOW, if this is the case, then black people are as responsible for systemic racism as white people. So why do only white people get blamed!??? Why then are we always the bad guys and black people are always the victims when some of them picked the exact same winners!??

          Yes I do not know who the editor was, but I do know I do not remember anything about cash stashed in a wall. Your summary sounds like an African American version of Payton Place! My mom liked that show.

          Yeah I can just see Larry with those latex gloves that go up past your elbows in a bio hazard suit picking threw the mounds for kernels of truth.

  8. Mike f

    Larry, There are only two comments that can be made after reading your article: 1) Based on my read, you believe that institutional racism only exists in cities that are run by democrats. That is complete bull-there is institutional racism across the US, in cities as well as rural areas. 2) The idiot who is your editor (Joe Gilbertson?) needs to start checking the stories he reads on conservative sites, or does he not believe what the Kentucky Attorney General told the grand jury investigating her shooting? Like so much else on this site-his comments are false…

    • Frank stetson


      +1 for the MF.

      Unless Horist is pulling a Tucker. Doubt it though. Joe no pay Fox bucks.

    • larry Horist

      Mike f …. Another example of today’s liberal mindset. Anything with which you disagree should be banned, blocked, canceled and censored. You enjoy the right of free speech because you have and editor who will allow you to express your views — even when wrong or in disagreement with other opinions posted here. Even your anti-Semitic allusions are allowed to appear. You have a communist mentality that YOUR leaders must be believed and respected as the wise and honest people. LOL You have your opinions — as you state on this site. But there is no obligation that your opinions will be accepted as the truth. They say that opinions are like assholes … everybody has one, But it seems that you liberals want to cancel others — leaving you guys as the only assholes around.

      • Frank stetson

        Yup. He’s a mother tucker all right. Prints lies for money and is proud of it. A better response would be an apology for the lies told in his name.

        Lying is not free speech Larry. Never will be.

        Yes, free speech is a right protected in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Lying, in this case, is a right protected by Larry.

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson … Now you are just being stupid. Free speech has limits … such as slander, inciting violence, causing malicious personal harm, perjury and lying to investigators.. But general fibbing is a part of free speech under the Constitution. As with vulgarity. general lying is a cultural matter. And I do not condone lying regardless of your smart ass closing remark — which, by the way is another lie by you. I guess you do not agree with your own definition of the Constitution.

          • frank stetson

            Stupid, me being stupid? My, I am so glad you are sticking to the issues and not getting personal.

            “And I do not condone lying regardless of your smart ass closing remark — which, by the way is another lie by you.” Uh, you voted for Trump; I think you have proven in actions that you do condone lying. Matter of fact, you vote for it.

            Lying is protected as free speech; lying is not free speech — it’s lying. Ask Alex Jones if lying is protected. Soon, as FOX if lying is protected.

            And your revered PBP has a number of special restrictions on free speech. I can not post song lyrics here. I can not talk about your family members. And I can not call Joe a #$#$#$#$#$#$; my doppleganger tried and they have been vanished.

            So, continue to protect lies and liars, old man. Even vote for them, and you will vote for him again if given the chance.

            Lies are abortions of free speech and we know how you feel about abortions…..

            And if I am stupid, then you are a son of a Horist. But neither is true, you are wrong which in your pea-brain sense of morality would be a lie.

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson …. LMAO. You claim that you never voted for a politician who lied — especially in campaigns? Name them. Personally, I cannot think of one. Biden lied, Obama lied. Bush lied. Even my beloved Reagan dropped a few fibs on the campaign trail. I bet even Honest Abe did. Love to hear your list of the pure.

      • Mike f

        Larry, As with much of your writing, not at all sure what you are talking about in your reply to me. I merely pointed out that you are attempting to say institutional racism is only present in democrat controlled cities (anyone living in the US knows that is absurd) and that your editor doesn’t know what he is talking about as the attorney general of the state told the legislature there was no search of the apartment, so how could they find cash hidden behind the walls? (Really sounds pretty dumb to me-do you really think criminals tear out a wall, hide money, then fix the wall?). And then you start rambling on one of your favorite yarns-that I am antisemitic? Tell that to a proud Jewish man Larry Horowitz…

        • larry Horist

          Mike f. … Thanks for providing another example of you anti-Semitic allusions — using the change in my last name as a pejorative tied to you criticism. Some readers may not have understood the reference, so I appreciate you confirmation. And both the editor and I respect your RIGHT to be anti-Semitic in you conversations (as long as you do not act on them it in more direct ways. If you read and comprehended my commentary on the residual of historic Democrat institutional racism, you would know I to not allege exclusivity. i have noted that there can be anecdotal examples of Republican institutional racism … BUT THAT A MINISCULE IN NUMBER AND FAR LESS SEVERE AND VIOLENT IN THE MANY DEMOCRATIC RUN CITIES IN WHICH INSTITUTIONAL RACISM IS PERVASIVE AND EVEN DEADLY. So … stop stop misrepresenting my positions or learn to read and comprehend — and you should really drop your gratuitous and repetitious anti-Semitic allusions. I really do not understand why you think they enhance you position on the issues that have nothing to do with Judaism … period. As to my own view, you can to back and read a past commentary as to why I love Jewish people. You are free to say what you like, but I do not think you win any friends on this site with your anti-Semitic references. So Why??
          Just my opinion.

  9. Mike

    this being a bell that can never be un rung. One with Taylors death and two the year of unrest all over an offices lies.
    we are all paying a price. Taylor more then others. But we as a society. where trust is earned NEVER given. What will be done?

  10. ALFRED