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Merkel Continues to Receive Criticism for her Weak Response to the European Refugee Influx

The end of Europe’s current migrant crisis seems to be nowhere in sight. Chancellor Angela Merkel refuses to halt her policy of allowing excessive asylum seekers into Germany.

However, the daily number of these refugees may be even higher than the 2,000 that was recently reported by Germany’s interior minister. Inspector Benjamin Fretscher told BCC that the arrivals numbers were between 800-2,000 a day. But, this number does not include those getting to other centers in southern Germany, making the actual number between 3,000-4,000 a day. At this rate, Germany will exceed last’s year’s number of 1.1 million refugees that were allowed in the country.

Although, Merkel’s conservative party, has received criticism for allowing the mass immigration, they are not making any plans to start rejecting immigrants. Instead, she is encouraging Germany’s European neighbors to take in more refugees. Most of the other European leaders responded with opposition, especially the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban.

“We must fairly distribute the burden and the tasks among ourselves. With each contributing what they can according to their abilities and their means. It has always been that way in Europe, and that is a formula for success. Therefore, I will not stop fighting, so that we can also master this, perhaps our largest challenge in decades, in solidarity,” said Merkel.

She also proposed that reception centers should be built on European borders to hold unqualified refugees from entering the countries. This idea has been heavily condemned with the centers being compared to concentration camps. German police reported that they are turning away 100-200 refugees who are not eligible to seek asylum.

With consistent resistance from other European leaders and the growing number of individuals disapproving of how the migrant crisis is being handled, this could lead to Merkel’s political demise, as she continues to slide in the polls.

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