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Mentally Lost Biden Looked for Dead Congresswoman at Event

Mentally Lost Biden Looked for Dead Congresswoman at Event

Joe Biden’s dementia went beyond this world to create an embarrassing moment in the public that even left-aligned media couldn’t ignore. At a conference on Wednesday, Biden asked whether Congresswoman Jackie Walorski was attending the event, forgetting that she died in August.

Biden literally forgot that Jackie Walorski, the Indiana congresswoman, died in a car accident in August. At the end of his speech, he was seen asking about Jackie Walorski.

“Jackie are you here? Where’s Jackie?” said Biden as he looked around. Seemingly his handlers reminded him that she was not there and Biden moved past his gaffe without offering any correction or explanation.

Apparently, he still hadn’t realized that he had just asked about a deceased person but followed the cue by the handlers to move on.

Leftist news sources struggled to rationalize Biden’s moment of dementia. The radical leftist news and blogging site Huffington Post couldn’t make up an excuse for Biden’s memory collapse. So it did a very short post about the incident and refrained from bashing Biden for his daily memory failures. Liberal news site Business Insider called the incident a “slip-up that’s sure to fuel Republican attacks.”

As expected, critics of Biden mocked him on social media for the embarrassing moment on stage. Responses ranged from a mild expression of sorrow over his mental state to hilarious jokes and memes trolling Biden.

One tweet reminded how Biden had asked a paralyzed Missouri state senator Chuck Graham to stand up without realizing that Graham had to be in a wheelchair.

While Biden’s exhibition of dementia appeared indefensible, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to defend even this moment and created chaos in doing so.

“She was on top of mind,” Jean-Pierre said and threw a word salad at the reporter who had asked about Biden’s gaffe. When the reporter pressed on her as to why Biden would look for a dead person, Jean-Pierre looked away and invited another reporter for a question.

One reporter insisted on getting an answer and talked over another reporter while Jean-Pierre struggled to ignore the disturbing question about Biden’s mental health.

Finally, she asked the reporter asking about Biden’s dementia to stop talking over others. The moment of chaos and Jean-Pierre’s embarrassing incompetence were noticed widely and made the news.

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  1. The Redhawk

    Two things zAmerican got to live with: 1 there is no cure for Stupid for Kamala she is stuck on it !!! 2 dimwit BiDum is so deep in dementia that he needs the unavailable cure also —-

  2. frank stetson

    No matter how you cut it, this is a sad gaff. Imagine the jaws dropping from those in-the-know in the audience. The family, perhaps.

    Should be a formal apology on this one.

    Man should know to check all facts, no ad lib, no off-the-cuff. Not only is he old, he has always had the problem and should have learned that if it is there to be stepped in, he will do it.

    I just love when he is leaving the podium and the reporter’s scrum is screaming, and he turns to ad lib one more answer. I’m yelling “incoming” as the invariable misspeak appears once again. It’s like he never heard his aides say: “sir, do not answer off the cuff…..”

    Still say he’s forgotten more than most politicians ever knew, but this was a sad one.