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Megyn Kelly Calls Kamala Harris “Bitter” For Her ‘Kick That F–king Door Down’ Comment

Megyn Kelly Calls Kamala Harris “Bitter” For Her ‘Kick That F–king Door Down’ Comment

Popular conservative host Megyn Kelly has mocked Kamala Harris and referred to the VP as “cringey” and “bitter” for telling young leaders to kick down the doors of opportunity when there are roadblocks. Kelly called Harris, as well as former First Lady Michelle Obama, “bitter” for speaking out about how they’ve overcome adversity as Black and Brown women.

Dan Bongino of “The Dan Bongino Show” joined Kelly as the two shared their thoughts about Harris’ remarks when she spoke at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies’ Legislative Leadership Summit. Before laying into Harris, they played a clip of the vice president.

“Don’t ever carry as a personal burden your capacity to do whatever you dream and aspire to do based on other people’s limited ability to see who can do what,” Harris said during the APAICS conference. “This is part of what’s involved, is that we have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open, and sometimes they won’t. And then you need to kick that f–king door down.”

As soon as the video stopped, Kelly took a shot at Harris’ previous relationship with the former mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, whom Harris dated while he was still legally married.

“By that, she means we all need to sleep with Willie Brown,” Kelly said, referring to the relationship between California politician Willie Brown and Harris early in her political career. “That is what kicking the f–king door down, if you gotta sleep with Willie Brown to get ahead, Dan, you do it. You understand?”

Bongino cut in and added to the critique of Harris’ comments, saying, “It is so scripted, so silly, and so ridiculous. They’ve set themselves up in this preposterous trap right now. Where, again, they go to America, and they keep pitching this nonsense about D-E-I — which I call D-I-E — and then you bring out Kamala Harris, who is so clearly completely incompetent for the job.”

Kelly then said Harris’ words were uncomfortable to bear, adding that she felt the politician was being overdramatic with her cursing and seemingly alluded to the notion that Harris hasn’t faced any struggle that has kept her from progressing in her personal life or career.

“It was cringey,” Kelly said. “You felt it on a gut level. I don’t know if she swears or not, but that was obviously inserted for effect. And it’s just absurd to me that a country that did recognize her, she became attorney general, she became a U.S. senator, she became vice president, and now she’s got to talk about how it’s impossible to break through these doors.”

The host continued, comparing Harris’ experiences with Michelle Obama.

“You just have to break, f–king break them down. Just like Michelle Obama, same thing,” Kelly said. “Look how much you’ve achieved in this wonderful country of ours. You’re still bitter. Whenever you get the opportunity, you’ve got to rip on the country and your countrymen.”

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  1. Frank stetson

    Are you fucking still fucking kvetching about this fucking thing? Suck it up, fuckercup, your twice impeached, oft indicted, document stealing, election rigging X-presidente el trumpo does worse each day, every rally, in every way.

    We got 50 indicted across a number of states for 2020 election rigging now. Are there any Republicans not indicted? Fucking red ties, brown shirts, lock rm all up. You got investigations and innuendoes; we have indictments and court cases. If only Republicans had the balls to be in court and finish things off.

    But you’ll always have Harris and the F-bomb. Wow. Sigh.

    • Harold blankenship

      Crooked judges and prosecutors. Losers. And Kamala is a foul mouthed cunt. Pardons are on the way.

    • Wilfred


      • frank stetson

        Wilfred: I think he was VP, and the difference is he gave them back. As to Trump’s legal right, don’t think so, plus he wouldn’t give them back, and America will take him to court to determine whether or not laws were broken. IF he’s so innocent, why continue to delay getting his day in court? He had a unsecure room for top secret documents and a member of the communist party living in his cabana and a wife who was raised in a communist party members household. Trump’s was a pretty sketchy situation for housing top secret documents.

  2. frank stetson

    Foul mouthed cunt: interesting picture of women you have, but whatever……. Amazing that there are so many crooked judges and prosecutors given most of the recent ones are appointed by Trump. Makes sense though. So many crimes, he’s always persecuted in his own mind, so of course Howold Blankenshit thinks all courts are crooked.

    Let’s review the status:
    Trumpers got no teachers cuz they can’t read
    Trumpers got no prosecutors cuz they no college
    Trumpers got no reporte3rs cuz they can’t write.
    The schools are against them
    The colleges are against them
    The courts are against them

    It’s a tough life for Trumpers, so put upon, always losers, can’t make a deal, makes you wonder why they keep trying the same thing expecting a different outcome.. Keep the faith Harry, best luck.

  3. Darren

    When the Democrat’s LOOSE this November, you will see and here the Dems BITCH & BITCH till their throats dry up.
    You think they are making things up now, just wait!
    Then a carefully planned Pandemic will arise.
    This is not so much the Acts of Democrat’s as it is the the Elitist Ruling Classes.
    They just promise some Dems 50 pieces of Silver to do their Dirty work!
    The rest of the Dem party people are just not educated enough to see through the Bull Shit spewed by them.
    ( Lessens from Germany ) Zig Heil!
    The Dems have NO Problem Killing half the population just to stay in power.
    Some people on this site are safe as they love to spew the propaganda.
    I am not mentioning any names.
    Comment if this is YOU!

    • Jim wampler

      Retard joe gave the green light for deadly force when the government thugs raided trump’s home.

  4. frank stetson

    Wampler: BUSTED

    Retard Trump mistook standard boiler plate forms and processes for a search as special for him. Sorry, Donnie, you ain’t that special. Same forms and language the Biden search, the Pence search (if there was one)…..every search they have ever done. And they were certain that Trump or his family would not be there. Took Trump two years to figure out the same process used on every search of every Trump associate search, and there have been a lot.

    He kept the top secret documents in an unsecured room next to the pool out back where his communist party member father-in-law who raised Trump’s wife in a communist party members household also lives in a cabana. But does that upset you: NOOOOO.

    But it made a great email beg for funds to get money from the Wampler’s of the world to support the man who said he is so rich he would never need or use the funds he is begging you for now by lying about all sorts of crap like this. He didn’t fund his first campaign, he did not donate his entire salary, and he’s certainly not even pretending to fund his second campaign and his plethora of court cases across the land. Thank God he’s not paying for Rudy and the rest of the campaign-rigging kids in court, then he would have to tell you he’s Jesus being persecuted by Pontius Pilate.

    What are we up to now:
    – 19 indicted in GA, all the Trump lawyers pleading guilty already
    – 11 indicted in AZ with Trump being unindicted co-conspirator numero uno again
    – 16 indicted in MI
    – 6 indicted in NV

    WI, PA, and NM may still be investigating….news at 11…… wanna bet those 50 plus people have to cover their own legal fees? Mike Pence may have gotten off cheap……

    • Archie

      Frank you’re a liar and a joke for expecting us to believe your stupid stories. So keep spinning and you will believe your own nonsense

      • Frank stetson

        Prove me wrong archie. It’s in the news everyday.

        The forms authorization fir deadly force in every search package. standard boiler plate.

        The 52 indictments are public record.

        Trump paid himself back for 2016 campaign. It’s in the campaign finance reports.

        Melania’s father was in the party; she grew up in his house. He now lives at maraloser. Even fix reported that. In a cabana out by the top secret document.pool room.

        No one knows where his pay went in 2020; his taxes show no charity, go figure. Reported by wsj.

        That’s mine. And you git vitriol and name calling. Come back when you actually have a factual come back. .


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