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McMillan: The Transformation of America in the Post Baltimore, Ferguson and Floyd BLM Era

McMillan: The Transformation of America in the Post Baltimore, Ferguson and Floyd BLM Era

This series began with a discussion on the Rittenhouse case in the context of the post-Baltimore Freddie Gray, Ferguson-Michael Brown, and Minneapolis-George Floyd incidents that led to the current Antifa/Black Lives Matter rioting phenomenon of the 2020 election cycle. This series of articles is shifting to what ‘the transformation of America’ actually means in terms of what is actually changing and how. 

As the Rittenhouse case has died off of public discourse what is not dying off is the ‘transformation of America’ as the Bill Ayers and Susan Rosenberg Weather Underground and closely affiliated May 19th Communist Organization of the 1970s have evolved into the organizers of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements in the 2020s. The 1960s and 1970s radical Leftists have been gaining ground in the Western University system and fostering the movements from behind the scenes. 

In background, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were on the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives list in connection to an actual bombing of the US Capitol in 1983 until the charges were eventually dropped as other members of the organization were charged with the crimes and made plea deals. Ayers subsequently attended Columbia teaching college and gained a doctorate in Education and later taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It was at the UOI in Chicago that Bill Ayers and Barrack Obama became acquainted. 

In the case of Susan Rosenberg, she also attended Bernard College of Columbia University in Northern Manhattan and was a founder of the May 19th Communist Organization that was affiliated with the Black Liberation Movement (the original BLM), the Black Panthers, and the Weather Underground, all of whom were located in the Northern end of Manhattan Island in New York. 

Rosenberg, along with Ayers, was also wanted in connection to the bombing of the U. S. Capitol Building in 1983, but since she was caught in possession of 750 pounds of explosives and illegally obtained firearms in connection to the killing of a policeman and Armored Truck guards in relation to a bank robbery in Nanuet, NY, and a series of other bank robberies in the New Jersey and New York area, Rosenberg was convicted and sentenced to 58 years in prison.  

It should also be known that Rosenberg was an associate of Joanne Chesimard, a.k.a Assata Shakur, who is still wanted in New Jersey for the shooting of an NJ State Trooper after the Nanuet shootings. Chesimard escaped to Cuba and has been living in exile since. She is a hero of the Antifa/BLM movement as evidenced by her picture, from the 1970s, was alongside Che Guevara’s in a wall mural in the Seattle CHOP during the 2020 riots.  

What is of note with Rosenberg, with all of her connections to the May 19th Communist Organization, the Weather Underground, the Black Liberation Front, and the Black Panthers, was that after spending 16 years in prison, Rosenberg had her sentenced commuted by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office in January 2000. 

Since her release, Rosenberg briefly taught at John Jay College and the City University of New York colleges but was pressured not to be rehired when Giuliani became mayor of New York City.  

She is now director of Thousand Currents nonprofit organization and was a founder of the Black Lives Matter Movement after the death of George Floyd while in police custody. Her name was removed from the website after Fox News aired the issue. Both organizations are rumored to be funded by George Soros’ Open Societies and Tides Foundations non-profit organizations, and these organizations have also been quite adept at grassroots fundraising on their own. 

This section about Bill Ayers and Susan Rosenberg is added to provide insight into the relationship of radical Marxists, the tendency of the University system to provide them a livelihood, as key leaders in the Democratic Party associate with them and protect them. 

Direction for the articles in this series

The rest of this series of articles will focus on the relationship between Marxist organizations and the Leftward movement of the Western University system which protects them and assists in their funding. The takeaway is that as the 1960s Liberals began taking over the department chairs in the 1970s and 80s and tend to protect fellow radical activists committed to the overthrow of the US government through violence on one hand while favoring Left-leaning students in graduate school on the other. 

Like Jordan Peterson, Jonathan Haidt, Gad Saad and Janice Fiamengo discuss in their many videos, the Western University system has been weeding out conservatives for decades and has moved from being neoliberal to being actual Leftists since the early 2000s. 

In academic literature, many researchers discussed the Leftward movement in Academia as early as the late 1980s and early 1990s. Notably, Barkow, Tooby and Cosmides wrote about this topic in The Adapted Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture (1992), Allan Bloom in The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students (1988), and Dinesh D’Souza in Illiberal Education: The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus (1991). 

I list these decades-old books because the transformation of the University system coincided with the collapse of Communism just as the 1960s radicals were taking over the educational institutions as the traditional Liberals were retiring, and then bequeathing the departments to more radical professors as they themselves retire. 

Hence the Western University system purposely avoids performing autopsies on failed Marxist experiments because it would no doubt impede their effort to “transform America.” Bureaucratic Socialism is academia’s path to power whether Bureaucratic socialism works or not.

The Frankfurt School and the emergence of the Left in the University System

This Leftward lurch first occurred in the sociology departments run by the Frankfurt School psychologists and Sociologists in the late 1940s, then shifted toward the race and gender studies classes as they emerged during the 1980s and 90s further influenced by the works of Foucault and Derrida’s “deconstructionism.” The various Leftist groups, ranging from Revolutionary Marxists to incremental Socialists now seem to dominate the soft philosophical and social sciences, especially the schools of journalism and Law Schools as Allan Dershowitz has discussed on numerous occasions.  

The law schools no longer are based on the idea of personal liberty and the importance of property rights as Adam Smith explained originally in his Lectures on Jurisprudence and later in The Wealth of Nations (1776) that made equality of opportunity and productivity the objectives, but has switched to Marxian writings and their influence on the many books of John Dewey (1921) that shifted the focus of philosophy away from analyzing ultimate causations from the proximal causations in the empirical social sciences to make broader conclusions, to ‘social justice’ and equity of outcome instead. This was the effect of Dewey’s “Reconstruction in Philosophy.”

Marxian experiments always end up with masses ‘sharing equally in the poverty’ while the elites live in splendor. Chavez and Maduro became enormously wealthy in the process of making Venezuela unlivable for the preponderance of the population, their campaign rhetoric never seems to match the actual outcomes. 

But since the discipline of Philosophy does not make the broader conclusions from comparative ideological systems analysis, the disasters of Communism and Latin American Socialism go under-analyzed by design, Socialism has become revered in the University system. Che Guevara T-shirts are everywhere.

The Rousseau, Marx, and Engels line of thinking is a psychology, not a theory of human behavior

Despite the fact that the Leftist utopia always ends up as a hellscape, academia routinely avoids careful analysis of failed Marxist experiments in their quest to “transform America” into the “completed French Revolution.” 

As was stated in the previous articles in the series, the Rousseau, Marx, and Engels line of thinking has been completely discredited as an accurate theory of human behavior on the basis that bureaucrats acted nothing like what Marx and Engels predicted. 

The worker’s paradise of Lenin and Stalin became a gulag archipelago, while Mao Zedong, Kim Il-Sung, Ho Che Minh, Pol Pot, Castro, Allende, and more recently Chavez and Maduro, all followed the tradition of Marxist experiments. Regardless of language, culture, or continent, all Marxist experiments follow the same result path, but there is no overarching comparative systems analysis in the discipline of Philosophy as the discipline has become dominated by Dewey social justice warriors. 

This begs the question that if Marxism is not an actual theory of human behavior, then what is it? In actuality, Leftism is nothing more than a grandiose psychology as explained in immense depth and detail by Erich Fromm in The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1972). This is a landmark work because it psychologically profiled National Socialist leaders as well as International Marxist Communist leaders in the same book because either type of Socialism tended to produce similar results. 

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness was Fromm’s magnum opus and is the most exhaustive book on psychological personality theories to date in the author’s opinion. What is important to note here is that Fromm’s purpose for writing the book was: (a) to refine and advance Fromm’s “life and death instinct” theory to its logical conclusion; (b) to develop ‘real theory of human behavior’ as a basis for all of the philosophical and social sciences; (c) to reform the Frankfurt School and the New Left that was emerging in the US. 

This effort at reforming the New Left obviously failed as the no-holds-barred tactics of Herbert Marcuse, Saul Alinsky, and Bill Ayers have obviously prevailed. The Antifa/BLM riots occurred in over 130 cities in the US during the entire 2020 election cycle while the police were routinely given stand-down orders for several months on end.

The outlawing of rival political parties

Their divisiveness used to win Democratic elections, which seemingly turns urban cities and coastal states into one-party systems, seems to destroy the democratic process, which is not by accident. In the previously mentioned non-market Communism or market Socialism experiments, once the Leftists takeover they tend to outlaw other political parties or even lesser associations to prevent them from becoming a rival political party. 

When this has occurred in the past, both the party and the country are run by a consensus of the very few bureaucratic elites. In other words, once in power, the bureaucratic elites tend to make themselves immune from the democratic process itself. 

One can see this with the Chavez and Maduro takeover of Venezuela. It was the general consensus that the electorate of Venezuela would vote them out of office in the election cycles of the late 1990s or early 2000s. But with the use of electronic vote-counting machines and other measures, Chavez, and later Maduro, both kept winning the elections again and again by wide margins. 

Even as Chavez and Maduro destroyed the economy and the supply chains, and people began fleeing to Columbia and Brazil by the millions, Chavez and Maduro kept winning elections. Socialism in practice is a failure in terms of comparative ideological systems analysis, and once the bureaucratic elites run a country, democracy ceases. There is no such thing as “Democratic Socialism” or “Social Democracy.” 

In the real world outside of Academia, Socialism has never been anything more than a psychological temperament where the adherents believe themselves to be the movie directors of a fantastic drama where they control all the actors’ thoughts, movements, and direct outcomes like a movie. 

Or in another sense, they believe themselves to be benevolent Santa Clauses handing out free stuff to an adoring crowd that loves them, or a virtuous Robin Hood taking from the greedy rich and giving to the poor who absolutely adore them for it.

The reality of the concentration camps, gulags, and killing fields in every Marxist experiment as discussed in detail by Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, and the recent Venezuelan example, means that Leftists are delusional. They are planning a society that is dependent upon the masses to follow their edicts in order to achieve some grandiose outcome, where, in the end, the Leftists think that the people will appreciate their ‘tough love’ and fanciful ideals.  

The false psychological premise of Marxism

In real life, people are not the mindless blank slate automatons that Marx based his psychological concept of man upon as explained in the series of introductions to each new edition of Das Kapital. 

In real life, people are inwardly driven by life-force energy as it passes through their hardwired Darwinian instinctual drives and naturally use their intellect to advance their survival as they instinctively compete for resources and mates, which is seen as people pursue economic gain and social status on a daily basis.

The reality is that people naturally compete for resources and mates for self-survival and survival of the species, which is the product of God, or nature depending upon one’s beliefs, and people either compete constructively or destructively. It is important to note that in Maddi’s Personality Theories: a comparative analysis (1972), all of the major psychological theorists make this dichotomous distinction in one way or another.  

The constructive versus destructive, or facilitative versus debilitative distinctions can be made between Capitalism and Marxism during the Great Ideological experiments of the 20th Century. In applying these basic analytical continuums from early 1970s psychological theory it can be seen that bureaucratically directed Communism and Socialism always results in an extremely destructive behavioral dynamic—as people still compete for resources and mates in a system that produces a lot fewer resources.  

In the context of the Great Ideological Experiments of the 20th Century, people competed for resources and mates, and economic gain and social status infinitely better in Capitalist systems that protect property rights and marital rites than in Communist systems which sought to destroy both. 

The Hume-Smith based Capitalism naturally assumed the hardwired internally driven premise of human behavior because the externally driven blank slate/tabla rasa premise did not come into being until the writings of Marx and Engels in Das Kapital written during the 1870s, and The Origin of the Family, Private Property and The State (1884). 

Marxism is based on an absurd psychological premise and repeatedly brings about results that are the polar opposite of a ‘worker’s paradise.’ The Marxist tabla rasa conception of man as a mindless being waiting for directions from a bureaucratic elite who looks after the interest of the working classes is a farce. Just look at Justin Trudeau’s disdain for the truckers’ revolt occurring in Ottawa currently. 

What is correct, as Steven Pinker explains in The Blank Slate (2002), is that the Darwinian hardwired conception of people competing for resources and mates, and economic gain and social status as advocated by Nobel Laureate John Harsanyi, who fled from Communist Hungary during the Cold War, is correct. Yet, as Pinker further explained, the entire soft philosophical and social sciences Western University system is based on the laughably false Marxian blank slate/tabla rasa premise. 

The point is that the more one understands this aspect of the micro behavioral theory that underpins the macro policy theories, the more one will understand why Leftist policies will always predictably backfire. 

This article will end here and is more in-depth than the previous articles, but the series will move on as the Rittenhouse case fades away while the ‘transformation of America’ continues. This more in-depth understanding of Leftist political theory will provide the readers with ‘the new paradigm’ of understanding the prevailing political trends.

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  1. Clifford mckinney

    Yes Antifa and blm were formed by communists. Kyle Rittenhouse is a great role model for protecting our cities and small towns. The laws aren’t being allowed to protect us anymore and people are too afraid to take a stand.

  2. frank stetson

    In your fear, you feel compelled to broad brush groups you don’t like as Communists. Antifa, which is really an idea, not a group, was founded by communists you say. BLM, a distributed organization like the Tea Party, not a singular group with a headquarters, was founded by communists you say. If you can prove who formed Antifa, you are a mad genius. You can’t prove it, you can’t even find a leader…. BLM is a group of activists supporting Black issues and formed post Floyd’s demise. How you go from Black to Communist is anybody’s guess because there is little logic to it beyond your hate and a need to stereotype these folks as part of the evil empire.

    You are not alone: conservatives love to brand any community-focused action as communism and the people who support communities as communists. Why they have stepped up the branding from socialist to communist is easy: they think it sounds more scary. Frankly, they are usually too stupid to even know the difference.

    You probably think all Democrats as Communists. It’s all the rage, right out of the 1950’s where most of you want to return because it was so much more American then. But you can’t prove it, you just need to put a brand on the folks you hate. Communists, socialists, all sound good. Community used to be important to conservatives, now it’s “personal freedoms and personal liberties” and anyone who supports community activism is a fucking communist.

    BLM was founded by Cullors, Garza, and Tometi. Cullors holds Mann from the Weather Underground as her mentor, believes in direct action, but not violence. Also embedded that as a BLM mantra. Mann is a communist but more known as a progressive organizer which is what Cullors is mentored on. Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi are all activists for Blacks; there is no proof that they are Socialists or Communists.

    The Communist Party has about 10,000 US members. The Socialist Party maybe 3,000 members. Democratic Socialists have about 100,000 members which is where you will find most former Democrats. It is not a party, but it’s the group you probably fear. With less than 10,000 members as late as 2017 when suddenly things changed. By 2020, they were at close to 100,000, their median age has dropped from 68 in 2013 to 33 in 2017.

    Yes, you can say Donald J. Trump is the reason you have Socialists in office today. He is the root cause. In 2018 and 2020, apparently Democrats were pissed off enough to vote in 4 Socialist members to national seats in Congress

    In Congress, Sanders, AOC, Bush, Bowman, and Tlaib are current Congressional Socialists. Sanders in the Senate, Bush, Bowman, AOC and Tlaib in the House. Bush and Bowman came in 2020 AOC and Tlaib came in the 2018 elections, so be afraid, very afraid, of these very, very small numbers. Especially since Bush is MO, Tlaib MI —- you must of really pissed off Democrats to render these results. A 1% socialist penetration in the Senate, and an overwhelming 1% in the House. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    So, basically, on a National Level, you are full of it.

    • Nathan

      Your facts are nothing but commie propaganda. And people are worried , but more are taking a stand. I live in a rural county We have a small minority population. But hypothetically suppose one of our deputies are forced to shoot one. Then he’ll would break loose and our county would look like a Tarzan movie. But know this. A country boy will survive. We are locked and loaded for all enemies foreign or domestic. Domestic enemies are looters and rioters. Don’t worry about us. We shall overcome.

      • frank stetson

        yeah, there’s no racism anymore in America. Ask Nathan about it

        when will pbp take a stand against racism? or just continue being the racism echo chamber it is now.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Not sure. I would get a jump on it by banning you, but you are too damned entertaining…

          • Frank stetson

            Like I said, pbp let’s racism roll granting a forum for racists to air racism.

            Then Joe makes a joke.

            Well, at least it’s educational for Larry’s kids. Let’s them know what freedom in America is all about and how racists are fucking everywhere. But today, they vote Republican and voice their racism right here, at Joe’s shop. Where all things conservative get away saying hate-full bullshit like Nathan.

      • Keith

        Nathan I’m glad that most of your neighbors are regular people

        • frank stetson

          Yes, it’s good to be regular when you’re full of it…..

          So Keith, to you, are regular people racists? Because Nathan is.

          • Keith

            Nathan isn’t racist. He just realizes that in many cases that he can’t depend on law enforcement to protect him. I feel the same way. Oh shit!!! I’m going to be called a racist. But that’s ok.

          • frank stetson

            Keith, why would I say you’re a racist just because you think Nathan is surrounded by regular people and Nathan is a racist. Why do I say that? Perhaps because Nathan says:

            “But hypothetically suppose one of our deputies are forced to shoot one (i.e. minority). Then he’ll (sic) would break loose and our county would look like a Tarzan movie.” Nah, equating a minority group looking like a Tarzan movie is a kinder and gentler way of saying the n-word…. Like protesting is one thing, but minority protesting is like being with Tarzan (a lone white guy), lots of native Africans, and lots of gorilla’s. Yeah, not a racist, just a jungle lover.

            “We are locked and loaded for all enemies foreign or domestic. Domestic enemies are looters and rioters” which says when the Tarzan movie minorities loot or riot, we shoot them. Sweet justice. Except we don’t do that for 1/6 white guys; they become “legitimate political discourse” with a pardon awaiting them IF you only vote Trump.

  3. Ben

    My buddy and I were discussing politics last night over some good bourbon, obviously we disagreed, so I sprayed him with bear repellent and beat him with a flag pole. And NOW he is mad.
    WTF? I was just engage with legitimate political discourse.

    • Nathan

      A blm founder in Tennessee was sentenced to prison for voter fraud. And they were involved in the voter fraud in key states that helped the democrats steal the election.

      • frank stetson

        That’s funny Nathan, I watched Rachel tell this as a story saying: how could they do this to this lady, taking the felon’s side because the DoC fucked up and had told her it’s OK. In Rachel’s case, IMO, she jumped the gun. I almost ran with it, but Rachel’s story just sounded a bit hinky, so I checked. A few days later, after you picked it up on the foxoblogosphere, the story had gotten so much bigger that you should have known better than to run with it.

        HINT: trust but verify. In this case, wherever you got the info —- certainly they are untrustworthy sacks of bullshit.

        She has multiple felonies. That’s doesn’t help in court. She’s a black activist, former founder many years ago of the BLM chapter in Memphis. That shouldn’t matter, but it’s Tennessee, you be the judge. TN voting law is complex, allows many felons to vote, restricts ad hoc based on what the law calls “infamous crimes,” God knows what that means. You can be restored with a complex paper trail requiring multiple organizations to sign-off. She says they didn’t inform her, she did not know. She was never removed from the voting rolls; the voting rolls were never changed by DoC, so the polling places appropriately let her vote, seemingly legally. She voted six different times. Six votes. Six elections. She found out in 2019 when running for mayor, that she could not vote, she filled out the paperwork, it was approved, she has the document. They changed their mind behind her back, told the voting committee, didn’t tell her, and then she was arrested on what looks like a super-sting.

        IOW —- you’re story is full of shit, especially given your “embellishments” of multiple states, helping democrats steal the election and the BLM inference like this was a “black thing.” Yes, she founded the Memphis BLM chapter, yes, she’s a community activist now. What’s that got to do with it? She is NOT one of the founders of BLM any more than a founder of a NRA State Association Chapter is a founder of the NRA. She cast six votes in six different elections, one vote per election, thinking she was legal, she WAS on the voting rolls, everyone assumed she was legal. And she was convicted of voter registration fraud, not casting illegal votes. Seems like a super sting trapping someone who seemed to be following the rules, the rolls, and the DoC itself.
        As Rachel noted, during the same time period, four different Republicans actually cast votes based on dead relatives, got caught, convicted, three got parole, one got three days and parole. They are all white. Just saying.

        But that’s the law. And in the law, white guys get a break that black folk don’t seem to get equal treatment, all under similar laws. But you take that to the court, you appeal the verdict.

        BLM, not when the crime was committed. Voter fraud affecting many states helping Democrats steal the election. BUSTED, you don’t even know she voted Democrat unless you feel all Blacks vote Democrat… She voted six times, legally, according to the election rolls. Six votes that didn’t change any election, much less the 2020 Presidential election. Only a dumb shit or political zealot would believe that. Do YOU still beleive?

        Once again, I have previously posted the voter fraud database that the right-leaning think tank, The Heritage Group, put together which shows very little 2020 Presidential voter fraud. Mike Pence agrees. Mitch McConnell believes. Nathan, Joe G., no one can prove 2020 voter fraud, said fraud has been disproven via multiple recounts and over 60 court cases. You say the Democrats stole the election; the truth is Donald J. Trump continues to steal your donations to support his fraudulent way of life. Always had. There’s a sucker born every minute. And in the party of Trump, one dies every minute of every day right now too in what has become the Conservative pandemic. Unless you don’t believe the truth in which case it’s just the flu and BLM has cheated you in the elections. Again. And again…

        • Timmy

          Rachel? Do you mean the dyke from msnbc?

      • Larry kuhn

        Pardon them all and punish antifa

        • frank stetson

          Yeah, Mr. Kuhn, because antifa can make Republicans do anything they want.

          Including making Republicans think antifa is everywhere Republicans are, making them bend to antifa’s wishes and making it look like antifa is Republican. Man, you really got beat on this one.

          First we stole the election, you know it, but you can’t do shit about it. So many Republican failures, so little time. You can’t prove shit.

          So whine on, whine on, conservatives. Elections got stolen, you can’t do anything about it. You got blamed for antifa’s insurrection and you can’t do anything out it. You whine, you cry, you tell us “lock and loaded and not gonna take it anymore.” And then you take it over and over so bend over for 11/22, WTF will you do to blow it this time?

          • Larry kuhn

            Hell no we ain’t taking it anymore.

    • HaRold blankenship

      You probably had a flag pole with the hammer and sickle on it.

      • frank stetson

        Hammer and sickle: My Lord these folks are stuck in the 1950’s. Like you can have Mayberry if only you believe.

        FYI for the flag pole: I know right where I want to shove it. And it’s festooned with the Eagle finial, not the ball :>((

    • Joe Gilbertson

      You should have taken the flag off of the pole first.

      • Frank stetson

        Good one. C

        I did. Put a “Shredder for President 2024” flag on instead. Amazingly, it still had a hammer and sickle on it.

        • Dennis

          Tell us Frank. You really think that blacks have a right to burn and loot and harm people. And that we should put up with it. Not on my watch. And Ben. What say you? I’m asking though usually if I want to hear from an asshole I would fart.

  4. Frank stetson

    Dennis: isn’t BLM exercising legitimate political discourse? I don’t think so; I say throw the book at all who break the law, but I think those crazy conservatives offer a different way. Of course, MTG says it’s Pelosi’s Gazpacho Police that are the problem. You can’t fix stupid.

    The line is drawn: for Republicans on 1/6, vote:

    a. RNC legitimate political discourse description?


    b. McConnell violent insurrection conclusion?