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McMillan: The Core Elements of Leftism, Rousseau, Marx and Engels

McMillan: The Core Elements of Leftism, Rousseau, Marx and Engels

The Rittenhouse case had a much larger significance outside of the case itself which comes to light if viewed from the lens of the Fabian or Gramscian incremental Socialist strategy.

The initial Punchingbag articles focused on the significance of Prosecutor Binger’s insistence to prosecute Rittenhouse despite the number of videos indicating it was self-defense and then downplaying Rosenbaum’s destructiveness in an apparent effort to discourage citizens from protecting themselves and their livelihoods by forming citizen watch groups as the police once again were ordered to stand down and be passive in a jurisdiction run by a mayor from the Democrat Party.

The message they are sending is very clear—the Leftist Antifa and BLM mobs should be free to riot untrussed.

The incremental Socialist strategy has seemingly taken hold in the North American University system ever since the 1960s liberals took over the department chairs in the 1970s, and especially the law schools as discussed by Dershowitz on Life, Liberty and Levin (09/2019). (see Strauss and Cropsey, History of Political Philosophy (1987) and Tooby and Cosmides “The Psychological Foundations of Culture” (1992))

It was Gramsci (Prison Notebooks leaked during the 1930s) who refocused Marxism from controlling the means of production from a central government authority to a pervasive control over all the societal institutions to ‘transform the culture’ and not just the economy.

As was discussed in the previous three PB articles, the pillars of class and gender inequality to Rousseau in his “Discourse on Inequality Among Men” (1755) was understood to be “property rights” and “marital rites” which are supported by the Ten Commandments in Judaism.  

It was Rousseau’s prognosis to rid society of the Abrahamic religions in society as a prerequisite for social advancement which then made the goal of the Left to rid European society and culture of the Christian Aristocracies along with Protestant Capitalism that emerged during the Industrial Revolution Era of the time.

The goal of Gramsci was to replace all previous Aristocratic cultural beliefs and government Forms with a secular atheistic democratic form of government based on Rousseau’s social contract theory in Du contrat social; ou, Principes du droit politique (1762) along with the writings of Marx and Engels.

Rousseau’s Social Contract Theory and the Liberalization of Society

The social contract theory of “rule by consent of the governed” was the basis of the initial “transformation” of Western society at the time from the Christian Aristocracies towards ‘constitutional monarchies” with an increasing amount of political power shifting away from the Aristocratic and religious hierarchies to the democratically elected legislatures.

If one starts from moderate classical Liberal and Libertarian thought and works their way Leftward, then one can see that each group along the political spectrum only wants to make limited reforms of Western society and thinks that the change will have a natural stopping point, but in reality, there is no logical stopping point. The bureaucracies will grow until the leaders of the bureaucracies render the voting process meaningless and “Socialism” is attained.

The original Libertarian and classical Liberal movements merely wanted a slight shift in power from their respective Monarchies and aristocracies to the legislatures, while adopting the freedom of religion and the separation of church and state to reduce religious conflict and disperse power among a greater number of governmental and societal institutions that would also allow greater citizen participation.

It is during this shift in institutional power that the various gradations of Socialist groups developed strategies to complete the total transformation of the West by using the separation of church and state doctrines to rid society of Judeo-Christianity as the path to also rid society of property rights and marital rites while simultaneously ridding Western Society of the Aristocratic system and seize power for themselves.   

What is important to understand is that where the classical Liberals and the libertarians believed that the shift in power to the legislatures along with the separation of church and state doctrines was an endpoint, the incremental Socialists and Marxist Communists believed that this was merely a beginning point.

The “wolf in sheep’s clothing” Fabian Socialists originally united with the classical Liberals and Libertarians as the means of using the power of the democratic process to change the system as much as possible and once changed, to rid society of the Aristocracy, the clergy and those who supported them, via reeducation camps.

In other words, the Leftist movements were planning to use the separation of church and state and the freedom of religion movement as the path to ridding society of religion, property rights, and marital rites altogether with a Socialist or Communist single-party state that was supposed to return society to Rousseau’s mythical state of total equality in his idealized ‘state of nature.’

Moving farther to the Left, Marx and Engels thought that the classical Liberal and Libertarian movements would only transform society so far, so ultimately the total transformation of the West would only come about by violent revolution, whereby the Aristocracy, the clergy and their supporters could be either executed in the revolution or sent to the reeducation camps afterward.

And as Eleanor Leacock in her 44-page introduction to the 1971 reprint of Engels’ The Family, Private Property and the State (1884), it was only through Marx-Engels vision of Socialism or Communism where the Patriarchal system of Judeo Christianity could be replaced by a matriarchy of wives in common and children in common, i.e. the dissolution of the nuclear family.  ( )

In this scenario, women would be attaining “equality” or “total equity” by receiving their livelihoods directly from the state instead of a husband. It is no coincidence that there have been more and more single-parent families since Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Great Society Programs during the 1960s.

Leacock’s 1971 essay became the basis of the modern feminist movement. The various Leftist and feminist movements from the past and present are joined together from the original works of Rousseau, Marx, and Engels.

The belief system has morphed and rebranded with every failure of non-market Communism and Latin American market Socialism, but the aim of replacing the Christian Monarchies and Protestant Capitalism by diminishing property rights, marital rights and banning Christianity, highly redistributive policies that lead to rampant inflation, and a dysfunctional police and judiciary system are the constants.

If one reads Erich Fromm’s Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1972), the end result of every Marxist experiment is a very sadistic government and a very masochistic citizenry with learned helplessness. Getting the police to do nothing to protect people’s livelihoods and getting the people to standby and watch their livelihoods being destroyed is very much part of the plan, and Thomas Binger was all too eager to assist.

The significance of Prosecutor Thomas Binger downplays Joseph Rosenbaum’s destructive acts at the 47-minute mark. http://WI v. Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Day 10 – Prosecution Closing Argument by Thomas Binger Part 2

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  1. frank Stetson

    “the Leftist Antifa and BLM mobs should be free to riot untrussed.”

    More important, can you show us the White women? Isn’t that really the issue you’re contending with…..

    “In other words, the Leftist movements were planning to use the separation of church and state and the freedom of religion movement as the path to ridding society of religion, property rights, and marital rites altogether with a Socialist or Communist single-party state that was supposed to return society to Rousseau’s mythical state of total equality in his idealized ‘state of nature.’”

    No really, we just want to know where to find the White women?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I understand the level of dialog is a bit above you, that’s OK.

      White women? Have you tried yet? Or you could move to that Amish town in Pennsylvania.

      • frank stetson

        Thanks Joe, I wondered where you kept your White women…… and Intercourse PA. Cool. Given how you are offering your White women up, I guess your favorite spot is Blue Ball. Myself, I favor getting from Mount Joy to Fertility while finding Paradise in Lititz. ba dum bump……. :>)

        It was a joke Joe…..As the expert says: “I understand the level of dialog……”

        When you find your proof that Donald J. Trump was cheated out of his second term, please let us know. Links to Falun Gong and The Pillow Guy’s two hour misinformation movie just aren’t gonna cut it. We need some hard facts, you know, people, places, numbers and stuff. Facts. Still waiting.

  2. Ben

    I think the main point you miss with all your fancy books and jargon is there really is no significant number of Leftists in America. Center Left is about as far as most Democrats get. But anything short hunting the poor for sport is considered leftist by the radical right.

    But as you pointed out in another post, the fact that you continually attack democrats and the current movement seems to indicate that you know that the majority of Americans are wanting to get away from the crooked pedo filled churches and the clergy and the radical right that wants to control the way we live.

    Personally, I see the pros of an anarchist society , but I can’t get myself there. As understanding as I am on different progressive forms of living, that’s just too far for me. But maybe if enough of us plant seeds, the world will eventually reap the shade of a society free from superstitious religious dogma and live without our corporate overlords dictating our lives. Living only long enough to make the stock holders some money and then dying.