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Mayor Bill de Blasio Insults NYPD, Blames Anti-Cop Sentiment on Republicans

Mayor Bill de Blasio Insults NYPD, Blames Anti-Cop Sentiment on Republicans

Speaking Friday on WNYC radio, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio described anti-police sentiment as a ‘right wing conspiracy theory.’

“The right wing in this town continues to try and dredge up the notion that people in this city are being negative towards the police,” said De Blasio. In reality, NYPD officers are “being respected [and] empowered to do their job,” he added. 

Speaking in response to the mayor’s comments, police union head Ed Mullins said he would follow Iowa’s lead in ignoring de Blasio.

“I am going to treat the mayor the same way the people of Iowa did and totally ignore his comments,” said Mullins. “I’m going to take a lesson from the people of Iowa. It seems to have worked for them, for the whole country,” he said, referring to de Blasio’s short-lived presidential campaign.

This year has been particularly trying for NYPD officers. All summer, they were plagued by punks attacking them with buckets of water. In September, reports confirmed that complaints against the department had reached a 5-year high, growing 20% since last year. 

De Blasio claimed the complaints were a sign of “deepening” relations between police and civilians.

Last Friday, November 29th, thousands of people attended a protest in Brooklyn with signs reading “F**K the police” and “Punch that cop.” Ten NYPD officers have committed suicide this year.

“The message is that there are no consequences for your actions,” argues former NYPD sergeant Joseph Giacalone, referring to prosecutors’ reluctance to punish citizens who act out against police officers. “You’re a victim of society and you’re a victim of racism. And the police are the enemy because they are the tool they use to oppress you. That’s basically the message that has been filtered down.”

Author’s Note: De Blasio is just plain wrong. For years, America has been struggling with a widespread disconnect between police and civilians – with protestors accusing police of racism, corruption, and abuse of power. Disrespect towards police is not a conservative problem or a liberal problem, but a collection of prejudices that affects police and civilians throughout the nation.

Unfortunately, de Blasio would rather blame the problem on Republicans than actually do anything about it.

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  1. JC

    De Blasio seems to be the single dumbest boob politician to walk the earth much less NYC. From banning Big Gulp soda drinks to the latest dumbo moves to anger the people of New York City they should remove this idiot from office and make his wife give back the money she squandered as well!

    • jw

      JC, he’s close but I think AOC, and waters beats anyone !

    • Rivahmitch

      Not at all. He’s just an apparatchik who wants to be a totalitarian dictator.

  2. David Barron

    Deep right wing liberal conspiracy has driven the wedge of disrespect and disobedience into our society. Soon we will be subject to rule by mob where nobody is safe on the streets even if armed. These actions show the lawlessness that our leaders at the very top of Congress have perpetuated along the democratic party lines where anyone can say anything truth or not, do anything right or wrong, cheat, commit fraud, like, or steal thinking there are no ramifications for their actions. It started at the top with Obama, then Hillary Clinton and deep state. People like Soros and others like him that pay demonstrators to create ciaos are a major problem. Until they are held accountable for their actions we will continue down the road of self destruction.

  3. Robert L. Kahlcke

    Big Bird, you a stone cold LIAR.

    “BLUE LIVES MATTER”, Big Bird’s not so much, have a great day mayor.

  4. Rocket

    This Mayor is so out of touch with reality, how did he ever become mayor. It is certainly not the Republicans who are causing the problems with the police. President Trump talks about how great they are every chance he gets. Where does this idiot figure it is Republican’s fault. There have been many, many Police Officers murdered this year only because they are Police Officers. People should respect them and should be glad they are there to help them when they need it. It is about time more honor and respect are shown to our Police Officers. Before you know it no one will want to be an officer.

  5. Joanna

    OMG!!! What an A-hole this Mayor is!!! How the hell did h become Mayor HOW????????

  6. Ron P

    little BOY DEPLORABLE de Blasio, needs to take a REAL SERIOUS look in the MIRROR at himself.
    With his WEAK mind and his weak upstanding of the people in NYC, NY HE needs to RESIGN from being MAYOR and give the City and State a break and leave the City Government to someone that
    has the GRAPEFRUITS to handle the JOB !

  7. Grizz Mann

    Yes, I remember when the President said that the police acted stupidly and had a beer bash afterward. I remember when the President had and honored the BLM. Yes these actions endorse the riots. Whoops that was Obama. Never mind.

  8. derek blurb

    All those people are badly confused by conflicting and conveniently flexible PC rules.

  9. Kurt Walker

    Yeah De Blasio that’s why we saw all the t v where the police officers turned their backs to you when you spoke. Ou need to leave N Y and go to Washington so you can join the rest of the goons.

  10. BJ Stone

    Waiting to hear on the News that this Liberal Commie bastard was found in a dark alley.

  11. Destiney

    I know that the police are not in the job for the big pay but to do the job they have taken the oath which is protect and serve. Even with the dumbest mayor ever heard of and being spit on, water thrown on them, nasty note on the coffee they buy, these men and women are still respecting the people they are working for. And New Yorkers that’s your! When in trouble who do you call? Anti fa? No you hit 911 and they come many times risking their lives. Show some respect because they deserve it no matter how you feel about the president. He didn’t start this race war, public against police, like they want you to believe. He is working hard for all Americans and if you research it and stop listening to fake news you would make sure Trump got four more years to improve how he is for the people.

  12. DOUG


  13. Bob101stVet

    De Blasio is like most other New York and larger city mayors and public officials; he is a liar and a typical Democrat. De Blasio like Governor Como wants to blame all of New York’s “ills and problems” on someone other than themselves. New York City, the largest and primary target in the United States for terrorists and anti-American countries, was unprepared for an epidemic or any other mass casualty situation. De Blasio and Como declare their unpreparedness is President Trump’s or Republicans fault? BS. The fault for not being prepared for a crisis, and the problems between police and the public, is a result of a constant barrage of Democrat POLITICIAN brainwashing, to the American Public, that all police are racists, homophobes, etc. That belief and propaganda, is a s stupid as claiming all minorities are looters, killers or anti-American. De Blasio is the problem in New York City, just like Governor Como is responsible for not having the State of New York prepared for a pandemic or major disaster. Suggestion Mr. De Blasio, or whatever your real name is, stop blaming others and start figuring out solutions for the City’s problems. Be an American for a change instead of being just another Democrat who blames others for your inactions. God Bless the NYPD, God Bless President Trump and God Bless America.

  14. Moe

    I am a conservative, I have honestly never been to a political gathering where police are not praised and at some we even prayed for their safety. The Maoist Stalinist tactics of the democrats as led to the disrespect and harm to our silent heroes. NYPD the bravest and most under paid in the region surrounding the city, risking their lives daily to protect citizens and visitors. Never appreciated and honored as they greatly deserve to be.i wish we could have them instead of our current FBI protecting our nation, their no political just plain heroes.