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Matt Drudge: Night of the Republican Suicide

Matt Drudge: Night of the Republican Suicide

On Friday, the Senate voted 67-32 to give President Obama “fast track” negotiation authority for long anticipated deals with 11 other Pacific Rim nations.  Fast Track Authority is a powerful means of getting trade deals done quickly.  When a deal is negotiated Congress will have the ability to ratify or reject, but no ability to change any trade deals the President negotiates and presents for Congressional approval.

Internet-media mogul Matt Drudge blasted this development in a series of Tweets, calling this the “night of Republican Suicide” and quoting:
“Twisted DC: Electing Republicans is guarantee of MORE powers for Obama… Of course none of them read ‘secret’ bill!”
Drudge then attacked Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, who supported this bill, characterizing this as “you have to pass the bill before you can know what’s in it.”
We at the Punching Bag Post tend to agree with Drudge, its a very bad idea to give Obama these powers.   The President has demonstrated many times he has a socialist philosophy and doesn’t understand economics, trade nor capitalism, and his negotiating skills have proven wanting.  To put him in a position to make long term trade agreements is foolhardy.  But while Drudge laments the extra political power, we are anticipating long term disadvantage in international trade with our most dynamic trade partners.

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