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Mark ZuckerBerg’s Secretively Built Apocalypse Bunker in Hawaii Revealed

Mark ZuckerBerg’s Secretively Built Apocalypse Bunker in Hawaii Revealed

Is Mark Zuckerberg preparing for a global war by secretively building an underground safe space for himself? Details from Zuckerberg’s big construction project in Hawaii make one wonder whether this is the case.

Last month, WIRED magazine published a story titled “Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Top-Secret Hawaii Compound” investigating the multi-billionaire’s construction project on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The story mentioned the secretive nature of the project that includes a 6-foot wall blocking the view of passersby.

The project that cost an estimated $270 million includes two central mansions joined by a tunnel and a compound that is self-sufficient in food and water supply. The doors in the underground shelter are styled after those commonly found in bunkers and bomb shelters. And there are cameras everywhere.

Revealing some key construction details of the project, the investigative report cited sources familiar with the project without naming them because those working on it are not allowed to talk about it.

Multiple workers claim they saw or heard about colleagues removed from the project for posting about it on social media.

While a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against one of Zuckerberg’s companies after 70-year-old security guard Rodney Medeiro died of a heart attack he had at work, media did not highlight the story.

More than a month later, Yahoo News picked the story and wrote that the way land was acquired for the project raises speculation:

Zuckerberg initially hid the purchases of land using shell companies and brokers to disguise them.

With Israel’s war situation in the Middle East, while the Russia-Ukraine war is ongoing, the feeling of a catastrophic war engulfing and possibly destroying much of the world’s population is on a rise. Hence questions like what Zuckerberg knows that we don’t.

Videos raising questions about various kinds of possible events that would lead to the construction of safe places like Zuckerberg’s have been filling the video platforms since WIRED revealed the story.

At the same time, segments of international media are also ringing alarm bells over a potential war that would force people into bomb shelters. A recent article published in the German paper Bild (January 27) reportedly shared a Defense Ministry document that points to the need for building more bunkers across the country. The article wrote:

There are only 579 bunkers in Germany, so citizens will have to build their own shelters (e.g. basements, garages).

Last week, British Secretary of State for Defense Grant Shapps was cited in an article on Chatham House for calling Russia, China, North Korea and Iran along with their proxies as a threat to Britain and “more broadly the West’s interests.” Professor Andrew Dorman, the article’s author, summarized the speech by Shapps in a question:

It also raises two important questions. First, is the world heading for some form of World War Three?

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  1. Frank stetson

    Mark Zuckerburg builds bomb shelter therefore wwwiii is coming.

    Mark Zuckerburg builds wall therefore illegal immigrants are coming.

    Mark Zuckerburg does not go to church, therefore God is dead.

    Mark Zuckerburg did not read this story, therefore it does not exist.

    • Rick

      You just keep on thinking everything is fine Frank.


        Rick, I did not say everything is fine. What I said is the fact that Zuckerburg is building a bomb shelter does not mean WWIII is coming. What brilliance does he have in that regard, read about on facebook?

        Sorry Rick, but I think I will used other sources on WWIII possibilities.

        And I already have a shelter, 1950’s style, but need to clear some debrie. Anyone want some old bottles and cans? But I didnt get Zuckerburg’s money for being ahead of the game on this. Must have slipped up somewhere. Not subject to commutative math law I guess.

    • gary vogt

      Great spot on top of a volcano.

  2. Darren

    Funny I did not see a Computer room, But I did see a good old fashion Library?
    As the fast spread of information will contribute to ending of times as well as panic World wide,
    the ones who created the problems, are trying to escape their own consequences!
    One more reason why I am not on Facebook!

  3. Americafirst

    Why are there no comments for the 2/2/34 PBP? Or have I been unceremoniously ignored or illegally been terminated from the site?