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Mark Zuckerberg will sue US Gov’t if Warren is Elected

Mark Zuckerberg will sue US Gov’t if Warren is Elected

During a Q&A session with employees this summer, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would sue the US Government if Elizabeth Warren is elected president:

“You have someone like Elizabeth Warren [who] thinks that the right answer is to break up the companies…I mean, if she gets elected president then I would bet that we will have a legal challenge, and I would bet that we will win the legal challenge,” said Zuckerberg.

“I don’t want to have a major lawsuit against our own government,” continued Zuckerberg. “But look, at the end of the day, if someone’s going to try to threaten something that existential, you go to the mat and fight.”

Elizabeth Warren unveiled her plans to break up Big Tech in March, arguing that big companies like Apple and Facebook are “throwing around their political power to shape the rules in their favor and throwing around their economic power to snuff out or buy up every potential competitor.”

What Warren doesn’t understand is that her plans to disrupt Wall Street and Big Tech will reduce the number of rich people – and she wants to tax rich people to expand welfare programs.

Furthermore, explains Zuckerberg, breaking up Big Tech won’t solve any issues because it will weaken the companies that are big enough to fight for change:

“It doesn’t make election interference less likely. It makes it more likely because now the companies can’t coordinate and work together. It doesn’t make any of the hate speech or issues like that less likely. It makes it more likely because now…all the processes that we’re putting in place and investing in, now we’re more fragmented.”

During the Q&A, Zuckerberg also discussed the rise of Chinese app TikTok and his plans to compete with it – including a standalone app called “Lasso” and changes to Instagram. 

“I think we have time to learn and understand and get ahead of the trend,” said Zuckerberg of TikTok. “It is growing, but they’re spending a huge amount of money promoting it. What we’ve found is that their retention is actually not that strong after they stop advertising. So the space is still fairly nascent, and there’s time for us to kind of figure out what we want to do here.”

In the meantime, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is working on a bill that would ban autoplay, limitless scrolling, and other features that make social media addicting. Last month, Hawley asked Zuckerberg to prove his commitment to competition and privacy by selling WhatsApp and Instagram and allowing a third-party audit on censorship. He refused.

Hawley is also working on a bill that would remove certain liability protections from tech companies if they fail to prove they are politically neutral.

Facebook also faces major antitrust investigations by state attorneys general and the FTC.

Author’s Note: Mark Zuckerberg could turn out to be an unwitting GOP ally. He obviously hates Warren, he has the resources to fight her, and he is going to crush TikTok (which we recently learned is a Chinese propaganda tool).

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  1. Lois

    Warren is the in the group of the “LAST person I would want to see elected” however it would be funny just to see “snot nose Zuckerberg” think he’s big enough to sue the government. That snot nose brat needs to be brought back down to size. He’s nothing but a radical like AOC and the Squad but he’s got the money and the platform to push his censorship agenda.

  2. Kurt Walker

    Last one I would want to see in the white house is LIZ But then I don’t like Zuckerberg any better.. Gotta hand it to the punk though. He has scammed all those people just like Obama. And even though most of the users of FACEBOOK know they are being scammed they keep coming back. I think he would lose a court case though.

  3. Deb

    Zuckerberg is smart when it comes to tech and living in virtual reality…now he is awakening to real life…did he really thin he was exempt from being squashed like a bug lie the rest of u if these communists take over?

  4. Sharon Kathleen Garrett

    Zucherberg is off his rocker.

  5. RedBull

    Isn’t Lizzy already a US Senator? Can’t she put her money where her mouth is and start this thing if she believes in it? Like, what’s stopping her from proposing legislation or banding with her fellows to get it started – do you have to be President to do anything in government? Really?

    Then again, if it worked then it would probably level the playing field and she would have that much less chance of becoming President. What a waste of a senate seat.

    • Mike

      She is at state level, not national level. Please, correct me if I’m wrong however,From what I can see / understand, there are more red states than blue states thus, losing Momentum either way keep my retort in mind that I’m just guessing. Good morning and have a great weekend.

  6. Star Dolittle

    Why would they want ti interfere in the elections ? I do not want Warren either .. But why force it on others to elect her or not elect her.. I am almost sure Warren will never be president .. Have she even mention who her VP will be yet ?

  7. Doc Holloway

    Trump would win big if she is the Democatic candidate! She has some crazy ideas! She has all lied many times!

  8. Mike

    Almost funny that when leftist leaders expose their agenda to rich leftist business leaders, the business leaders start to see the light.

  9. Daniel Mount

    All of these Democrats along with some of the Republicans should be sent to De Ago Garcia and GITMO for the COUP against President Trump. This has been High Treason for the past 3 years. They all should be arrested by the United States Marines to stand Trial by a Military Tribunal. It is their own doing by being evil and Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom, and Anti-Christian God.