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Mark Cuban Analysis: Cruz vs Donald Trump

Mark Cuban Analysis: Cruz vs Donald Trump

The billionaire, Dallas Mavericks’ owner, and philanthropist Mark Cuban told Fox News host Neil Cavuto that he would vote for any of the GOP candidates – except Iowa caucus winner Ted Cruz. “You were asked who you like in this race. I think you said ABC – anybody but Cruz,” Cavuto said at the end of Monday’s interview. “You were referring to Ted Cruz. So does that mean you are open on Donald Trump?”

The billionaire responded that he was open to the idea of voting for Donald Trump. “I’ll consider anybody but Ted Cruz,” the investor added. “People are tired of labels. That’s one of the reasons I don’t like Ted Cruz. Everything he says is defined by some sort of label.”

Cuban, who is now recognized for his role on the popular TV show Shark Tank, likes the idea of a fellow billionaire businessman as president. “Whereas with Donald [Trump], agree or disagree, I said it right from the day he came out, you may not like what he says, but the way he says it is forceful and powerful and will get people’s attention,” said the Texas-based investor. 

Cavuto argues that Donald Trump’s talking points have been “too simplistic” and suggested that his campaign is suffering from a lack of specifics. “Now [Trump] hasn’t been penalized in the polls for those generalities, eventually he will have to…spell it out,” said Cavuto. He cited Trump’s vow to force the Mexican government to pay for a wall to be erected between the two countries. 

Cuban didn’t argue that point, but replied: “Is there anything that any candidate has said on either side that’s realistic? Tax cut plans? All nonsense, right,” said Cuban. “It’s the old KISS concept: keep it simple, stupid, and I think Donald is really, you know, dialed in on that and understands it and he’ll admit it.”

The billionaire businessman also shared his opinion of the socialist candidate Bernie Sanders, mentioning the Vermont Senator’s vow to establish free college education along with other government services. “You know Bernie Sanders going to pay for everybody’s college – can’t happen, right,” he said. “So when you look at the list of things that everybody has proposed, none of them are realistic. So if none of them are realistic, and people don’t trust the labels, then the person who is most forceful and really the person who can come across the best way and simplify things has the best chance.” 

While he lost to Ted Cruz in Iowa last Monday, Donald Trump remains in the lead in New Hampshire, where voters will show their support for the billionaire on February 9th.  


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