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Manchin’s Decision against Reelection Upsets Democrats

Manchin’s Decision against Reelection Upsets Democrats

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is not seeking reelection for Senate in 2024, despite having filed papers for the office. And Democrats seem to be losing their sleep over the news.

Senator Manchin announced last Thursday (November 9) that he would not seek reelection after thinking it over for months during which time he discussed the matter with his family. The 76-year-old announced his decision on Twitter/X.

The announcement instantly struck the Democrats and the leftist media, both seeing it as a potential giveaway to Republicans. NBC News reacted to Manchin’s announcement and went straight to put it on the 2024 Senate election map.

But losing Manchin’s Senate seat to a Republican in 2024 is not the only political concern bothering the Democrats; Manchin’s possible run for presidency as Biden’s likely competitor has become a question for the left. ABC News published an article on Friday (November 10) expressing concern that Manchin’s decision hurts Democrats’ Senate hopes for 2024 while also sparking speculation about his possible presidential bid.

Manchin’s sudden announcement injects a new layer of uncertainty for Democratic leaders already anxious about the party’s prospects in 2024.

The left is worried that Manchin may take votes away from Joe Biden, whose poll numbers have recently remained low and worrisome for the Democrats. The Washington Examiner on Tuesday (November 14) noted that Manchin remained evasive on the presidential bid question in his recent interview with CBS News.

As with most interviews in recent months, Manchin remained evasive, refusing to say whether he would run for president in 2024, but he dismissed concerns that doing so would guarantee a victory for former President Donald Trump.

So far, Manchin has remained silent in response to media inquiries about any presidential run plans as an independent candidate. But Democrats are sending him messages through their media. Maryland Governor Wes Moore, a Democrat, on Sunday (November 12) issued what left-leaning media dubbed “a stark warning” to Manchin against running for the White House in 2024. In an interview with ABC News, Moore said of Manchin:

“I would urge him not to mar his legacy by getting involved in something so foolish.”

Republicans, on the other hand, sound welcoming of Manchin’s decision to drop out of the Senate race in WV. Conservative activist Scott Presler cheered at Manchin’s announcement and replied to his video tweet as:

“I’m the happiest guy in the world. Republicans, let’s pick up this Senate seat.”

President Trump responded to Manchin’s decision of not running for the Senate in 2024 as good news for Jim Justice, the Republican Senate candidate he has endorsed.

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  1. john fudacz

    manchin should go he”s a traitor to the people of west virginia ! supporting that obamas ideas, and that bullshit build back better ! which has destroyed this nations economy and peoples lives , hes a back staber !!!

  2. frank stetson

    John, how has BBB destroyed the economy?

    Here’s what BBB provides to West Virginia who, by the way, does not share in the nation’s economy but instead is a fucking boat anchor of incompetent financial and economic planning. WV in 42nd in the nation in GDP — they don’t make money there, they take our taxes to survive…. There GDP, per capita, is 48th in the nation. Basically, they don’t make enough to pay a decent salary. Speaking of which, WV is 49th in median income meaning 48 states laugh at WV. WV laughs at Mississippi, wow, that’s an accomplishment. FYI — WV median salaries JUMPED by over 6% during Biden’s first year of being President. Around 35% of WV’s state budget comes from the Federal government vis-a-vis other states, like my NJ, pitching in to keep WV from going bankrupt. That’s what BBB helps with.

    One tidbit from the report: “• Cut taxes for families and workers. Prior to the pandemic, 13% of children under the
    age of 18 in West Virginia lived in poverty. The Build Back Better framework will
    bolster financial security and spur economic growth in West Virginia by reducing taxes
    on the middle class and those striving to break into it. The framework will extend Child
    Tax Credit (CTC) increases of $300/month per child under 6 or $250/month per
    child ages 6 to 17. This will continue the largest one-year reduction in child poverty
    in history. And critically, the agreement includes permanent refundability for the Child
    Tax Credit, meaning that the neediest families will continue to receive the full Child Tax
    Credit over the long-run. The framework will also provide a tax cut of up to $1,500 in
    tax cuts for 103,000 low-wage workers in West Virginia by extending the American
    Rescue Plan’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) expansion.”


    While I doubt you can support your opinion with actual facts, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, can you tell us how and what BBB and Obama did to destroy WV? And how do you destroy something that’s already at the bottom of the stack?

    FYI — I love WV and have lived many years in it’s shadow along the Potomac. Spent my wedding night high above and overlooking the confluence at Harper’s Ferry (only because The Bavarian Inn near Antietam was full — best restaurant in WV). But it’s a poor state, coal is dying, and WV can use all the help it can get. Manchin, although I may not love him, seemed pretty good at bringing home the bacon for WV. I am pretty sure the next guy will not reach that bar.

    Good luck in supporting your opinion. On the facts, it does not look good :>)

  3. Tom

    Frank, the only thing I read was that Dems were upset about Manchin not running because they do not see themselves as having another candidate with the win power of Manchin in WV.

    Now on BBB, here is an interesting article that seems to say BBB will give some things but destroy other things, one of those things being the energy industry as we know it, i.e. coal, oil, and gas. This will cause astronomical rate increases. See at **

    I have no opinion one way or another but I have read several articles of how EVs and Green Energy are disadvantaging the poor, and WV as you point out, has many poor.

  4. Frank stetson

    Tom, My point was any democrat would have known this a year ago and man-chins decision didn’t affect the outcome. It was Justice that sealed the deal over year ago. Just press creating buzz.

    Coal has made WV poor. I have family just over the border, at the Eastern divide, and they turned to ecotourism decades ago. Today, they are asshole to elbow crowded with summer McMansions feeding from Pittsburgh, DC, and Baltimore. The power company lake had been there for half a century, but a few highways later and it’s a destination. I mean BBB level highwaytgat mowed down a mountain and took 30 minutes iut of the drive. Used to be coal country. Literally WV but with an eye to a viable economic future instead of desperately clinging to a dying economy. When I went up over 50 years ago, over 6 hour drive. Under four now making it as close as the ocean.

    WV needs to get out of it’s ever shrinking economic box. They need a visionary and neither manchin or justice are not that.

  5. Frank stetson

    Fyi; i think morgantown does pretty well too being a college town and a big federal installation done during the move to spread the federal out. Raised both the local gdp and education level which on the money side makes sense for a college town. But education? Think it’s a big gsa installation’.