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Majorie Taylor Greene Calls for a “Ban” on Kamala Harris

Majorie Taylor Greene Calls for a “Ban” on Kamala Harris

Right Wing firebrand Majorie Taylor Greene (MTG) has called for a “ban” on Kamala Harris over the VP’s stance on guns. The controversial Georgia Republican Rep also called the Vice President a “communist.”

MTG’s remarks came in response to Harris’s posting on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that “weapons of war have no place on the streets of a civil society.”

“We need an assault weapons ban,” Harris wrote. “Congress, send it to [President Joe Biden’s] desk.”

“America needs a ban on communist politicians like you,” Greene responded. She continued by noting the importance of the Second Amendment as the US continues to struggle to control immigration at the southern border.

“Shame on you for trying to destroy Americans’ right to defend ourselves while your policies have caused skyrocketing crime and our country to be invaded by criminals, gangs, and terrorists,” Greene wrote.

Many joined MTG’s harangues of the VP with scathing comments on her original post, where Harris received a slew of sarcastic memes and comments connecting the statement to the Israel-Hamas war.

“What if Hamas invades my neighborhood,” one asked. “After all, Border Czar, you have let them in.”

“Lol. This is laughable, as terrorist threats are on the rise,” another said. “Sorry. We won’t be your sitting ducks.”

Harris’s comments and MTG’s response come on the heels of members of the ultra-progressive congressional group “The Squad” are calling for the US to “welcome” Palestinian refugees into the country. Former President Donald Trump warned on Facebook that such an action could have grave consequences.

In sharp contrast to the Democrats, Trump said that if elected president again, he will “bar immigrants who support Hamas from entering the US” and send officers to pro-Hamas protests to “arrest and deport immigrants who publicly support the Palestinian militant group.”

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  1. Dan tyree

    Marjorie rep. Green would make a great speaker

  2. Frank stetson

    Dan, yo no me tiaria esa con tu pollo.

    • Dan tyree

      Beseme el culo

  3. Tom

    Me thinks in English that there ought to be a ban on MTG, and the whole Freedom Caucus, for hijacking and holding prisoner the business of Congress.

    • Dan tyree

      The freedom caucus is overseeing congress trying to protect the rights that we have left and have lost rights restored. We need real checks and balances on the extreme leftist in government. I noticed that you don’t mention AOC. Someone should put a ban on her. And I hate the word “ban”. Stupid people vote for stupid people. That’s why we are seriously close to becoming a communist country. Take notice that we still have moderate republicans but not so much in the democrat party

      • Frank stetson

        That’s a lot of work.

        How is that done without a speaker.

        Glad they took the weekend off, they need a break after four failed votes.

        Imagine the brilliance of Jordan concluding that after three public shaming votes, he expects better from a secret ballot. Quite the opposite. Or maybe he was just collecting names for the Republican retribution list.

        • Joe lucas

          Retribution list? Is that like Hillary’s suicide list? We expect our leaders to enact constitutional government and not make up the rules as we go. Or try to change the constitution because it affords too much freedom. That has been confirmed by a poll of idiots in the democrat party. We are in many different circumstances that before. We are fighting for the heart and soul of our country. And you know that we are going to win. In the beginning when the democrat party was formed treason charges should have been brought and tall trees picked out

          • Frank stetson

            Uh—- what does Hillary’s suicide list say?


            What a stupid concept.

            Consider the source

        • Tom

          I thought it amazing that he kept losing more votes with each floor vote yet it took him four votes to get the message. Now to me, that is a criteria that fits Dan’s comment of “stupid people”! LOL

          Most of us would have gotten the message after the second vote. My dog did better in training than Jordan did in Congress. Give my dog a treat or at most two treats and he has it learned!

          • Frank stetson

            I won the pool on the third vote. If I could figure it out, one would think the Speaker-to-be who’s job it is, would know. Pelosi rarely brought a vote to the floor that wasn’t going to fly. Unless she was taking names. Like I said, retribution; the targets of dissent have been identified for removal.

            How come since Jeffries keeps winning, he isn’t speaker?

          • Tom

            Jeffries is a Dem and he cannot get to 217. Right now the GOP is the tot lot leader. They got the big whistle.

          • Frank stetson

            Ah, 217, thanks.

            I’ll see your aoc and raise you MTG on CA wildfire killing 84 which she suggested was:
            1. The Jewish Rothschild Bank controlling a power company
            2. Jerry Brown using solar company space lasers so he could get funding. .

            What you got? And remember, can’t use that which has been walked back. I am lucky; mtg rarely walks it back unless committee assignments at risk.

      • Tom

        Yes I can agree with a gag order and maybe a ban on the Dem Squad four ladies which includes AOC.

        I have not noticed me loosing any freedoms at all. I still do all of the same things I have always done.

        Just because someone votes counter to your harsh extreme right point of view does not make them stupid. And I commend them for caring enough to go out and vote. And by the way, about 55% of older military veterans and 26% of current military active duty personnel are registered Democrats and vote Democrat. I am sure that some of them voted for the candidates you do not like and call stupid. So did you realize that you are calling veterans who laid their life on the line for your freedoms were Democrats??? Do you realize that without them in the military we might not be able to field a military and then all of those right you say you have that we the veterans fought for would be gone in a blink!???

        I am curious, what was your branch of service, rank, and MOS?

        By the way, I am an Independent/Unaffiliated that voted against Trump. So you just called a Vietnam War Era veteran stupid! And to think that I risked my life for you!

        By the way, Frank has never said such things to insult our veterans and active duty soldiers. Maybe it is you that is the stupid one? What do you think?

  4. Frank stetson

    Tom, ban the squad? Over what?

    MTG is just looking for FOX time. It doesn’t even make sense.

    The bitch can’t hunt. All she can do is stand on one leg and bark like a dog at the moon. She is inexperienced on top of incompetent, undereducated, and uncompromising. The last one is a strength unless it’s the only tool on your belt. No taste in clothes either unless she’s a pimp.

    • Tom

      The Squad has made quite a few anti-American rants. They are extreme left that the moderate Dems are scared of. Moderate Dems would have much more of a voice if they could get rid of the noise the Squad makes. The Squad is very confrontational which Independents do not like. The Squad is just like the eight or so GOPs that do not mind shutting down government to get their ideology passed. As long as AOC and the Squad have such a large say in the Dem party (at least they are the squeaky wheel getting the grease) Independents will not return to the Dem party. This was evident in the 2022 GOP tide that was a ripple at best. Many moderate Dems left the party and joined our enlightened ranks because of the Squad, AOC, and a few others that rule. AOC is much like MTG just different parties and different races, and I think AOC is sexier. MTG looks like a worn out hag but that may just be a Dem that took the picture, IDK. I agree with you totally on MTG.

      We are keeping the light on for you Frank. We know you will be here sooner or later! :>)

      • Joe lucas

        Maybe someone should bitch slap the squad

    • Joe lucas

      The cunt squad is trouble for the country. As for military, any sad sack gomer Pyle or whatever that voted for democrats doesn’t deserve any thanks or honor.

      • Frank stetson

        Is Joe talking about his family here?

        • Joe lucas

          No. Your mama

          • Frank stetson

            My mamma is your family?

            Bodacious bro. .

  5. AC

    MTG has succumbed to yet more cancel culture beyond literature available in public libraries and schools. Apparently, banning certain books she and her tribe deem objectionable is not an infringement on the authors’ rights guaranteed in our Constitution under the First Amendment. But, should government by law limit certain specialized arms and munitions ownership, that legislation is a bridge too far. Because, arms ownership in this country is a guaranteed protection written in our Constitution under its Second Amendment.
    Wait a cotton picken minute, just two amendments into the US Constitution and both amendments come infer fire! It’s ludicrous that those who do not see what’s obvious.
    Those book titles singled out do not represent something that would cause a reader’s injury and/or death. Nor would a book’s owner wield the book as a means to do others physical harm and possibly death.
    On the other hand, Ms. MTG’s argument supports military grade arms sales to the general public for the owner’s personal protection. MTG’s supposition contends that public demand for grossly over powered arms has legitimacy. As, in her and in the minds of her supporters, our nation’s boarder with Mexico is wide open. So, the unwashed hoards are freely cascading into our country in droves. People are assumed as amounting to millions. Most of whom MTG propagandized are seasoned criminals, drug cartel affiliates shipping drugs, human traffickers, and a great number being undesirable individuals. She pushes the notion that every man, woman and child comes across the boarder toting at least one weapon.
    And, she says, our country is already being over run by caravan after caravan. Every city and town is soon to be caught in a crime deluge.
    Households across the USA are in danger. Being well armed, in Ms.Green’s estimation, carries a security guarantee.
    Practically speaking, MTG’s contention is shot through like Swiss Cheese. Her interpretation regarding the 2nd Amendment is incorrect. The same is true about our southern boarder security and numbers people crossings. Drug importation issues are greatest where import goods arrive in shipping containers by ship loads, cargo plane loads, and semi tractor truck loads. Human trafficking involves ocean ports tending freighters and airports handle people transport.
    Persons crossing the boarder with Mexico on foot do number over 100’s of thousands. This situation constitutes a strain on Customs’ resources at established entry points. as well as every mile along one of the longest and most geologically diverse boarders on the planet. No small undertaking this and maintaining order while responsibly and humanely policing its expanse, too,
    More weapons in more people’s possession and in the public’s hands out on the streets creates no end of chaos. Eventually, guns in numbers reach critical mass. Society’s solution is strengthening local, regional, and state police forces, until policing becomes sufficient equal to security demand by public perception.
    Unfortunately, MTG’s expectation with regards to gun caliber and power specification allowed in society when taken to its logical extreme, its consequence is a police state.
    She hyper ventilates with fear mongering about boarder crossers’ spreading terror into every corner. So, giving the gun industry unneeded but spontaneous abundant free advertising.
    BTW MTG need not sweat and fret for her gun collectors multitude, given guns popularity in this country, lobbyists war chest wealth distribution among legislators, as well as the anti-gun advocates’ long hard struggle for legislation passing on and being signed.
    MYG rages on about banning people from the public discourse. But, banning individuals violates that persons free speech rights. A patient longterm strategy includes a campaign pledged to specifically successfully unseat the propagandist perpetrator . There with that person’s election loss, a majority in Margory’s district dropped the ultimate ban.

    • Joe lucas

      The books in question are books that give detailed instructions to small children on how to suck dick. WHO trained you? And it’s interesting that people on the left try to groom kids. You people are pathetic. As for the 2A , don’t own guns if you don’t believe in them. Just don’t fuck with mine.

      • Frank stetson

        Which book is that? Name it. You can’t, you lie,

        You will come back with more garbage and name calling.

        But you won’t name the book.

    • Frank stetson

      Are you kidding ac, they don’t come here with guns, they come here to buy guns.

  6. Robin W Boyd

    Greene may be controversial and mouthy, but we always know where she is coming from. Many times what Greene has to say is what we all are thinking, even if Greene is a bit rough edged about the way she says what’s on her mind. She reminds me of an old Democrat representative in Maryland, Mimi DiPietro.

    • Mike f

      Sorry Robin-if MTG is saying what you are thinking-then you are part of the ‘stupid’ party that Larry Horist has written about. MTG is as dumb as they come (well, perhaps that position should be reserved for Lauren Boobert)