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Lucky Mike Part 2: A baby saved from abortion

Lucky Mike Part 2: A baby saved from abortion
There was nothing stopping Amy from aborting her unborn son. The pro-lifers she encountered outside the abortion clinic were a distance away and forbidden from interfering. The doctors inside would have given her the abortion if she’d decided to go ahead with it. There is, however, one law that may well have saved ‘Lucky Mike’s’ life.

In 2011, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill requiring all women who want an abortion to first have an ultrasound done. This law is meant to show women what Amy realized just in time- that abortion ends a human life. It is one thing for a woman to abort an unborn child whose face they haven’t seen, whose heartbeat they haven’t heard, and who, in their mind, is an unaware, invisible ball of cells. It is Governor Scott’s hope that a woman will be much less likely to go through with an abortion after they have undergone an ultrasound and seen the face of their son or daughter.

For Amy, all it took was the sound of her son’s heartbeat to make her see that ‘Lucky Mike’ was a human being, no matter how small, who deserved life. If the ultrasound law had not been passed, it’s not likely that Amy would have faced the sacred humanity of the developing fetus and left the clinic. There are no statistics available on how many women have changed their minds about an abortion after seeing the ultrasound or hearing the heartbeat, but it’s hardly plausible that Amy is the only woman to walk out of an abortion clinic. ‘Lucky Mike’s’ life is certainly just one of many that have been saved by this law.

Governor Scott’s law requires only that women have an ultrasound. Under the law, women have the right to decline to review the ultrasound and have it explained to them if they sign a legal document waiving that right. The law simply forces women to think twice about having an abortion by showing them the unborn baby they plan to abort. Previously, Florida’s laws mandated an ultrasound only if the mother was having an abortion in her second trimester. Now, it’s required no matter how early on in the pregnancy she is. Many people would be shocked at how early on that ‘blob of cells’ liberal feminists talk about begins to look like a baby.

“You should have the opportunity to see see an ultrasound of your child,” said Scott. “It’s your choice. This creates choice. I think it’s very positive.”

The law is about informing women. It’s about giving women the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. An ultrasound image has no political bias; it’s simply a medical image showing women what the fetus they want to abort looks like inside their uterus. However, as Amy learned, it can be quite a wake-up call. There are, of course, exceptions to the law. Rape and incest victims are exempt, as are women whose lives are at risk due to the pregnancy. Those women are exempt from the ultrasound requirement.

Thanks to this law, little ‘Lucky Mike’ and an undetermined amount of other infants were given the beautiful gift of life instead of having their lives ended before they really began.
Update: ‘Lucky Mike’ is doing well with his adoptive parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frasier recently told Amy that the little boy is settling in nicely and described him as a quiet and sweet child who loves to be held by his big sister. Amy stated that she is very happy with the decision she made and told us that “seeing how happy the Frasiers are to have a son…seeing what a great life [‘Lucky Mike’] is going to have, how much he’ll be loved…it makes me wonder how any woman who’s pregnant, who got pregnant on accident, would deny that to someone when all you have to do is just deal with pregnancy for a few months but then your baby gets to grow up.”

Amy added, “I wasn’t ready to be a mother, but a lot of people are. Just because you’re not ready to be a mom doesn’t mean you should have an abortion, there are so so many people who are and really want that kid. I miss my son, but he’s got a great life and great parents. I’m happy for all of us.”

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