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Lucky Mike Part 1: A baby saved from abortion

Lucky Mike Part 1: A baby saved from abortion
(Names have been changed to protect the identity of the child involved.)

Three months pregnant, 16 year old Amy White walked into an abortion clinic. Fifteen minutes later, she walked back out. Six months later, ‘Lucky Mike’ was born.

When the high school junior first learned that she was pregnant, a week before that day, she was at a loss for what to do. She knew she and her 18 year old boyfriend could not support a baby. She feared the stigma and difficulties of a pregnancy, so she made what she thought was the logical choice. Without telling her mother or her boyfriend, she set an appointment to confirm and terminate the pregnancy. She wanted to be done with it before anyone knew. Then, at the abortion clinic, something happened that changed her mind in an instant.

She heard her baby’s heartbeat.

‘As soon as I heard his little heart beating, I realized that everything I ever thought about pregnancy, and abortion was wrong. They told me, at three months, it’s just a ball of cells and stuff, aborting it won’t hurt it or anything. But when I heard the heartbeat, I went ‘oh my gosh, this is a baby. This is a tiny little baby.’ I couldn’t kill it.’

Amy got up and walked right back out of the abortion clinic. Not knowing what to do next, she approached the Christian pro-life protesters she’d encountered on her way in, who encouraged her to call her mother or a female relative for help. A few of them even wrote down their phone numbers and promised to help her protect her baby’s life in any way they could.

‘I can’t even describe how happy I was to see that little girl come out with a living baby still inside her,’ said Denise Phrale, one of the pro-life demonstrators that helped Amy. ‘You don’t see that a lot, but because this young woman changed her mind, that child is going to get to grow up and have a chance at life.’

Amy was now even more afraid to call her mother, who she feared would be even more upset now that she’d decided to carry the baby to term. Instead, she called her boyfriend’s older sister Tammy, who immediately made the four hour drive to come see her.

Tammy told us, ‘I was proud of her for not taking the easy way out. I was disappointed in her and my brother for having pre-marital sex, but so happy that they took responsibility for their decision and made the commitment to give life to their child.’

After Kyle, the infant’s father, was informed, the three of them sat down and talked about the two remaining options. Amy initially wanted to keep and raise they child, but after doing the math quickly realized how difficult it would be. The couple agreed that it would be best to give the child to a family that wanted a baby and was ready to provide for one.

‘Tammy got online and showed us pages and pages of married couples who were dying to have a baby but couldn’t. There were so many of them, all good families, lined up praying that someone would give them a little one to love. ‘

Within hours, Amy and Kyle were on the phone with a couple who wanted to raise their child. The couple sifted through dozens of family profiles on a website that listed couples who wanted to adopt when one profile caught their eyes. The Frasier family had a four year old daughter before the wife lost her fertility to ovarian cancer. They offered a golden retriever and a house that backed up to the woods- perfect for a kid. Amy nervously dialed their phone number.

‘I told the man who answered who I was and his voice lifted. I could tell he was smiling. I heard him calling to his wife, ‘Honey, honey, it’s a pregnant woman who might have a baby for us! Pick up the other line!’ I heard her running to the other phone and when she came on, she just sounded so, so happy. These people were over the moon at the idea of getting a baby. That’s when I really, really knew I made the right decision.’

The Frasiers had been waiting over a year for that call.

Yesterday evening, Amy, Kyle, Tammy, and the Frasiers welcomed a little boy into the world together. ‘Lucky Mike,’ a blue-eyed blond like his father, was born healthy while Tammy, Kyle, and Mrs. Frasier comforted Amy in the delivery room.

‘The look on Amy’s face when the doctor handed her her son….it was pure love. She looked over her son in wonder and kissed his little face. When she passed my newborn nephew to his real mom, that was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced.’

With tears in her eyes, Mrs. Frasier carefully took her new son into her arms and cradled him while a nurse sent for Mr. Frasier. He broke down crying when he saw the son he had waited so long for.

‘I’m so thankful that this girl was so brave and decided to go through with her pregnancy. My wife and I are so blessed to have a son. [Our daughter] is thrilled to be getting a little brother. Next to the day I got married and the day our girl was born, this is the happiest day of my life.’

Amy, though exhausted from labor, was beaming with pride. She and the Frasiers had opted for an open adoption, meaning that she and Kyle will get photos and updates as the boy grows up. For the first two or so years, they’ll even be able to visit their son. Then, when ‘Lucky Mike’ is old enough to understand, he’ll be given the opportunity to get in touch with the young man and woman who loved him enough to give him up for adoption.

‘This baby is a blessing. I can’t believe I almost aborted him. That would have been horrible, to not have brought this precious little boy into the world. He’s the answer to [the Frasier’s] prayers and he’s beautiful. These people probably still wouldn’t have a baby if I just threw him out. I can’t believe how close I came to doing that. It’s going to be hard, saying goodbye to him, God meant for them to have this little boy.’

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