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Louisiana Sheriff Election Ruled Void over Voter Fraud

Louisiana Sheriff Election Ruled Void over Voter Fraud

In a revealing case of voter fraud serving Democrats, the Caddo Parish sheriff election in Louisiana was declared void by the court after the Republican candidate took the case to the court.

It was a close race between Democrat Henry Whitehorn and Republican John Nickelson for the next sheriff of Caddo Parish in northwestern Louisiana. The election, held on November 18, ended in a cliffhanger official victory for Whitehorn, who was declared the winner by only one vote. A recount was done on November 27 and maintained the result of Whitehorn’s one-vote win.

However, not satisfied with a mere recount, Nickelson filed a lawsuit demanding that he be declared the winner or the election be redone because of illegal votes cast in the election. The judge reviewing the case found that the final vote count included at least 11 illegal votes even after the recount. These invalid votes included a couple that were cast twice by the same voters, five mail-in ballots that violated the election law, and four votes by interdicted persons who were legally not eligible for casting a vote.

The judge, Justice E. Joseph Bleich, ruled the election result void on Tuesday (December 5) and ordered a new election. According to KTSB, the earliest date for the reelection is March 23. Nickelson hailed the judge’s ruling as a victory for election integrity.

As the news of the election voided by the judge over voter fraud issues hit social media, memes deriding Democrats flew around.

The left-leaning Newsweek appeared to have second thoughts on calling the voter fraud “widespread” in their story title. The updated story page added a note saying:

The headline on this article was updated to remove the word “widespread” when describing the voter fraud.

Not unexpectedly, Whitehorn was less than thrilled. In his post-ruling statement, he was cited saying:

“Of course I am disappointed about the court’s decision to overturn the will of the people of Caddo Parish. I was always taught that the person with the most votes wins, even if that’s by a thousand votes or by one vote.”

The Guardian reported on Wednesday (December 6) that Whitehorn has approached a state appellate court to reverse Justice Bleich’s ruling. The Democrat also stated that he would take the legal battle all the way up to the state Supreme Court if needed.

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  1. Jim lucas

    The commiecrats are at it again

  2. vladimir

    globalists and their demonrat criminal party and their usps CRIMINAL organization commit every form of voter fraud to appoint their globalist puppets; demonrats and rinos to preach their globalist agendas .

  3. andy

    It’s really ironic! Trump CHEATED, but he didn’t win.

    • Jim lucas

      That’s president trump to you asshole

    • D

      Do explain in detail how Trump cheated? That’s right, you can’t….you just spout lies!

      • Jim lucas

        I have a good source that Hillary’s campaign couldn’t sale pussy on a troop train. Now she’s supposed to be helping retard joe Maybe he will sale it for her. If he can find someone drunk enough

    • Christopher Hoskinson

      Show proof, liar!

  4. Darren

    If Hillary is helping Joe Biden, she must be in control of booking flights for Republicans!

  5. JoeyP

    That’s pretty bad when you can’t even win with the DEAD voting for you!

    • Frank stetson

      Who the bad ballots were voting for is unknown. Jp.

      On the first recount, the extra votes split evenly for example.

      When you assume…..

  6. Frank stetson

    Yawn! Dem wins, twice, so Dem cheated you say. Of course, no one else is saying it.

    First recount added three votes each party.

    Second was small sample, party not noted, and seems to be user error and counting errors mostly. I don’t see anyone yelling conspiracy. .

    – five mail in with no witness on form; that’s user error, not necessarily fraud, no party noted. Also, process error in that should have been caught in the counting
    – two people voted twice, party not noted, that’s a bit strange, but fraud?
    – 4 votes by jailbirds, party not noted, depends on the state but jailbird voting is complex. In FL for example, they told them ok and then arrested them later, then started letting them go because the law and process are so screwed up.

    Bottom line, judge said small sample had enough errors to cause a new vote. Errors. Like to see the plan to count better. LA is a red state and probably the last place a major Democratic voter fraud would be done. Especially for sheriff. Where’s the profit? Local at best.

    Just about any vote within one vote will cause a recount. And almost any recount will find a certain number of errors. The judge in this case determine that
    based on the sample size, 11 errors should cause a new election to be held.

    Like I said, like to see the new process because it really sounds like a process problem more than someone trying to cheat or some sort of fraud.

  7. Eloise Siekirk

    Dead people are NOT supposed to vote!!! They are to be dropped off on a regular basis. IT IS FEDERAL LAW.

  8. Gwyllim

    Ok, Mr. Whitehorn, the Republican won by 10 votes because all 11 illegal votes were undoubtedly from Democrats…so is HE the new Sheriff?